Taliban: Asked For Orderly Withdrawal, US Did Opposite

We struck a deal with the Taliban to have a peaceful and orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan in February 2020 … 18 months ago. We were supposed to be out by May 1st.

The reason that there has been such a chaotic withdrawal isn’t due to the Taliban. It is due to the Pentagon which opposed Trump’s peace deal and refused to withdraw until the last minute. The Taliban swept across the entire country including Kabul which surrendered without a fight. They struck deals with local officials to surrender without a fight. They have announced an amnesty for government officials.

Far from being a debacle, the Taliban hasn’t attacked any Americans during the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Taliban waltzed into these cities. The Taliban is going easy on former Afghan government officials. The war is actually over in Afghanistan. The optics of the withdrawal were created by the Pentagon and the corporate media to embarrass Joe Biden and drum up support for staying in Afghanistan.

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  1. Taliban are vehemently anti-drug.
    If they cut the torrent of drugs flooding Russia and Europe and Iran, I’m all for it.

  2. We’ve now got Afghan ‘Australians’ in the papers telling us how terrible it all is over there. Endless sob stories from those who haven’t lived there for years. They can fucking return there to help out if they’re so concerned. Otherwise they can shut up. What do they want us to do?? Oh yeah………more aid, more refugees.

  3. “Why are ppl forced to have something they don’t want”

    Golden words, Mr Taliban.

    Why are we forced to have integration, ‘fair housing’, diversity, refugees, ‘affirmative action’ , queer agenda etc. Perhaps it’s time for an American Taliban ?

  4. One example of why Biden needs an assist here. The top brass is in a mutiny. Just like when Trump wanted to declare martial law in summer 2020. The generals are in a bizarre Putsch. Do civilians with the authority to act actually control the military?

    • The civilians in charge such as Trump and Biden have no military experience, even as enlisted men. If they did it would help them to dress down the generals and remind them of the chain of command. Both Trump and Biden could dismiss the generals in charge along with the people at the “intelligence” agencies but they don’t have the balls to do it.

      That and the Deep State has a stack of blackmail on Dementia Joe a yard high.

  5. I’m struggling to come up with a good reason why ZOG decided to pull out of Afghanistan. Is this just one of the few occasions where a president goes against the wishes of the establishment? Is it just that the ZOG empire is stretched too thin and needs to save some money? Whatever the reason, all the right people are unhappy about this and that makes me smile.

    • It’s and hand off to ZOG-China. Blackrock and Goldman Sachs are probably already setting up deals from bases in China.

    • “Is it just that the ZOG empire is stretched too thin and needs to save some money?”

      Yes. They pulled out for the same reason they couldn’t invade Iran. Because the empire is broke and atomized. Now they will shift our last remaining resources to their War On Whites back home.

  6. Rag head: “It seems that Joe Biden is confused.” Well there’s certainly very little work for an interpreter or cultural contextualizer to do with that statement.

  7. No Taliban ever called any white man a Patriarchal cishet toxic oppressor. They just called out the unfortunate troops as Zionist stooges. Where’s the lie? Just make sure the fighting age male refugees are not able to settle is all.

    • @Captain – Those fighting age males are exactly who they are re-settling here. The weak — women, children, elderly — are the ones left behind on these countries, as they lack the ability to flee. Fighting age Afghan male “refugees” have been invading Europe for decades, leaving their failed country to rot.

      Our turn now.

  8. “From the mouths of children and the Taliban”

    The Taliban speak with more truth in this short clip than Washington have ever did in about 250 yrs

  9. The Deep State never, ever wanted to leave. If they were able to they would mobilize the Reserves and National Guard and invade Afghanistan again with 200,000 troops. They can’t get away with it however because of public opinion being opposed to the war. Even the Republicans won’t actually do anything, they will just bark in a corner like a little dog about the outcome.

  10. Agreed that all this fuss was deep state psyop against Biden.

    But I don’t care if they burn him down like they did Trump. Presidential politics is becoming obsolete as the legitimacy of the office fails.

    Biden propped the office up a little longer I think.

  11. As Chinese state media pointed out, the Afghanistan transfer of power went more smoothly and with less controversy than the USA’s transfer of power. The Taliban has higher approval among the Afghanistan population than any Western politician or party.

  12. Whatever the ZOG empire says about Afghanistan, it usually the opposite. We invaded and attacked them, not the other way around.

  13. The ZOG media establishment is doing a shitty job covering this story. We’re only getting information that’s been approved by the Sleepy Joe regime. The Taliban are presented as stock villains, like in a Chuck Norris action movie. They are 100% bad and must be defeated.

  14. Perhaps it is a lack of finances. As Harold Covington said, defeats aren’t decided by generals, but by accountants.
    Then, Anglin argues they’re pooling their resources for another big rush somewhere else.
    Back in the 60’s, when I was a kid, it was said the U.S. military was ready,,,HAD to fight a war and a half at any time.
    Looks like things have changed.
    Anyway, I don’t give a damn about Afghanistan. The pul out, all them poor refugees, the ‘Americans’ trapped there (how many are contractors or Muslim ‘Americans?’ I just don’t care.

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