The GOP Wants To Stay In Afghanistan Forever

Just as a dog returns to its own vomit, the Republican leadership wants to stay in Afghanistan forever and continue sucking up to all the worthless imperialist generals at the Pentagon. It is the same way with Corporate America too. The GOP leadership is incapable of conceiving of a policy agenda which isn’t sold to corporate donors. Even when the Pentagon sees their own voters as “Nazis” and Corporate America cuts them off over the “insurrection,” they continue to pander to them anyway.

This has been our position for several months now. The voters have gotten better. These elderly conservative politicians, however, haven’t changed. They never supported getting out of Afghanistan. They’re not interested in representing their own voters. Unlike ordinary people, these politicians sell out to lobbyists and donors and all sorts of powerful interests. Elected office is a stepping stone to a cozy corporate retirement.

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  1. Thankfully what these Satan worshipping pedophiles want is no longer possible for them to execute. Psaki is going to resemble “Comical Ali” soon is my guess.

    • This is exactly what happens when you tear down the statues of your great heroes and saints. If you don’t butcher the swinish iconoclasts you end up eating shit and getting gut punched by foreigners. Occupation of Afghanistan had to end but when you let Dindu tear down your monuments the military getting wrecked on a foreign field isn’t far behind. The Taliban haven’t done it but the next challenge will be a more formidable foe.

      • I’m wondering if blowing up the Buddha’s wasn’t a ZOG op. Shlomo is really the one that likes to destroy historical monuments.

    • Interesting to see how this plays out. Half the country thinks he’s been senile from the get go. It won’t make a piss hole in snow’s worth of difference to us whether he stays or leaves.

  2. Leave it to the Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If they criticized Dementia Joe for the bad optics but said the withdrawal was correct but it was a Republican idea originally (even though the Republicans weren’t sincere) they could have had it both ways. They would seem like statesmen for approving the ending of the unpopular Afghan War while at the same time piling on to Dementia Joe for being grossly incompetent. Appearance is vastly more important than truth in politics anyway.

    There is no salvation in the Republican Party, they can’t think their way out of a paper bag. They are hopelessly beholden to the sclerotic old bastard oligarchs who buy and sell them like cheap whores. They are at odds with their voters unlike the Democrats who are mostly on the same page.

    Victory in 2022 is within the grasp of the worthless Republicans but it would not be at all surprising if the Republicans screw it up. the question in 2022 will come down to who is more incompetent, corrupt and worthless, the Republicans or the Democrats? The Republicans are certainly going to give the Democrats a run for their money on that score.

  3. Moon of Alabama has an excellent summary and comment thread on the Taliban press conference:

    Note that the Taliban says it will not only ban narcotic use, it will also eradicate all opium and restore normal agricullture. Very good news!

    The Taliban says there is full, blanket amnesty for all U.S. puppet forces and other collaborators with the U.S. No one should flee the country under a false claim of fear of persecution or death.

    The Taliban also says Western media shall not be allowed to work against national values and the unity of the nation. Very wise!

  4. The Father of this whole abomination from Hell was indeed the Grand Master of the Arlington Lodge George Washington. Amazing video over at Centipede Nation of a powerful lightning strike of the National Penis, also known as the Washington Monument.

    I accept that as a sign. Our God is angry and is ready to strike the Beast. Strike them, Lord Jesus.

  5. This is it. Boom!

    They plan to curtail opium production but need help figuring out what else to grow. Give them the money we were giving to the queers over there, and help them build a new cash crop that isn’t turned into poison for rural Whites.

    Fuck McCarthy, fuck McConnel and fuck the GOP. Bring home our folks, and send them bags of corn seed or something.

    Ending the opium trade is all I care about.

  6. We’ve got a wounded animal here (the zio-MIC). It’s going to need to do something, and do it quickly to shore up its credibility. Wasn’t it the Jonah Goldberg theory of realziopolitik that we have to periodically smash some shitty country around to show everyone that we mean business?

  7. Eventually the Taliban would have driven out the US. The idea that the US would have the option of staying there for decades more is delusional.

  8. Republicans want to stay there forever because they and their backers were all getting rich from it. Money funneled directly from the taxpayers to contractors and grifting politicians. Trillions stolen from us and sent straight into the pockets of these scumbags.

  9. The war is NOT over, just entering a new stage, as I have said again and again. Today the Biden puppet regime revved up the hybrid war on Afghanistan by freezing Afghanistan’s billions of dollars of bank reserves, more sanctions to follow:

    That’s one of the many sanctions the Empire uses against Venezuela – preventing Venezuela from accessing the hundreds of billions of dollars it holds in Western, capitalist banks.

    No socialist country should EVER keep the people’s money in the capitalist banking system, or in the form of dollars!

    Besides economic sanctions, a major anti-Taliban propaganda campaign is also just beginning, and there will be many terrorist acts, car bombings, infrastructure sabotage, and “tribal” false flags to foment inter-tribal division, etc. carried out inside Aghanistan by U.S. spies and sleeper agents in the months and years to come. The system CANNOT rest. It must keep feeding and can never let a victim go free.

    • The Chinese will lend them the resources. These sanctions are becoming a joke when the Chinese can provide gold and expert technical assistance.

  10. FoxNews and the ZioMedia hammering Cornpop 24/7 now. I don’t think Biden’s popularity numbers are affected at all by this.

  11. Slightly off-topic: The U.S. does not play (fight) fair even at the Olympics, where only the U.S. athletes’ doping is overlooked:

  12. Is Biden going to suddenly be impeached, or forced to step aside for Kamala?
    All the noisy warmongers are in a spin over this, and making it known. Where are the voices in support of the pullout? Speak up…… case Biden backflips. Show him he was right.

    • “Speak up… case Biden backflips. Show him he was right”:

      The empty puppet figurehead was not really “right.” He is just an illusion of “one who decided” the strategic and tactical withdrawal that had to happen anyway. He can take the blame for it. Note that on the very next day, the puppet figurehead (Biden) who “let Afghanistan go” orders the freezing of Afghanistan’s assets, billions of dollars held in the U.S. – to starve Afghanistan of funds for re-building, to impoverish it into submission – which is an act of war. The U.S. is also freezing the assets of the people of Venezuela to make them suffer until they accept a puppet dictatorship like other Latin American satellites. Financial sanctions are a powerful weapon in the arsenal of imperialism.

      Expect a “wave of resistance against the Taliban” to appear now as the U.S.’s well-funded sleeper agents and spies who remain inside Afghanistan begin to commit various acts of terrorism and sabotage. Western media is also beginning an anti-Taliban propaganda war, claiming that protests against the Taliban happening and that protesters are being shot, and that young girls are being taken from their homes, abducted for forced child marriages, and people are being beheaded. Hybrid war to take full control of Afghanistan for the profit and protection of global capitalism continues by all methods and means other than the deploying of regular uniformed U.S. troops inside the border of Afghanistan. Do not believe that the empty puppet figurehead commander-in-chief decided to let Afghanistan go. The nature of the System is such that it CANNOT let Afghanistan go. It seemed to have lost control of China in 1949 but is still trying to take back control. Yesterday the ranking Republican on the Senate intelligence committee boasted (or lied) that the U.S. has 30,000 troops stationed in Taiwan: Perhaps he did not mean UNIFORMED troops.

      • Occupied Afghanistan was receiving large shipments of cash from accounts held in the U.S. every few weeks. Now that all its assets in U.S. securities, bonds, Federal Reserve (7 bllion) et cetera. have been frozen, it won’t be long until the last of their money runs out and the economy crashes in Kabul, and Kandahar, and other cities and regions that the U.S. occupied until recently.

        The U.S. forced many countries to agree to uphold its sanctions (the international sanctions list) and promise never to support the Taliban “because it is a terrorist group.” Russia and China would need to break their promises, something which the U.S. does all the time.

  13. The MAGA movement seems to have distracted conservatives from trying replace GOPe swamp creatures compared to where they were ten years ago. I know the GOP is not the answer, but it’s still frustrating that these conservatives are so apathetic about things like primarying open traitors McConnell and Graham. The Justice Democrats have already won more primaries against swamp creatures than the Tea Party did.

    The alt-right needs to be running candidates in Congressional elections if only to get people interested and engaged.

    • Why waste time and capital to put r/guys into a judaised political system that is doomed to fail? Look ahead and figure out what the Next Thing will be- the US is a dying empire.

      • I explained why. We need the publicity and to present a political alternative. Your comment is useless, pessimistic gibberish like so many of the comments here.

        • Eh, things are bad. Who is on our side? How can you be “hopeful”?
          The people in power aren’t going to just hand us power and freedom on a platter.

  14. HW,

    I don’t know if you’ve seen or were aware of this video of then US Representative Ron Paul of Texas’ speech on March 17, 2011 where he predicted that if the USA didn’t pull out of Afghanistan then, it would still be there a decade later.

    It’s imho a must hear and watch. Only 6 minutes long.

  15. Itz ALWAYS “just a little while longer” with these whore shits…Boosh said the Taliban was finished 15 years ago or more; that race traitor scum “General” Milley said on July 21 that “our” puppet regime could defend itself & hold the country. Hundreds of billions just pissed away for absolutely nothing – except of course for the enormous profits of the woke MIC that hates the guts of the “white trash” that have provided those profits.

  16. What’s with all the FAT on these GOP grand poobahs? McConnell, Rove, Gingrich, etc.,–all grossly obese. One thing the Dumbocrats have going, they ain’t all fat pigs. They’re thinner pigs.

    Kill them all–Satan will know his own.

  17. McCarthy and McConnell can sing “O’Danny Boy”, and see who all cares besides Catholics and Jews.

  18. Woke liberals and Fox News Republicans are hailing wealthy CIA operative Ahmad Masoud as their new “hero of resistance” to Afghan nationalism. Masoud may be promoted as the “legitimate President of Afghanistan,” like they call Juan Guaido “President of Venezuela”:

  19. Blacks in the Democrat party are indifferent to the neocon agenda of manipulating America into fight endless wars for Israel. So Shlomo brings out his slaves in the Republican party to parrot their master’s command.

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