Tucker Carlson: The Afghanistan War Was a Systemic Grift

There are very few people who are willing to stand up against the crybaby mob and tell the truth about anything in the media. This is especially true of the most obvious things which are now extremely controversial in our insane society like the stubborn persistence of racial differences which have thwarted all efforts to close racial gaps or the fact that sex is innate and biological and cannot be altered or the fake Afghan military which cost us $90 billion dollars and folded in under two weeks.

There are all kinds of things which everyone knows but are afraid to say in public or make a big deal over in public due to how it could damage their career. This is because our elites are fools and we are living in their diseased culture. Everyone knew the Afghan army was a joke and that the Afghan puppet government was fake and had no legitimacy. And yet, the lie that we were “making progress” and only needed “a few more months” or another surge to turn the situation around went on for twenty years. With the notable exception of the Afghanistan Papers in The Washington Post, the “journalists” have shown little interest in Afghanistan for a decade now until the withdrawal which was the worst catastrophe ever.

The truth does occasionally breakthrough on Tucker Carlson’s show although even there it has to be carefully packaged and made palatable. Tucker will often give a platform to guests who tell the truth about controversial issues. In light of the rest of the media landscape, I appreciate these moments. It was a grift on both sides of the war for the defense contractors in the Beltway who have ballooned the population and economy of NOVA and the Afghan warlords who siphoned off money into their bank accounts in Dubai.

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  1. Afghan ‘forces’ should have put their big boy pants on years ago. I guess the Taliban will now sort them out. They may have assumed the Americans would be there to babysit them forever.
    You just can’t help those who won’t help themselves.

  2. How many of these fairies are now scrambling to board a US evacuation plane because they ‘helped’ America?
    Funny how these wars never seem to ‘spread democracy’, yet never seem to fail to generate millions of refugees to the West. Just an unforeseen coincidence I’m sure…..

  3. Yes of course – and it was a resounding success for the MIC too. You’re forgetting the Sacklers and other parasites who used the poorly-paid, mostly white fighters of Uncle Schmuel’s “invincible legion” to ensure the Pashtoonistani poppy-fields were producing. When they previously ruled over the graveyard of empires, the Taliban basically shut down all opium production. Once Uncle Schmuel’s legions charged in the production skyrocketed, so the Sacklers, et al got even richer.

  4. A former Green Beret, who was there, pointed out that one of the main reasons the Afgan army folded, is that most of the people there are related through the various tribes. Kind of like a small town where everyone knows everyone, there are fewer degrees of separation between the people. A homogeneous society, whose people know who they are, are more likely to stick together, no matter what, unlike some poisoned societies we know…

    • “A homogeneous society, whose people know who they are, are more likely to stick together, ”

      Gospel !

    • The main glue that holds America together is the dollar.
      If that fails, most institutions will dissolve.

  5. The well funded liberated Afghan army was garbage at fighting the taliban.

    Soyboy hipster news aka also known as Vice had a mini documentary in 2009 talking to American generals frustrated with training the Afghan army constantly finding them slacking off, sleeping on the job or smoking hashish

  6. “Self-absolving”. Yes. The parasitic usurper scum who control everything, who start & fuck up these endless wars that benefit only them & Pissrael, are never held to account for any of their colossal crimes.

    Until they are deposed nothing will change, and that means physically destroying them.

  7. “The whole point of the endless war in Afghanistan was to enrich warlords and defense contractors”

    That was a side effect, the main reason was to encircle Iran in preparation for a ground invasion. For whatever reason ZOG has decided to change tactics and attack Iran culturally instead.

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