Jimmy Dore: Twitter Enables People To Censor Each Other

It has been all downhill on the internet since Donald Trump won the 2016 election. The censorship has been sliding down the slippery slope ever since that turning point.

It started with Ricky Vaughn, Weev and MILO. The shitlibs love censorship and have been emboldened over the past five years. They are more supportive of censorship than ever now. Meanwhile, the mainstream Right is incapable or unwilling to do anything about it because of their free market fundamentalist ideology. Sen. Rand Paul was recently suspended from YouTube and could only defend their right do so. Independent voters who are being censored have no representation in either political party.

Note: In retrospect, I am glad that I was banned from Facebook and especially PayPal. I wouldn’t go back even if I were allowed to do so.

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  1. This Dore seems ok, but will never get a huge following because his mannerisms are all kiked up. Decent people are rightly put off when they see the hands and arms flailing around constantly. It shows a bad conscience.

    The appearance, the kiked up hands crazy act, is the major reason the media on the Right cannot get traction. Conservative people don’t want to see that.

    When I was young, only Jews flailed their hands around when they talked. We Americans used to laugh at them. Now they have infected the whole nation. Silly Tucker Carlson wagging his head around with every syllable, kiked to the max. Just talk naturally, Tucker, forget the ridiculous head wagging your Jews taught you.

    The head waggers, the hands crazy, Americans have to overcome that, to delouse themselves, so to speak. Watch the CIA agent from back in the day, William Buckley, on YouTube if you want a reference. That is how Conservatives presented themselves back when they were serious.

    Right now we have no media on the right. Stylistically, by appearances sake, they are all Hymies, imitating Hymiewood and the Talmudvision.

    It is a Spiritual battle, actually. Without the Holy Spirit the commentator is easily dominated by the demons who wear little hats. With the Holy Spirit comes the peace and self control St. Paul spoke so highly of.

    Watch the fat pig Alex Jewnz, shouting, flailing constantly, out of control, sweating, ranting, a complete picture of demonic possession. This is not what we need. We need new media, exhibiting peace and self control, from which flows self confidence, and from absolute confidence comes victory.

    If you cannot control yourself, just use images or videos or other graphics and do voiceovers.

    • Good comment. It used to be said around here that “Italians talk with their hands.” Gesticulation seems to be a Sephardo-italian/sicilian trait as well as an Ashkenazic trait. It is also a bad habit of some preachers.

      • Back on topic, regarding the censorship policies of for-profit “social” media corporations:

        I don’t mind when pandemic-deniers’ and anti-vaxxers’ anti-science “information” is being censored, because it saves many lives. Vulgar speech and all pornography should also be erased from the internet, saving millions more lives. QAnon, Flat Earth, Papism, Mormonism, Dispensationalism and many other cults and heresies should also disappear; and especially, all commericial advertising and all U.S. imperial propaganda! But that will not happen on capitalist “social” media.

        China’s new social credit system is far superior. It is the kind of censorship every real nation needs. China’s system is completely transparent and has no profit motive, and focuses on reporting and correcting COMMERICAL misbehavior even more than individual misbehavior.

        Every nation that has fought and managed to acheive some degree of independence from the global Hegemon is under relentless attack to bring it back to submission, so it must stay on a war footing at all times, to survive, including very strict and thorough censorship of all Hegemonic anti-national propaganda. Think of a newly independent Afganistan. It must censor very hard to survive.

        • Re you don’t mind when (fill in the blank) is censored because, you think they are harmful for for ‘reasons’. You sound just like current censors who are in charge.

  2. I’m for free speech across the board. Unless it is direct threats to violence, doxxing, or pornography. However you should be able to argue in defense of harmful habits because those inherently bad ideas can be refuted. Only good ideas can subdue bad ideas.

    You can’t kill an idea by banning it just because you don’t like it. You have to be able to subdue the idea the right way. It creates a black market for the idea and it proves that maybe the idea has some truth.

    OD was banned specifically because it has a grain of truth to it. Hunter Wallace has been banned from twitter and so has David Duke.

    If Twitter discriminates against you, you are doing something right.

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