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  1. It was a pretty honest speech until he brought up global warming and refused to mention Israel’s part in bring down the empire by using the US govt as their personal war machine.

    • In a way he sounds like that King of Frauds, Herr Trump with his litany of troubles and his funeral dirge about the Empire. I had to shut him off when riffed on about that fraud now known as “Climate Change” previously known as “Global Warming”.

      Chris is all worried about de-industrialization and rightly so yet he never connects the fraud of “Climate Change” with de-industrialization. The only way to mitigate “Climate Change” is to de-industrialize according to the specious theory of “Global Warming/Climate Change”. If Chris wants mitigation of “Global Warming/Climate Change” then the country must de-industrialize. If he wants to reverse de-industrialization then he has to accept “Global Warming/Climate Change”.

      Mr. Hedges needn’t trouble himself with “Global Warming/Climate Change” however because if miraculously the country were to re-industrialize he would learn that “Global Warming/Climate Change” is the most spectacular fraud ever perpetrated putting Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff to shame. The difference is this current fraud is popular with the corrupt elites governing the late stage Empire who profit mightily from “Global Warming/Climate Change” and therefore will not let it go. The aforementioned Charles Ponzi/Bernie Madoff defrauded private citizens although Bernie did also pick clean a fair number of his co-ethnics and that is verboten. The elite put a stop to Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff because they were bad for bidness while fraud is the bidness of the ruling elite.

      • “if miraculously the country were to re-industrialize he would learn that ‘Global Warming/Climate Change’ is the most spectacular fraud ever perpetrated”:

        Then you deny that thermometer readings, depth measurements and photographic evidence of glacial, sea ice and permafrost melting are real? Are measurements of air pollution, water pollution, and the worldwide diffusion of nuclear industry emissions and waste “mythical” too? If the U.S., now the world’s most polluting nation (and the U.S. military the world’s largest single polluter) were to re-industrialize, these climate change and pollution figures would increase even further, while science-deniers will continue to deny. It is a matter of factual, concrete measurements and common sense, versus science-denial wishful “thinking” to suit capitalists’ and consumers’ greed.

  2. It was a good speech up till the end when Hedges exposed himself as another cowardly cuck on race basically side stepping black criminality and going after police instead. You can be sure he and 95% of those White leftists in the audience” somehow” live in mostly White areas.

    America is terminal and Whites like Hedges contribute to it. No mentions of Blm, black on white crime, black welfare abuse, 30 million illegals, slaughtering tens of millions in abortions. America is controlled by mostly Jews in media but he would never say it. Heck, those two White guys nearly murdered in Chicago a few days ago while a tribe of blacks twerked and stole the Whites shoes can’t even get a hate crime label for the savage crime. Times that by millions of other attacks by blacks on whites.

    So, yeah, the America is a psycho country run by war profiteers on its last legs as China is about to overtake us with a dose of Russia’s help is a nice point. It’s also one we keep hearing. Throw in some climate change jazz which is at least partly true. No issues on all that.

    But as stated, guys like Hedges and all those Whites in the room. ( notice few to no blacks) won’t say a darn thing about all the issues I mentioned above or the insanity of Islam.

    So now we get at least 50 thousand Afghan refugees as part of a political ploy to flip states blue. The utter absurdity of giving voting status to borderline cave people is not only insane but it’s nation wrecking. The Democrats would fight tooth and nail if we said we will carve out a piece of land and feed them but no voting.

    Meanwhile White South Africans get nothing, no mention. Trump blew more hot air with a study on oppression of Whites from South Africa. Biden or any Democrat would rather them die than come here. And guys like Hedges and a huge majority of the Whites in the audience won’t say a thing either.

    Yeah, we are at end of life as a nation. Now wave a Blm flag or an LGBT one. It’s what the cowards and slobs want. The same way they like to off millions of unborn babies. It’s very clear the GOD that so many Americans don’t believe in or give weak lip service to, has tuned HIS Back on us. Guess who loses in that battle?

  3. Very good. Of course, NATURALLY, he had to zero in on the imprisonment of black criminals as if though their antisocial and criminal behavior isn’t asymmetrical with whites despite the monetary treasure dumped into “empire crippling” programs for decades that were supposed to make things better. If he would have been truthful and evaluated that particular nonsense honestly, it would have been a perfect speech.

      • Cities will have to be recaptured and ethnically cleansed. It’s the only way. You can’t have your prime real estate occupied by chimps. Basketball and Hollywood…indeed. Hedges is dead wrong on why cities are shambolic.

    • @Memebro people that age just cant help themselves. No lie, just an hour ago my parents called me about a disturbance going on next door to our family house. It takes me almost forty five minutes to get there and by then it was about six black girls and two black guys beating each other on my parents lawn and the street. The cops and ambulance came as the neighborhood watched. It is mostly Pakistani now and a few of them rent basements to blacks. The older Whites still here like my parents are afraid to say a bad word.

      My parents are making excuses for everything and refuse to move. These Boomers that who grew up on television and now get Fox news Tucker Carlson “we are all the same. The human race” are terrified to say a word. My grandfathers grandfather purchased this house close to a hundred and twenty five years ago but to the Pakistanis and their renters, it is their turf. If they can rent to hoodlums and thugs they will the days of neighbor loyalty and friendship died with my grandparents when i was a child

        • Never happen Captain John. The original excuse was family but now i realized that is horsepoo as the rest of the family has all moved South years ago. My parents are just stubborn and i understand feel emotionally attached to the place they both grew up like their parents and grandparents. I have also noted wherever i go that is a suburb close to a city, the girls all have big black boyfriends. Pennsylvania and Maryland it is everywhere.

          I never felt my place what people do personally for years but now if you go to Instagram or a bar, any good looking blonde waitress or bartender is almost guaranteed to have a giant African looking guy. Things really advanced quick in my neighborhood and culture overall. Past five or ten years

          • @Captain -That is an absolutely dreadful state of affairs with your parents, and all too common. My respect to you for honoring your parents in these very dark times.

  4. Hedges’ dour Presbyterianism is a refreshing contrast to the delusional triumphalism and upbeat careerism we get from American institutions dominated by our fellow white people.

    Yet moralism only gets us so far. America is an empire, not because we’re bad, but because we’re not a nation. The label is descriptive. The Austrian Empire was an empire in virtue of the plain fact that it contained many nations. America can’t act cohesively because it is not cohesive.

    A nation is a people united by race, ethnicity, religion, language, and culture. If Hedges genuinely values solidarity and opposes imperialism (which is the same thing as multiculturalism) then we shouldn’t busy ourselves creating an unholy Babel of placeless randos. We can’t have economic collectivism in the modern world without social collectivism, just as we can’t have social collectivism without economic collectivism.

    China is taking notes.

  5. I”ve read some of his earlier books. He advocated corporate censorship of “hate speech,” which means nothing more than speech people like him hate to hear. He’s not our friend. He’s a fraud, like so many liberals. Don’t be deceived by this fraud.

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