China Cracks Down On Sissy Men On Television

In case you were wondering, Chinese leadership might not be so bad. Anything is an improvement over these ZOG and their crazed, cable news-addled Boomers.

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  1. Lets weimerica wage war against a real nation, China, because they wont expose their children to the nonstop promotion of sodomy

  2. Like an invasive weed that appears on farmland, degeneracy that is overlooked or ignored, not uprooted and eliminated, will quickly spread and destroy a nation. Joseph Stalin reversed the early Trotskyist-Bolshevik tolerance of divorce and homosexuality and other fornication. The “Soviet family” was strictly traditional, based on monogamous marriage; divorce was made extremely difficult to obtain; and homosexuality was punished with years of hard labor on the very first offense. If Russia had not been steered away from the corrupting influence of Weimar, Paris and Hollywood, it really would have fallen like a house of cards, like Hitler thought it would.

    China’s national socialist internet censorship is unlike Western profit-driven capitalist censorship that allows pornography.

    China must completely shut down “Portuguese Las Vegas” (Macau) – a very bad corrupting influence on all Chinese who visit it as tourists. As Jesus said (paraphrased) it takes only a trace of yeast to leaven all the dough. The New Testament teaches that government is ordained for the promotion of the good and punishment of evil. But capitalist governments exist mostly for the protection and promotion of big business and finance.

    • Your point on the old USSR is a good one. Evil as he was, Koba the Dread (Stalin) likely was an example of the Divine will bending an evil ruler to ultimately save a people who had largely fallen away. If Trotsky and his pals had won their struggle with Stalin, would Russians even exist today as a people? Probably not. I read the other day that 500 Orthodox churches are being built in Moscow. Across Western ‘Christendom’, churches are being burned down.

      Xi’s China is probably more free for the average Chinese than the Zionist empire is for the average white American. When I was in Shanghai a few years ago, I saw more whites in advertisements than I do anywhere in Murika. The only whites you see in western (Jew-owned) advertising are women paired with negroes.

      • @Exalted Cyclops, re: “an example of the Divine will bending an evil ruler to ultimately save a people who had largely fallen away. If Trotsky and his pals had won their struggle with Stalin, would Russians even exist today as a people? Probably not.”

        Unlike the Imperial Tsars, such as Peter the Great, he did not stage drunken orgies. Quite the opposite. He did smoke a pipe, but was not addicted to alcohol. He was so purtianical that he hated “foreign luxuries” and would not tolerate the scent of perfume. He said the French Revolution “collapsed because of the degeneration of the morals of its leaders, who surrounded themselves with loose women from the Palais Royal, that ignoble cesspool which drowned the Revolution! I am determined to bear down with a white-hot iron to burn in the bud the loosening of morals.” With his Orthodox training in the Orthodox seminary in Tblisi. he was opposed to sexual immorality as much as to class exploitation, unlike Trotsky who “introduced the most abject practices! He surrounded himself with loose women, some of whom were spies. His intimate friend, Slivkin, whom he made a diplomatic courier, smuggled in silk stockings, perfumes, and drugs from abroad. When I found that out, I knew that some time I would have to cauterize that wound with a white-hot iron!” He said Trotsky’s friends told filthy jokes, pimped loose women, and one “married an obscene creature from those sewers, the Sandunov baths, and paraded her at his side at youth meetings. Pah! It’s disgusting!” (The Sandunov baths had a very bad reputation in Moscow as a place of debauchery.) I gazed at him closely. His eyes were filled with hatred and rage which he seemed to find it difficult to restrain. He stopped near a bush of kizil, tore off a branch with an angry gesture, and cried, “I’ll break the backs of all the rotten riff raff who want to plunge our country into corruption! I’ll have no mercy on them! None of them!” My Uncle, Joseph Stalin. New York: Putnam, 1953.

        China’s new “Outline for the Implementation of Citizen Moral Construction in the New Era” reestablishes high moral standards for all Chinese people. Party members are also being held to the highest standard, after being degraded during the Deng years. Meanwhile the U.S. and its satellites are sliding deeper into debauchery, and churches are apostate or disappearing.

  3. If you are told that a country/person/ideology is evil or bad by the amoral sociopathic degenerates that run the US assume the opposite is true.

  4. The Chinese are well aware of what the Jews have done to America and are determined to stop it from happening to them.

    • Re: “The Chinese are well aware of what the Jews have done to America and are determined to stop it from happening to them”:

      China is well aware of what was done to them and are determined to stop it from happening again: China has not forgotten its “century of humiliation” at the hands of all the Western powers (that had bigger, longer-range guns) when opium addiction, prostitution, human trafficking and slavery were rampant and China’s economy collapsed becoming one of the poorest nations in the world. The recovery from near-death of China beginning with Mao is one of the miracles of history.

      • “The recovery from near-death of China beginning with Mao is one of the miracles of history.”

        You can’t be serious? Mao destroyed any chance China had to rebuild after the war and the country was only turned around by Deng Xioping who was impressed by what Singapore had done and wanted to take China in that direction, just without elections.

  5. The Chinese have always been tough on the Catholics too. Now we know why. The celibate priesthood must seem strange to them, like the eunuchs at the old Imperial Court.

  6. I am no fan on the Chinese but they are right when it comes to saving their race from being morally and culturally poisoned

  7. I always found it ludicrous and absurd that Italy had the most well funded and organized communist party in western europe. It always seemed to to me that collectivism and “the common good” were contradictory and in direct opposition to the core instincts of the average Italian.

    Societies reflect the genetic makeup of the people. Your genes will always betray you.

    • The U.S. (CIA) put everything it had into destroying communism in Italy after World War 2, including tons of bribe money only a small fraction of which it acknowledges. The U.S. controlled and decided the Italian election in 1948 and continued to run Italian politics for another ten or twelve years until Italy was “stabilized.”

      Regarding your genetic argument, note that not all Italians are the same and that there was very little interest in socialism in southern Italy, which is the source of most Italian immigrants to the U.S. The Italian Communist Party PCI was strongest (the majority party) in north-central Italy, the area from which most of the great Italian scientists and intellectuals have come, and that was the birthplace and heart of the Renaissance. How are Tuscans, Venetians, Florentines and Lombards different than other Italians?

    • Thanks Mark, for the good link.

      Yes, immorality and laziness ruin the advantage of nations with the highest average IQ and creative potential. Morality and work ethic amplify national IQ and creativity.

  8. Jews get their asses kicked in a Patriarchy so one of their highest priorities after taking over currency, banking and media is to dismantle it.

  9. The real weak link in the white community isn’t Boomers- it’s christian fundamentalist protestants who have swallowed Jewish dispensationalism hook , line and sinker. You can’t defeat an enemy that you’re afraid to name, much less one you’ve been taught to idolize. The great sin of the Fundamentalists is idolatry of the jews- this is where the real weakness lies!

  10. On this, I agree 100%: these wispy, doe-eyed, open-mouthed metrofags are all over the screens. The mere sight of the frooty bastards is enough to lower testosterone. Away with ’em, and the Big Bad Nigga Studs, too.

  11. The ordinary man learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others. The foolish man doesn’t even learn from his own mistakes.

    China is the wise man and the US is the foolish man.

  12. The Jews, the Chinese, the blacks, browns and the Muslims are ALL hurting us, but in different ways. For me, the question is not who is ‘better’, but who is least worst.
    You’ll never see me crawling up China arse simply because they’re slightly better than Jews……. somehow.
    They can ALL fuck off!
    I wish Chinese men were more masculine, because most Chinese women here want white men and half white children, not their own men.

  13. Wow, I really miss Murdoch Murdoch. The links I had for it no longer work, or perhaps are being blocked by my internet firewall.
    I remember the episode above well, and really appreciated watching it here.

    And yes, good on the Republic of China for curbing the degeneracy. Of course they are not on “our” side. They are on their OWN side; and so it should be. And so should WE be; on our own side.

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