Richard Spencer believes the Obamacon phenemonon is based entirely on revulsion with George W. Bush and the Republican Party. Personally, I think it runs deeper than that. The disillusioned racialists who are voting for Obama over McCain are doing so more out of alienation from Bill Buckley’s conservatism than anything else. A much broader swath of Gen X’ers/Gen Y’ers are less responsive to coded racial appeals and are voting their economic self interest against the income inequality that GOP policies have promoted.

As a racialist, I think this is a good thing. American conservatism eschews explicit white racial and ethnic identity in favor of defending the vacuous consumer culture of suburbia. What use is a conservatism that has no use for whites who put the welfare of their own kin above individual self interest? In the absence of affirmative ethnicity, a more equitable society can be seen as a nobler vision of the common good than the ruthless privatism on offer on the right.

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  1. Obama’s base support comes from two groups: blacks on one hand, and a specific type of white on the other.

    A huge number of younger whites love him because they have been trained since kindergarten to idolize Dr.King (etc.etc.), and were taught that blacks are basically superior and highly-noble people who would create a paradise if given half the chance. (Which they aren’t since institutional white racism keeps oppressing them–damn whites in the way of progress again!)

    Older whites who also think like the above, also like him. “Obamacons” are perfect proof of why conservatism is a false opposition.

  2. Conservatism is little more than a rhetoric that encourages working class whites to vote for the interests of multinational corporations.

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