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  1. Even if we cross the Atlantic we find the same phenomenon. Mr. Frederick Law Olmstead, in his Journeys and Explorations in the Cotton Kingdom (2nd ed., pp. 252, 253), says:

    A swarm of Jews has within the last ten years settled in nearly every Southern town, many of them men of no character, opening cheap clothing and trinket shops, ruining or driving out of business many of the old retailers, and engaging in an unlawful trade with the simple negroes, which is found very profitable.

    And again (pp. 321, 322):

    If his [the planter’s] first crop proves a bad one he must borrow money of the Jews at New Orleans to pay his first note. They will sell him this on the best terms they can, often at not less than 25 per cent per annum.


  2. Im not sure I get the intent of these posts – surely your not implying what I think and pursuing a path of blame-the-Jews-idiocy. My own descendants were from the supposed “swarm”, in this case Eufaula and yes we did market cotton from planters in areas of Barbour, northern Henry, and southern Russell county. (Ive certainly read Olmstead’s account and remember he was an outsider looking in and treated planter whites no better in his text) Wherever you find river oriented towns in the black belt – i.e. Demopolis, Selma, Montgomery, and Eufaula for example, you find a small population of Orthodox Jewish people who had relationships with fellow Jews in the textile industry in Europe and fellow Jews in the ports of Apalachicola, New Orleans, Mobile etc. We did what planters could not – i.e. sell your cotton and arrange payment based on little paperwork or guarantees – our guarantee was our word and centuries old family reputations. Is 25% to much to charge a planter that has failed once and cannot provide security or collateral except his word and crop? I think not my friend – and if your going to quote the country’s first landscape architect at least spell his name correctly.

  3. M: in other words your people (the Jews) were nothing more than economic middlemen, doing the least amount of work (producing nothing) yet getting a large chunk of the profit (even though they actually didn’t produce anything, remember). Yup, that about sums up the Jewish economic role right there…parasitism pure and simple.

    And no I won’t harp on about Gen. U.S. Grant’s attempted mass-expulsion of your kin-folk “as a class” in 1862 from no less than three Southern states because of their attempt to corner and/or otherwise manipulate the cotton market…but of course ‘Honest Abe’ was there to save the day again!

    Next why don’t you tell us about “the secret relationship between Blacks and Jews'” in The South, about how the earliest synagogues and largest Jewish communities were in places like Charleston [SC], Newport [RI], and New Orleans [LA], which also were ‘coincidentally’ the cities where nearly all of America’s African slaves were imported in to. Seems to me and many other honest scholars that America’s Jews were extremely prominent organizers, facilitators, and middlemen in that trade as well, they just had so many contacts with their Sephardic cousins over there in the UK and Holland along with North Africa ya know, it was like one big happy Jew triangular trade – the trade in Africans.

    Human trafficking still looms large in Jewish society, in fact. Israel is a world center of human trafficking – they specialize in young and beautiful White women/girls from Eastern Europe along with young and beautiful Arab girls/women from all over the Middle East too. Haven’t you heard?

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