Hitler on the War Between the States

Clyde Wilson and Thomas DiLorenzo are claiming that Hitler admired Lincoln. Actually, I recall him praising the Confederacy. He saw the loss of the Confederacy in the War Between the States as opening the door to the decline of agrarianism, radical egalitarianism, the domination of America by a merchant class, and the settlement of non-Nordic Jews and Slavs in the American North. We had a discussion about this last year on Occidental Dissent in which the exact quote was provided. The source was Dan Diner’s America in the Eyes of the Germans: An Essay on Anti-Americanism. I’m sure many of the regular commentators remember it.

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  1. Good post. Thanks for alerting me to those links/articles. I still follow your blog closely and agree with a lot of what you write on here, especially in the posts having to do with economics, agrarianism, suburbia, energy, race realism, Jews, and a few other topics.

    As far as I can remember, I don’t remember reading about Hitler being a fan of Lincoln either — the very idea actually seems ridiculous. But I do vaguely remember reading once that Hitler said he “admired The Confederacy” or something to that effect, but I simply can’t remember what book/article I read that in. Was that it in the book you mention in this post?

    Though I’m not a Neo-Nazi or anything of the sort, I’ve read a lot of Hitler’s speeches…the primary sources: http://www.amazon.com/Hitler-Proclamations-1932-1945-Chronicle-Dictatorship/dp/086516228X/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1215717507&sr=1-1 — do notice how amazingly expensive these volumes are; they are probably priced that way in order to deny ready access to these highly important primary sources to regular people so that they have to rely on the much cheaper secondary sources (which are often written by Jewish historians, of course). Luckily though, any decent college/university library usually carries those primary source volumes or some variant thereof.

    In those speeches I don’t really remember that Hitler discussed the United States much at all, and if he did it was always in passing. I don’t think he or many of the top Nazis were very well versed in American history, though some Nazi propagandists obviously knew quite a bit about America judging from the following piece of (truly funny!) propaganda: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Liberators-Kultur-Terror-Anti-Americanism-1944-Nazi-Propaganda-Poster.jpg

    I also remember reading once that the only American mentioned in MEIN KAMPF is Henry Ford, and only because he commissioned all of the anti-Jewish articles which eventually came to be known as THE INTERNATIONAL JEW (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_International_Jew).

    And now for a bit of shameless self-promotion: I finally got my website on The Jewish Question up and running a bit, and I hope you’ll stop by there some time and read/comment. Let me know what you think, honestly — http://zsidozas.wordpress.com/

  2. And just what’s wrong with Slavs? I (a non-Slavic American northerner, from a heavily Slavic state) live now in a Slavic country, and can assure you that America would be a finer, whiter, more community-oriented place if had imported a hell of a lot more Slavs and a hell of a lot fewer WASPs. Just who do you think has been running this country into the ground these last fifty years? It ain’t the pollocks, I can assure you. You ought to come over here at Eastertime sometime and learn something. Then go to the shithole that is England and consider.

  3. 1.) The post above was purely factual. I was describing Hitler’s views, not my own.

    2.) In the U.S., Northern liberals are responsible for our civil rights and immigration legislation.

  4. Slavs are no more community-orientated then Western Europeans or North Americans. Slavic countries would be just as materialistic and degenerate as the West if they possessed the kind of wealth Western countries do. Slavs and their supposed great “community-orientated countries” are a result of the fact that they’re largely poverty-stricken backwater dumps and NOT because of some superior “culture” or “genes”.

    We have some Slavs here in Canada, Ukrainians to be exact, and all they do is bitch and explain how “racist” and “discriminatory” our country is. They constantly agitate against the established ethnically British and French establishment. They tell us that Canada is “multicultural” and how we need to “embrace diversity” and they constantly agitate to further liberalize our immigration laws so they import all their relatives. They also refuse to assimilate and refuse to adopt English-Canadian or French-Canadian culture, and refuse to adopt British or French surnames to fit in better. Also, a lot of them are involved in organized crime and in the illicit drug trade.

    As for being just as White or Whitter than Western Europeans or North Americans, thats a laugh! It’s been proven through genetic testing that Slavs have a lot of Asian admixture, they’re not pure.

    It’s important to remember that ethnicity is just as important as race, and to a less extent, culture, as well.

  5. Re. Taurine

    “…they’re largely poverty-stricken backwater dumps and NOT because of some superior ‘culture’ or ‘genes’.”

    I think you are far too harsh on Slavs here Taurine.

    It’s not their fault that they have been torn between the powers of Western Europe and Russia for so long; the Slavic countries of Eastern Europe have long been the battleground between Russia/Asia and Western Europe, so naturally the place has been ravaged and pillaged for much of history, the easy target of imperialist-minded powers.

    If the Slavic countries had been left to their own devices and not constantly threatened and raided by the peoples and countries to the West and East, I’m sure they would have advanced much further than they have so far.

    Most of all, the long and dark decades spent under the boot of the Jewish-dominated USSR certainly didn’t help with ‘progress’ during the highly progressive 20th Century.

    You are correct about the Asian admixture of Slavs though; however, it isn’t really that much. But apparently the marauding hordes of Genghis Khan made it as far West as modern-day Poland!

    “It’s important to remember that ethnicity is just as important as race, and to a less extent, culture, as well.”

    I’m not sure what you are getting at here. As far as I’ve found out “ethnicity” is pretty much sysnonmous with “race,” though ‘ethnic groups’ are in many respects the subsets of the overall/larger races. For example, amongst Whites/Europeans (a race) you have Nordic-types, Alpine-types, Slavs, Meditteranean-types, all of which are ethnic groups within the overall race. To make matters more complicated, each ethnic group can often be subdivided even further.

    For a decent (but slightly outdated) map see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Passing_of_the_Great_Race_-_Map_4.jpg

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