Kunstler Cast #21: Convenience

(Listen Here)

In preparation for the Fourth of July, Jim and Duncan celebrate the God-given right of every American to convenience, Cheez Doodles and happy motoring pleasure. Jim says convenience is the product of a particular set of circumstances that are coming to an end in this country. The diminishing returns of American convenience are apparent in things like Baluchitherium sized-people, short attention spans and road rage. This program includes other rants against cell phones, Trustafarians and the miracle of email. *Note: some cursewords.

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  1. Kunstler may be a jew, but I enjoying listening to what he has to say. Also, pretty funny clip by the way.

  2. I believe it was Paul Gottfried who said the other day that Americans are willing to throw their ancestors and descendents under the bus in exchange for the cheap electronic toys from the big box stores. Kunstler makes the same point. We have spent the last fifty years building a civilization that is not worth caring about. Scarcely anyone these days stays in the same place long enough to become attached to it.

  3. I just spent the last few hours listening the other Kunstler Casts, and I’m impressed at what I’ve heard. I’m definitely getting his book “The Long Emergency”. By the way, is “World Made by Hand” any good?

    The situation here in Canada isn’t much better than in America. As far as most Canadians are concerned as long as there is beer in the fridge and hockey on TV, they don’t give a shit what the government does.

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