Correction: Reconstruction in New England

Free black males lost the right to vote in Connecticut and Rhode Island in 1818 and 1822 respectively. They got it back around the time of the Civil War. I have added many new entries to the American Racial History Timeline. Check it out.

More below on the racial heritage of the Democratic Party:

The party proclaimed itself the tribune of the common white man, as against all other groups in the society, whether of class, race, or gender. In particular, it defined itself, even in the North, as the protector of slavery. (Howe, 524)

Today, the Democratic Party is the perverted tribune of non-whites, women, homosexuals, non-Christians and other social deviants, but exactly the opposite was true in the early nineteenth century. It was an unabashed white racialist organization. In contrast, Northern Federalists and Whigs opposed Indian Removal in the Old Southwest, were for black suffrage, and generally opposed westward expansion (the Louisiana Purchase, the Mexican War, purchase of Cuba, expansion into Latin America and the Caribbean).

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  1. Given that this is site is related to the Corrupt/ANUS/Inforterror crowd, I’m a bit surprised to see non-christians and to a lesser extent women and homomsexuals refered to as social deviants. Is this site the outcome of a discussion on the old ANUS forum about radical traditionalists infiltrating outlets for American conservatism? While I find that a good idea, pretending to be reactionary old farts wishing for a time that has long since passed doesn’t seem to be the way to go. Instead I would suggest a sort of North American-centric Nouvelle Droite analysis of [North] American history and culture. For instance, Puritanism (and anything reeking of it) should be scrapped and it’s relation to the moral modes of contemporary liberalism should be examined further and exposed. Other aspects of Eurocentric culture in North America should be championed, i.e. Gaelic, French and English culture in Canada, as should philosophical and artistic movements which were semi-pagan or deistic, i.e. Hudson River school in painting and Transcendentalism in literature. Nevertheless, this is good post. The point of the Dems being historically the party of the slave owning class and the Republicans being the Northern secular liberals (they actually chose their name to make their opponents seem to be Monarchists by default) is lost on most. Just look at the current, moronic Obama/Lincoln comparisons. Also, Austin W. Bramwell of National Review fame has made similar comparisons between Whigs and the ideology of contemporary liberalism (in contrast to classical liberalism).

  2. Occidental Dissent has always been a North American-centric blog. I know of infoterror, but this site isn’t related to the ANUS/Corrupt crowd.

  3. Sorry I thought you were related to those other sites. I’m actually glad to see you’re not as they can be notoriously juvenille and not open to debate.

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