How Times Have Changed

A strong background in American history is the most thorough antidote that I know of to much of the nonsense that prevails in the mainstream. This touches upon the Tanstaafl vs. Auster dispute below.  In the nineteenth century, the term “Native American” used to be synonymous with “Anglo-Americans,” or English-speaking, native born whites:

Starting in 1835 (Samuel Morse), he led the Native American Democratic Association in New York, a city which already contained substantial Irish Catholic neighborhoods. (In those days “Native American” meant whites born in the United States, not American Indians.) (Howe, 321)

This just goes to show how our own language has been hijacked and manipulated (discourse poisoning, as I call it) to promote an anti-white political and cultural agenda.

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  1. Prozium,

    Did you see how 200,000 Germans gathered ’round their victory column just to hear the Chicago mulatto speak?! It would appear that “the times” haven’t been merciful on the German people either.

    In a play on Howe’s book someone should pen, “What Hath the Devil Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1945-2008”

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