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  1. Fleming seems to have closed off comments on his article in Spanish. Instead, I sent him the following:

    Dr. Fleming;

    I’ve subscribed to your magazine for many years. I’m an American who derives from the diverse white European peoples who founded this place. My native language is English, but my second language is Chinese. Where I live here on the West Coast there are many Chinese people, and I enjoy using that language as well as English. But I must say I feel a bit left out by your omission of Chinese as an “alternative language” for Chronicles’ articles! Why are you only servicing the language practice needs of people learning Spanish? Aren’t there enough Chinese-speaking people on the planet to warrant at least one article in Chinese? Remember, we are all “modern” now, and must “Think Globally and Speak Locally”. Here! Here!

  2. Has it not been blindingly obvious for some years now that NRO – Taki’s – Chronicles are guided by a deeply felt Catholicism, at their roots?

    As far as these people are concerned, Mexican newcomers are “conservatives” who are much more preferable in their traditional cultural Catholicism than those bad Blue State ‘Mericans, with their abortion and their liberalism.

  3. I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand, Chronicles is the last magazine I’d expect to go bilingual. On the other, there is a remnant in Latin America that identifies with Western Civilization and the permanent things. I guess the latter is what Fleming means by “outreach.” I’m trying, really, to give this a judgment of charity.

  4. With the death of Sam Francis, I fear that paleoconservatism is being co-opted by Catholic Worker type ethics. We’re going to hear less and less about kith and kin, but more and more about social justice and whatnot. This will, in turn, feed the Big Lie that Christianity is an egalitarian religion.

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