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  1. We need to think of ways to reach a new audience of posters. Of ways to convert casual guests to users. Certainly we don’t want to keep recruiting from the same prospective membership pool of conflicting forums, which is only going to get smaller and smaller.

  2. Good grief, there are more Commies on that site than in all of Moscow! Oh, and one of your moderators is promoting Islamist Web site. It stinks!

  3. Don’t view forums as a place to “fit in,” instead view them as a place to do your own thing and introspectively examine the issues. That is the whole point of the debate theme as compared to the communitarian theme of previous forums.

  4. The point of this forum is not to judge people on their “worthiness” or set ideological barriers. I’ve seen forums go that route in the past, and it just leads to a giant drama pit, where people attack each other instead of discuss issues intelligently.

    So monitor, you don’t have to “agree” with other posters to continue pushing your side of the debate.

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