“Race Doesn’t Matter Anymore” – Yeah Right

Yet we are going to hear ALL DAY LONG, on every channel, in every newspaper, in every magazine, on the radio, and so on, how Obama is black. This is considered the single most notable fact about the man. It is the real meaning of the platform of “Change” he ran on. He didn’t run on a single new great idea throughout the entire election.

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  1. I especially like it when his election is presented as somehow the fulfillement of MLK’s ‘dream’. In reality, his popularity is based, in large part, not ‘on the content of his character’ but on ‘the color of his skin’. Sure, after Bush any Democrat would have had a relatively easy job but the whole Messiah complex was definitely racial in origin.

  2. A first term white Senator from Illinois with no accomplishments to speak of and no new ideas to boot would never have been elected president last night. Obama is the first affirmative action, “American Idol” president.

  3. His election is very suitable for USA-2008. Anyone qualified or white, would be quite inappropriate.

    A nation that committed suicide because of a strange mass-delusion involving worship of the idea of Nonwhite Supremacy (by about one-fourth of its whites and about 100% of its nonwhites).

  4. I wonder how many people are going to wake up and after hearing “first African-American president… we are entering a postracial age” and realize the hypocrisy of the liberals and special interest groups who advocate this sort of illogical affirmative action support because a white person supporting anyone else is RACIST, y’know…

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