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Save the Nords

June 1, 2010 Hunter Wallace 98

The strongest argument for Nordic racial and cultural preservation: It is the Second Go Blonde Parade in Riga, Latvia:

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Race and Morality

October 22, 2009 Hunter Wallace 8

Morality isn’t a subject I am very comfortable discussing. It strikes at the heart of our deepest, most passionately held values. Whenever possible, I try […]

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Two Proposals

October 15, 2009 Hunter Wallace 19

This is the sixth installment in this series. 1.) We need to create a base for ourselves. An elite needs a constituency. In 2007, a Gallup […]

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Cyber Racism

October 6, 2009 Hunter Wallace 13

At Mississippi Learning, MSU sociologist Matthew Hughey is impressed by an interview with Jesse Daniels about her new book, Cyber Racism. As a pioneer of web […]

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Sans Jews

July 12, 2009 Hunter Wallace 57

If Jews had never immigrated to the United States, we would undoubtedly be much better off than we are now, but we would still have […]

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February 9, 2009 Hunter Wallace 19

Briefly Noted Unsurpisingly, Greg Laden has relapsed into making traditional racial and ethnic distinctions (he notes the racial difference in height between Europeans and Pygmies), […]

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Response to Iceman

January 20, 2009 Hunter Wallace 5

At Free Media Productions, Iceman makes a few controversial points about American racialists. Here is my response: 1.) Jews did play a major role in […]

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December 1, 2008 Hunter Wallace 15

At Takimag, a debate about race and culturalism, including a fabulous claim that Thomas Jefferson was an anti-racist environmentalist.

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Replying to Evan

July 1, 2008 Hunter Wallace 4

Evan McLaren’s major objection to White Nationalism is the professional social pricing that comes along with supporting racialism. This is a valid criticism. It raises […]