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  1. Ivan is an entertaining troll.

    Cpt. Nachos and Anderszewski are a couple of strange cats, that’s for sure [. . .] Who do you trust? The people that CLAIM the Earth revolves around the Sun, with no proof, or those that DEMAND the Sun revolve around the Earth, based on Tradition?

    At least I hope he’s a troll.

    And what can you say to someone who signs his middle initials “R.C.”?

  2. The faileocons are now deleting any posts by known WNs and posts advocating/arguing for explicit racial nationalism. No, “Ivan” is not a troll. He is an incorrigible lemming. I have been spoon-feeding them for months on such topics as: genetic similarity theory, social identity theory, the findings of population genetics regarding race, ethnic genetic interests, Salterian universal nationalism, etc. To almost no avail.

    Funny thing is, when Gottfried lets the protective coloration wash away a bit, the lemmings start to respond with some inkling of an awareness of the reality of race and its implications. But not until their guru gives them permission. I’m sure Gottfried is aware of this, which leads me to believe he doesn’t want them to get it – because that might impact negatively on the interests of his tribe.

    Gottfried has shifted away from populism and is now taking the tack of elite intellectualism in the form of Nietzsche filtered through and moderated by Mencken. He wants yuppies and coffee house intellectuals on his side, apparently having given up on Francis’ MARS. The regular commenters at Takimag, most of them, don’t have what it takes tread the esoteric path he beckons them down. The yuppies he wants are addicted to the decadence of the system and the status they enjoy in it. They have too much to lose by real, populist, White Nationalist, revolutionary change.

    More con-servatism, more playing of the game, another Jew guru. White Nationalism is the only game in town.

  3. Hello! this is my first post!

    Prozium, I have been monitoring you blog off and on and am glad to see it to have more activity!

    Anyhow it looks like neo-cons are infiltrating paleo-conism, that is what Gottfried appears to be up to. Nietzsche… I bet he will be using the Kaufmann translations!!

    Anyhow most of the the coffee-house intellectuals he is targeting are already either neo-cons or libertarians (of the Ayn Rand sort) already.

  4. Fade, could you please assist me in my effort to access Friedrich’s blog. I’ve been offline for a couple of weeks and upon my return I found it now requires a password. Thank you.

  5. Comment # 6: I just skimmed the page over there at the link provided — do they ever talk about race over there? Or are they as I suspect, “conservatives”? “Conservatives” got us into this mess and they sure as hell aren’t going to get us out: conservatives are indistinguishable from the extreme radical hard-left fringe in all that’s important. One glance at that site’s blog roll tells me all I need to know: George Will the extreme radical leftist race-replacement advocate Trotskyite stooge is there but I searched in vain for Vdare.com, Steve Sailer, VFR, MR.com, you name it, if it’s worthwhile I searched in vain for it. So no, you “thought” wrong: I don’t like it, don’t like it one bit. Tate it and shove it, in fact. Conservatives are something we don’t need. Bye. You can go back to FreeRepublic.com and Lucianne.com now. See ya.

  6. Even BrusselsJournal.com has bypassed conservatives now, with Takuan’s latest essays. You conservatives are finished, you’re through, you’ve shown your true colors as staunch allies of the extreme radical hard-left loony-wacko fringe. Go away. Drop dead.

  7. I’m not conservative and never was. I’m liberal, progressive, normal, middle-of-the-road, slightly left of center. Put that in your conservative pipe and smoke it, assholes.

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