I haven’t seen any evidence that your “product” has fared any better in the “marketplace” than the racialist standard fare at Stormfront, Majority Rights, VNN, etc. In this way, you remind me a lot of Ian Jobling: he is also certain that he has a superior marketing strategy (race realism + neoconservatism), but the lack of mainstream attention he desperately yearns for suggests otherwise. Both of you are driven by the false assumption (one that I admit to briefly entertaining years ago) that the isolation that has been imposed on racialists is due to internal dysfunctions instead of external interest and force.

In other news, Leonard Zeskind (how’s that for an Anglo name?) has a new book out about the history of White Nationalism in America. I just ordered it off Amazon and plan on sharing my thoughts after I finish reading it.

Update: Leonard here is a walking stereotype of the radical, messianic Ashkenazi Jew, the most prominent figure in the White Nationalist imagination, who sets out to demonize and persecute even the slightest whiff of white racial consciousness and identity.

If Valkyrie, Defiance, and Inglourious Basterds were not enough, get ready for Sean Penn to play a Nazi-hunting rockstar in This Must Be The Place.

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  1. I could have sworn that Slither has done so before ( refered to Nordicists as “Nordicks”). I don’t know, I could be wrong. Still, it’s funny to watch him get under the skin of people who should know better than to let him.

  2. Fred that’s not even a reply to the points I raised above, much less a good one.

    Again, do you seriously dispute anything I said above? The question can’t be clearer. If you do, let’s hear it.

  3. Crapandchaos,

    I could have sworn that Slither has done so before ( refered to Nordicists as “Nordicks”). I don’t know, I could be wrong.

    Well, well, the Honorable White Man casting aspersions about me without a scintilla of evidence yet I’m the slithery one. Nice.

  4. Also Fred, since you compared me to Lindsay, I’ll make a comparison in return. If it came down to shooting either you or him, I’d shoot him one thousand times out of a thousand. You are a hateful creep (who seems intent on spreading hatred — as opposed to securing a political outcome) but at least your politics would be based on reality and result in a civilized world. True, you put the worst, most dehumanizing spin on that reality, but your ideas would actually work. The cretinous Lindsay, on the other hand, his head crammed to bursting with envy and resentment, begins with the finest of intentions but creates a turd — and freely admits to supporting shooting people to create it. I might not exactly think the world of nutzis — and I’m hardly alone there — but the pukes on the far left are infinitely more deserving of a baseball bat across their skulls.

  5. Ah c’mon Silver, I kid because I care. You know that right? I have never met a filthy, greasy wog who wasn’t proud to be off-White. Why? Because he gets to have his ethnic identity under the umbrella of non-White victimology and at the end of the day be White. The best of both worlds. Whereas if I’m proud to be Nordic, then I’m a Nordick Nutzi, right? I for one believe you mean well, and am a fan of your shit. And if you didn’t know that, you need to get a fucking clue.

    P.S. Why do you like fucking with Fred so much?

  6. I think the following comment by Silver supports the view I advanced in #91 and #92 above:

    Liberals just can’t handle the idea of people thinking they’re better than others — they can handle the existence of better people, they can acknowledge, in the abstract, that such people exist, but the idea that there are people out there walking around thinking they’re better than others drives them crazy. And it’s understandable why: it invites endless comparisons that inevitably leave some people miserable.

    [ ]

    Fred Reed, by the way, is not on our side. He’s a race-replacement advocate. He’s consistently derisive and mockingly dismissive of all who express race-based concerns about immigration. The piece of Reed’s linked by Silver in that log entry just cited certainly contains nothing to suggest this is a wrong assessment of the man.

  7. Fred Scrooby’s post # 8 is a colossal grand slam, if I ever read one. His use of metaphor is outstanding, if not masterful. He should be writing a definitive monograph, or maybe a book, if he already isn’t, on the nature of Jewry’s ability to co-opt, denature and domesticate their hosts/victims. That is, to harness the potential of others, and turn them into useful Golems, if possible. Mullins, in his ‘Biological Jew’ had the insight, but couldn’t articulate it well at all, and he later disavowed his own crackpot tome, somewhat embarrassed.

    The group evolutionary strategy that Kmac has presented, is the scholarly evidence of the Jewish phenomenon, that Fred discusses and describes in such a clear, metaphorical and anecdotal way. That, organized Jewry is nothing less than the organized will of the Jewish people, should be an obvious given. It’s the nature and methodology of this hyper-ethny, or anti-race, if you will, that Fred could very well expand on.

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