Yesterday’s Men

If you are White and male, that’s what you are according to Ross Douthat, one of the house conservatives who writes for the New York Times. Your America is swiftly giving way to that of Barack Hussein Obama and Sonia Sotomayor. In our so-called “postracial society,” race and gender are everything. These are qualities that determine how far you can get ahead in life.

There is nothing to criticize here. Douthat is only stating the truth. Texas and California already have non-White majorities. By 2023, the majority of American youth will be non-White. By 2042, Whites will be a minority in the United States. These facts are widely known. The last two generations have utterly squandered their racial inheritance.

Douthat meekly protests that “race-based discrimination needs to go” as Whites descend to minority status. And who is going to get rid of affirmative action? Certainly not the Obamas and Sotomayors of the world who have a vested interest in preserving the status quo. Not the Republicans who are desperately trying to appeal to the growing non-White electorate. Whites don’t have a voice in the mainstream that defends their collective interests.

In response to Douthat, it is precisely this possibility that W. James Antle III deplores. Not that Whites might find themselves in an awful racial situation come 2042, but that they one day could have the audacity to defend themselves. This would reduce America to “a squabbling bunch of identity-politics groups.”

It is no exaggeration to say that our future hinges on the success of the White Nationalist movement. If it fails, then all is lost. Whites will become a degraded and powerless minority under the thumb of hostile aliens nursing any number of racial grievances. This is not the future our leaders speak about, but it is the one that awaits us all.

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  1. Good point by Antle about the hypocrisy of the liberal elite and their double standard vis-a-vis the Kwan university system: Why aren’t the liberals b**ching about the “disparate impact” of the SAT and AP tests, instead of forking out ZOG-bucks to send their ‘little preciouses’ to Kaplan Test Prep. summer school? (It’s also a hoot that the NYT passes off Douthat as a conservative.)

    One thing I’ve been wondering lately: Is it conceivable that some combination of European states–perhaps Germany, Italy, the Eastern European countries, or Russia–will invite white couples fleeing Eurabia and the Kwa to settle within their borders if the EUSSR project fails? It’s not unlikely that multiple Central and Eastern European states, not to mention Russia, will view white, nominally-Christian immigration as a solution to their population woes at some point in the future. There will also be an exodus from the most heavily-Islamified states of Western Europe. (Out-migration of natives is already happening in France, Britain, and the Netherlands.)

    Of course, this assumes that one or more white nations will avoid capture of their government by the genocidal, race-replacement regime emanating from Washington and Brussels. (And, having escaped government capture by the race-replacement regime that coincides so closely with NATO, will said states escape bombardment and military aggression?)

  2. Yes the time has come to end the hypocrisy of every Race and ethnicity under the Sun having their own Pride and Rights organizations but Whites!

    Luckily I think things are already starting to shift in White Nationalists direction: Traffic to White Nationalist web-sites has been increasing after the Obama election.. Whites are looking for answers!

    Here are some:

    What is White Nationalism?

  3. “These facts are widely known.” Really? I see no evidence of that, not in the words or actions of most of our leaders, neither in the folk. Pat Buchanan, Robert Bork, Tom Tancredo, and a few others do, but only occassionally and not in a clear or forceful way. Not one of the people I know seems to know this; when I tell them, they just stare at me. On what do you base your assertion?

    Surrounded by feckless White idiots, deep within RedTeam country, desperately seeking comrades,

  4. Change will not come from conservatives (only logical if one thinks about it). The most trusted conservative organization grass-roots organiation in America, The Eagle Forum, still acts as though it is operating in a 1960’s America. Most conservative parents and leaders are like that. They decry the current multiculti disaster but cannot conjure up any solutions because they still believe there is a social and cultural backdrop that doesn’t exist any more. They cannot even make sense of any of our problems because their underlying assumptions of the context of our situation are all wrong. This is why they know the schools are rotten but continue sending their children there: they think they can just tweak the school system a bit and get it back working again. They don’t realize that it’s not even the same system that it used to be, it is something completely different, with completely different people, assumptions, goals, and social problems.

    You’re right, if WN’s don’t do it, it ain’t gonna get done.

  5. The other shoe is about to drop in the next decade.

    If nothing else, conservative Whites will be forced to acknowledge our racial situation as some of their political bastions turn Blue (e.g. Texas) by sheer force of demographic change.

  6. Christian/Western Honesty, Not To Mention Survival, Requires Jews, Accomplices Be De-Humanized, Exterminated
    (Apollonian, 23 Jul 09)

    Right–this is simply the problem, re-stated (yet again), basically and essentially, by Oswald Spengler, in his magnificent “Decline of the West.” See, cultures mature in CYCLIC fashion, and then decline and self-destruct in the predictable HUBRIS of the once victorious, successful, and “prosperous” people. So how, exactly, does this thematic HUBRIS take place?–answer is subjectivism and especially then, MORALITY–actually a false, fallacious “morality,” best understood as moralism-Pharisaism.

    Thus the morality of hubris is suicide–or self-sacrifice, altruism, selflessness, guilt-complex, etc. For easy and thematic example now, white citizens of USA must pay for health care of illegal aliens/invaders, etc., aside fm legalizing such invasion in way of “comprehensive immigration reform,” etc.–it’s simply PUREST SUICIDE. And the brilliant trick is just to not calling it “suicide”–rather, call it “morality,” and it succeeds brilliantly (at least, so far, anyway).

    Thus in the Western “decline,” that parasite disease of opportunity sets in and goes to work–Jews, who quickly organize their closest accomplices among the goyim, the “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, homosexuals, and bolshevikis. Specific weapon of Jews is COUNTERFEITING (see,, and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank) by which practical fraud they thereupon actually effect all their work.

    Thus the greatest ethic of formerly healthy West was Christian virtue of HONESTY in accord with greatest value/ideal of TRUTH of Gosp. JOHN, opposed to Jew lies and conspiracy. Necessary premise/criterion then, of this Western TRUTH, is Aristotelian objectivity, this versus the anti-thematic Judaic-Talmudic subjectivism.

    And I’ve gone into this ideologic/philosophic conflict before, numerous times, which the babblers of, for example, just want to (subjectivistically) ignore–in favor of their idiot moralism by which they display their “virtue.” Jews love it, watching these babbling idiots holding forth with their endless expostulations protesting their “morality,” “goodness,” and virtue, etc.

    So “white nationalism” isn’t bad–but it must regain, revive, resuscitate, and resurrect that ruthless Christian HONESTY, once again. For the Christian is first and most anti-semitic–that’s where/how it must begin.

    Proof is simple: Observe then how the natural world is so nasty, brutish, treacherous, and filled with lies and sin–who dominates such a world?–answer: obviously the most ruthlessly collectivistic, organized liars and murderers, the Talmudic Jews, as we see fm history. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

    Hence one sees the most successful humans thereupon were necessarily anti-semitic–as they developed most successful anti-semitism featuring that reason, retained fm preceding Greeks, by which they learned how to oppose the Jews and at same time respecting one another. For that’s the great trick: opposing and exterminating Jews (and accomplices) on one hand–YET at same time respecting one another.

    But now those hubristic fools and gentile descendents, forgetting that original Christian ethic of such ruthless HONESTY, have given over to the ever-persistent Jew lies regarding Pelagian heresy of “good-evil” delusion/fallacy–AGAINST HONESTY. And thus observe we find these ruthless Jews presently so intensively working to reduce world-population, systematically exterminating their Christian enemies.

    So once again, we see Spengler so brilliantly verified for his CYCLIC dynamic, the terrified goyim now beginning to see they must, in order to save their miserable lives, revert to that original Christian HONESTY just in order to oppose these Jew psychopaths so brilliantly allied and co-operating w. their gentile flunkies, aforementioned.

    And that secret, necessary cultural/psychologic essence gentiles must regain is, aside fm general reason and honesty, the idea that Christianity is FIRST AND MOST anti-semitism–that, without this absolutely essential anti-semitism, there can be nothing else whatsoever–that THERE IS NO REASON WITHOUT ANTI-SEMITISM. For REASON ITSELF IS anti-semitism–no less than health requires extermination of disease.

    Thus Jews must be properly, most accurately IDENTIFIED: they are anti-human, literally, a disease-of-opportunity against the rest of the human race.

    CONCLUSION: Thus Jews (and gentile accomplices too) MUST BE DE-HUMANIZED and stripped of all/any dignity as human-beings, and in the spirit of Christian HONESTY, once again, be most accurately identified as simply psychopathic disease-of-opportunity, the active force within “Decline of the West,” working upon gentile hubris, the only solution to such hubris, again, being that original Christian HONESTY. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  7. Upon further reflection, the problem is that we’re all ahead of our time. The White Nationalist movement will not only become real but also important. It is destined at this point.

    An America where Whites are a degraded, powerless minority; only to be ruled by hostile aliens; is a contradiction in terms. That America cannot possibly exist because it would mean a barbaric triumph over our national soul and you can’t maintain the political forms of a nation in the wake of such an event. Nevertheless, we are headed in such a direction, which is why a real White Nationalist movement is inevitable.

    Moreover I would also like to add that the end of America will be an incredible psychological event for the Western world, in that it will signify the ultimate failure of Liberalism. In the future our race will consider the very Liberal systems that we have labored under for so long much in the same way that we consider the medieval institutions of old.

    I can only see our future unfolding as a great epic poem. Unfortunately, we are alive during some of the darkest stanzas.

  8. I’ve noticed the frequent use of the term “Kwa” recently and I think I have a rough understanding of the meaning from context but haven’t found a good explanation of the meaning, history and connotations of this term. Can anyone offer some enlightenment?

  9. ” In the future our race will consider the very Liberal systems that we have labored under for so long much in the same way that we consider the medieval institutions of old.”

    This process is already on-going. Very few Whites, including most Slavs take the liberal Communism serious anymore since the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe.

    The other shoe needs to fall, the Collapse of Western-style liberal democracy!

    I look back at thinkers like Baron Julius Evola, and Alain de Benoist back in the 1970s and 1980s who raged against BOTH Communism and Liberal Democracy (indeed I believe de Benoist coined the term ‘Soft Totalitarianiam’ to describe the Wests current system) and see that we are half way there: Commies are gone, now just need to take care of liberals!

  10. Prozium:”It is no exaggeration to say that our future hinges on the success of the White Nationalist movement. If it fails, then all is lost. Whites will become a degraded and powerless minority under the thumb of hostile aliens nursing any number of racial grievances. This is not the future our leaders speak about, but it is the one that awaits us all.”

    Great post Prozium, but the pessimism is a bit too much. I agree that more alarmist (even hyperbolic) rhetoric such as is found in your post is needed in order to start snapping more Whites in to action and to wake more of them up to the grim reality of the coming non-White America, but when and if Whites dip below half of the population that doesn’t mean we’ll immediately become totally degraded and oppressed by hordes of maniacal Blacks and Browns led by Jewish elites (though sadly that scenario IS a vague possibility). Note how the British in India held hundreds of millions of Browns at bay for many decades, and also how Whites in Latin America have also managed to mostly thrive despite being a small minority there. Also, the tiny minority of Whites left in South Africa are still very much better off than the tens of millions of idiot Black savages which surround them.

    However, what we as WNists acknowledge is that we want the USA to forever remain White racial territory instead of it turning in to the next Brazil (i.e., a sickening racial swamp of social and economic confusion ruled over by plutocratic Jewry). Also, not only are Whites dropping in terms of their overall percentage of the world population as the non-White population of the world continues to grow, but our White countries are also being imposed upon by non-White immigrants at the same time – a double whammy, basically. This is the situation that needs reversing. I agree that if the pro-White movement does not succeed in the USA, the country will be mostly lost as White racial territory and that’ll be a horrible disaster for our race.

    Great comment notuswind (#7) – I’ll be back later today to respond to it…running short on time now.

  11. Whites are already becoming politically impotent as a result of our hyper individualist tendencies that prevent us from organizing and mobilizing on a large scale. Even when it is possible such as with the tea party phenomena the participants are likely to hold widely divergent political views on what ails us and many probably think white nationalism is akin to Nazism.

    Tea Parties are a positive trend but I still get the sinking feeling that most participants think there’s economic solutions to America’s woes and may be only dimly aware of our racial plight. Changing the confiscatory tax rate so that it’s palatable to the white middle and working class will do very little to forestall the racial oblivion that awaits us all. It seems whites are still actuated not by race but by economics and ideology.

    Immigration was discussed but not from the racial angle. It’s dispiriting to see so many opponents of illegal immigration enthusiastically support the 90% non-white legal immigrants. The legals are just as hostile to use as their illegal brethren but since they arrived legally no harm no foul.

    Contrast that with the wetback insurrection of 2006 where millions of illegals abetted by their enablers in the media and government protested on behalf of blanket amnesty and race based privileges. Non-white protests are always racially themed.

    Several years before his untimely death Sam Francis opined that the civil rights movement is no longer about simple equality and has morphed into a movement whereby blacks forcibly exert racial power over hapless whites. He said only a countervailing racial power was capable of meeting and defeating this pestilence.

    The force of which he spoke wasn’t paleo-conservatism but white nationalism. I just hope it’s not too late.

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