Meet Max Isaacson

He is the vile Jew that directed the fake Sprite ad that has gone viral around the net. This is worst piece of Jewish filth that I have seen in quite a while. It was so bad that you just instinctively know a Jew had to be responsible. I wasn’t alone in my suspicion and it now seems to have been confirmed. Lest there be any confusion, it is the daily reminders of Jewish influence upon our culture such as this one that drive anti-Semitism.

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  1. I say don’t get mad, get even. WNs need to start producing pro-Jewish/black interracial propaganda. What are they gonna do, complain about “neo-Nazis” promoting interracial dating? It would be a great PR campaign.

  2. I anticipate that someone might claim that all censorship is wrong.
    I take the liberty of arguing in favor of some censorship.
    In case the following facts are not obvious:

    1) Children tend to imitate what they see on TV and injure themselves out of ignorance. (Example: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers use hard-style martial arts in their show. Small children often injure themselves and their playmates by imitating the aforesaid show. Likewise, professional wrestling moves, imitated by children, often cause injuries.)
    2) If children imitate enough adult behaviors (e.g. sexual precocity) society will cease to function, whether or not a large number of children injure themselves and others.

    Given 1 & 2, some censorship must be enforced to prevent ignorant imitators (mostly children) from harming society.


    There is no doubt in my mind that Whites now need to team up with Palestinians and Iranians to stop this Jewish behavior!

  4. That was indeed quite disgusting, even apart from the interracial aspect of it. I don’t agree with Reader, though. Pro-White activists need to do intra-racial outreach and nothing more. What non-whites feel or think is, in the end, irrelevant (except to the extent it may radicalize whites). The only thing that should matter is the struggle to have influence over the white community. Of course, that means there should first be a white community…

  5. “Lest there be any confusion, it is the daily reminders of Jewish influence upon our culture such as this one that drive anti-Semitism.”

    Doch! It is not the reminders about the vile behavior of the perverts, it is the actions of the perverts themselves that drives the righteous condemnation.

  6. Reader, comment #1, is correct. The appropriate next step is to start innundating society with images of Negro-on-Jewess porn, the Jewess always identified in the images with a very prominently visible Star of David around her neck that viewers can’t miss, or clearly, unmistkably identified as Jewish in whatever other way. This might get the Jews to back off, but even if it doesn’t it’s appropriate payback.

  7. Jews understand no other language. They’re not genetically European-race people. They certainly don’t understand the language of decency in this matter.

  8. Filth, nothing but, and the Jews don’t even care, it’s just HaHa funny to them. “And thanks for your trust,” he snickers at the end. That’s OK; keep it up, Jew boy, you’re building yourself a mighty nice scaffold there.

  9. “Palestinians and Iranians sexually abusing Israeli Jewesses would be a good one.”

    That’s also excellent. To film these you wouldn’t have to cast Jewish women, just use any caucasian women and place very visible Stars of David around their necks, impossible to miss. Or identify them as Jewish in any other way that works: caption the white-female-on-Negro blow job, “Mmmmm, our newest oral expert Libby Shapiro (Elaine Moskowitz; Judy Goldberg; Miriam Kaplan; etc.) from Long Island shows everyone how much she ADORES dark meat,” or however it goes. Get hundreds, thouands of those going online prominently featuring big glaring loud Stars of David around the women’s necks. The default assumption in general, of course, absent any indication to the contrary, is these white women servicing Negroes are Euro women, or, as Jews see them, shiksas. Let’s make sure they’re seen as Jewish, not shiskas. The Jews are good at dishing it out — let’s see if they can take it.

  10. I just read Max Isaacson’s statement there at the link in the entry. It reveals him as an example of the lowest kind of a certain variety of typically Jewish filth, completely without morals for one thing (other than, in many of these cases, “What’s good for the Jews” — that’s their only “morals”: that they’ll abide by, nothing else).

  11. It says his father’s only reaction to his “video” was laughter. I’d like to make my own video — of his father’s reaction to the same video but with a prominent Star of David hanging around the girl’s neck and the video caption identifying her as “Golda Teitelbaum of Manhattan.”

  12. I would just say that censorship actually probably isn’t the answer.

    We need to free guys like Ernst Zundel and the Heretical 2 so they can speak the Truth about the Jews!

    There is a reason they have been imprisoned, and it is that Jews are horrified by people who actually speak the Truth about them!

    There is no doubt in my mind that if people were Free to express their distaste about these vermin Jews that they would quickly have to scatter once again, like roaches startled by the light! Remember the History of Jewish expulsions?!?!? Many of our peasant Ancestors would rise up against these beasts after enough of their behavior!!!

    Also the more free Jews are to express themselves, the more they REVEAL their True Nature, which is quite revolting, as seen by this video!

    No the Jew must be free to EXPOSE HIMSELF and WE must be free to EXPOSE HIM!

  13. I agree that stuff like Isaacson’s commercial is disgusting, but far more insidious is the Jewish role in wrecking White-Western economies.

    In NJ yesterday, for instance, they just busted yet another gaggle of Jewish white-collar criminals, including a bunch of rabbis who were running supposed ‘Jewish charities’ that were actually used to launder massive amounts of dirty money. Various NJ politicians (likely Jews too) were also involved. See –

    The amount of Jewish criminality (especially of a financial nature) that is constantly exposed in White-Western societies truly is breathtaking. I am increasingly of the opinion that organized Jewry must be regarded as an anti-White international criminal mafia and thus must be treated just as harshly as other criminal scum.

  14. @mark

    The linked youtube commercials are pretty disturbing. The first one is apparently a “generic white” acting incredibly loud and condescending, which strikes me as an inaccurate stereotype. Most whites are considerably more subtle, even when they are being downright insulting.

    The second one appears to be depicting Russians as loud. That’s a little bit closer to my experience, although I think Poles, Czechs, and Hungarians would probably be louder than Russians.

    Now, of course, if the loud obnoxious white-skinned men had been depicted with Star-of-David lapel pins, the commercials would have been depicting very different social groups, namely American Jews and Russian Jews.

  15. Hamdy,

    It’s not so much that I object to commercials where a white male may be an asshole (I’ve met plenty), it’s the fact that they solely target white males for bad behavior and violence. They should at least have a diversity of racial victims. When they solely target white males over and over that is racism against whites.

    On top of that most people who watch media like that don’t even have a clue to the agenda behind it. None are so blind as those who will not see.

  16. Too bad we can’t start producing moves depicting Israeli-Jewish women falling in love with Muslim men and rejecting Israel. There must be literally hundreds of Jewish produced and directed movies where white women are rejecting white men and turning to black males as confidants and sometimes lovers.

    We could also depict rabbis as child molesters, sex deviants and unscrupulous people. Of course we’d be accused of “anti-semitism” but anti-white gentilism is the order of the day in Hollywood.

  17. Too bad we can’t produce movies depicting Jewish-Israeli women falling madly in love with Arab Muslims. Doing so would be “anti-semitism” of course but we’ll tell the Jews to lighten up a bit. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  18. Mr. Dithers, that’s exactly the sort of thing that has to be done. In all this miscegenation which the Hollywood Jewish producers, directors, and screenwriters love so much to churn out, the default assumption of the audiences worldwide is that the Caucasian woman is a Eurochristian. That is of course is also the intention of the Jews who make this excrement. What our side badly needs to start doing is churn out Jewish-woman/Negro-man miscegenation and lots of it, a steady stream of it if possible. Or, as you suggest, Jewish-woman/Arab-Moslem-man, etc. The exact same Jews who do it to us would of course HATE to have it done to them. This wouldn’t require Jewish actresses, only some clear way of identifying the miscegenating Caucasian female unmistakably as Jewish.

  19. Another jewish “meme” that deserves more attention is that of the White male/Asian female. This propaganda is having an effect, judging by the number of such couples I see. The worst part is that it’s usually highly intelligent white males who are the most susceptible.

  20. “This wouldn’t require Jewish actresses, only some clear way of identifying the miscegenating Caucasian female unmistakably as Jewish.”

    So where do we show the videos once we’ve completed them? Do we own any TV stations in Israel? Producing all the material in the world won’t make a lick of difference if we don’t own/control the mass media.

    The Internet’s all we’ve got.

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