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Over at Daily Kos, David A. Love (negro) is browbeating the Republicans over their treatment of Sonia Sotomayor during her Senate confirmation hearings. In his words, it was “a showcase of GOP racism and anti-Latino sentiment.” The Republican agenda is “anti-civil rights” and “pro-White male privilege.” Republicans like Jeff Sessions hate civil rights, diversity, and “people of color” in general.

The hateful invective doesn’t stop there. According to Love, the GOP is little more than a “Cracker Caucus” of good ol’ boys spewing “angry and raw” bigotry. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is said to be a “Grand Wizard” with ties to White Nationalists. The Republicans are engaging in a “futile attempt to fight changing demographics” with the “divisive racial strategies of the past.” Indeed, it is time to for the rising non-White majority to storm the good ol’ boys club that is the Senate and turn the tables on the White man.

What did the clueless Republicans do to warrant such abuse? They questioned Sonia Sotomayor’s commitment to colorblindness and non-discrimination. The ideals of the Civil Rights Movement aren’t good enough for the progressive Left anymore. In 2009, if you are White and don’t support massive racial preferences for non-Whites, outright racial discrimination against your own kith and kin, you can be branded and attacked as a “racist.”

Once again, the egalitarian mask so often worn by the Left is dropped here. Underneath the surface, David A. Love is nothing more than a racially conscious negro with a racial axe to grind. This guy is seething with hate of the White race. White Nationalists are familar with his type and know what he is about.

It should come as no surprise that Love sits on the editorial board of a website like, an explicitly racial publication, or that he operates a blog where he writes almost exclusively about race. In the world of progressive journalism, no one objects to black racial consciousness. When 96% of blacks vote for their a co-ethnic, no one makes any noise about racism. When blacks like David A. Love openly bid for non-White supremacy, they are syndicated, not slapped down.

Conservatives roll over and die. White Nationalists return fire. When it is our turn, David A. Love and his progressive friends won’t have the “good ol’ boys” to push around anymore.

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  1. “Conservatives roll over and die. White Nationalists return fire. When it is our turn, David A. Love and his progressive friends won’t have the “good ol’ boys” to push around anymore…”

    I long for this day. Godspeed, and may we not know mercy.

  2. Patriot Leadership Must Keep Things Simple, Concrete–ISOLATING The Jew
    (Apollonian, 24 Jul 09)

    This “racial” activity, never doubt, is just a huge DIVERSION–which covers the real (“ideologic”) conflict, Jew subjectivism vs. Western/Christian objectivity–parallel to Truth vs. lies theme as of Gosp. JOHN again. Thus note crucial object is Jews avoiding ISOLATION, this being purpose of Obama presidency, Obama and blacks attempting to make “racism” the issue, ISOLATING whites, striving to place whites on defensive.

    For note the Jew enemy crucially relies upon that sort of deception built upon confusion–esp. by means of complexity and ABSTRACTIONS covering for simplest CONCRETES. Patriot leaders do best by keeping things simple for the volk to understanding.

    “White nationalists” make big mistake if they allow and accede to this attempted isolation of whites. Rather, whites must promote and lead the Christian opposition for all gentiles, including even blacks–emphasizing Christianity–against the Jew World Order and ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies.

    Honest blacks and gentiles understand racial loyalty and separatism is only proper course in justice and truth.

    Most strategic manner then of attacking and isolating these infernal Jews is by attacking at the very weak-pt. to Judeo-conspiracy (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), the “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist nexus, JCs teaching that Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist).

    And of course, there’s something else at same time, even easier, simpler, and more CONCRETE (meaning verifiable by means of sense-perception) by which to appeal to the volk–of all/any races. And that appeal then is to simple fact ZOG-Mammon empire is built upon a basic, fundamental FRAUD, that of COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple. See,, and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud. Note EVEN CHILDREN understand COUNTERFEITING.

    CONCLUSION: Patriot leaders and Christian soldiers must see it’s now very late in proverbial “game,” and it’s necessary to TAKE INITIATIVE, overthrowing this mental strait-jacket imposed by Jew masterminds consisting of ABSTRACTIONS–like “capitalism,” etc.–which people have greatest difficulty handling for their simple minds. The Fed is simply a COUNTERFETING scam, once again, merely a putrid, crass criminal enterprise–and the sooner their bluff is called for the scam they’re running, the easier and better it will be for the people to overthrowing these criminals. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. “Conservatives roll over and die. White Nationalists return fire.”

    Awesome, well said. Spineless conservatives and n-whipped Republicans–time to get the f*ck out of the way.

    “Return fire”–literally, very soon, one hopes.

  4. One is truly stunned at the opprobrium belched out at the Republicans!

    They have gone full on neo-con and are still targeted for abuse!

    David Duke and recently deceased Jesse Helms are probably about the last of the Racialist Republicans (I consider Buchanan to be a ‘crypto-Racialist’ and they have been away from ‘the scene’ for a long time now… Progressives must be really worried that somehow, in someway Racialism may stage a come-back within the Republican Party, personally I find that to be utterly preposterous and this goes to show that it is in fact Progressives who are the ones really, really obsessed with Race!

    There guys are going to be in for a shock when the White Nationalist movement really starts growing to fill in the void!!! RETURN FIRE!

  5. The grave need is for some members of the diverse white American peoples (we don’t need more than 5%) to form themselves into defensive white political identity groups, and speak out of their white voices.

    The conservatives and neo-conservatives simply will not make sentences that begin, “As a member of the white American peoples, I reject this campaign of vilification….” These senators always try (a) to triangulate, (b) to speak with a voice of egalitarianism, appeals to ancient 1960s & 1970s rhetoric which was never believed by the Hard Left or the Racial Left at all, and (c) to base their claims on phony universal tropes.

    If they would just get it that they have been branded as speaking out of their demography, and just do it, we’d all be a lot better off. They’ve already endured the punishment, why not commit the “crime”? And the answer to that question is, they just don’t know how to speak out of their white voice.

  6. More unconstitutional drivel from that “bastion of civil rights.” Apparently, Free Speech is not one of those rights. What a hate-filled, deranged letter. The Jewish are such a hysterical, nervous, high-strung people. I’ve noticed that a long time ago when David Irving posted one of my letters on his Web site where I just congratulated him for his very good book. Nothing more. You should see the crazed letter I got from this psycho Jew. These people are completely bonkers.

    Southern Poverty Law Center
    July 24, 2009

    Dear Friend,

    Lou Dobbs is at it again.

    We’ve told you about how the CNN host has used his platform to spread hateful propaganda that demonizes Latinos.

    Now, Dobbs is supporting the bizarre claims of so-called “birthers” who insist that President Obama isn’t really a citizen of the United States and that his presidency, therefore, is not legitimate.

    The truth about Obama’s birth in Hawaii is not in dispute. It has been verified by many reputable journalists, including CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who called the claims “a joke,” and even a reporter on Dobbs’ own show.. Yet Dobbs continues to fan the flames.

    It’s important to note that this conspiracy theory was concocted by an anti-Semite and circulated by racist extremists who cannot accept the fact that a black man has been elected president. Among those who helped disseminate the lie was the neo-Nazi who killed a security guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in June.

    Respectable news organizations should not be peddling propaganda that supports the agenda of radical extremists who are only interested in stirring up hate and fomenting violence. But Dobbs continues to do just that. And it’s irresponsible for CNN to let him continue trading in falsehoods.

    Enough is enough. Today, I’ve written to the president of CNN urging that Dobbs be removed from the air.

    I encourage you to contact CNN yourself. If enough of us speak up, the network will listen.

    Thank you for standing strong against hate.

    Richard Cohen

  7. It’s really starting to irritate me, with how these leading Jews want everybody who remotely agrees with us (on immigration) off the air. The leading Jews are trying to get a mainstream (and actually race-neutral) Patrick Buchanan off the air. And they also want to pull Lou Dobbs off the air, even though he is anything but “racist.” They only want neocons and people who agree with them on immigration to keep their jobs.

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