It’s not exactly a secret around here that I dislike Guy White. Until now, I haven’t been able to put my finger on the exact reason. It wasn’t his philo-Semitism; I’ve put up with much worse from the Iceman. It wasn’t necessarily his attacks on White Nationalism; I still rather like Robert Lindsay. I don’t even think it is his mediocore writing ability; I’ve read more hackneyed blogs.

You know, I think what really irritates me about Guy White is that he sounds so much like another G.W., not the esteemed GuessedWorker of Majority Rights, but our former president. He is a daily reminder of the patriotarded who stalk the pro-White blogosphere and their drool cup rightwing neoconservatism. To borrow a phrase from Tom Fleming, these poltroons must be prevented from infecting our discourse.


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  1. These Patriotards are going to be in for a big surprise when the Collapse and Conflict that Thomas W. Chittum predicted comes to pass….

  2. “It wasn’t his philo-Semitism; I’ve put up with much worse from the Iceman. …”

    Iceman is at least dignified and respectful in his disagreements with us!

    Philo-semitic or not, he at least has the courage and the integrity, as does Hoberto Lindsay, to come here and openly debate and dialogue with us,

    …unlike that passive-aggresive little punani “Guy Wimp”!

  3. Ok it time to break-down Guy-Winos post”

    “2. American patriotism is laughable, but German patriotism circa 1939 is a shining example to humanity.”

    America is clearly one of the worst Countries to have ever existed! It has engaged in two World Wars which have helped to place the White Race in its current predicament.

    An American Patriot today must believe in ‘Diversity’, that Mexicans who are about to receieve amnesty have ‘family values’ similar to Whites and must also bow before a Magic Negro in the office of President!

    “3. You think America was the bad guy during WWII.”

    No, probably the USSR and Great Britain were probably worse, but America ranks right up there.

    “4. You think the world should have continued to trust Hitler’s word even after he attacked Poland even though it was obvious that he lied when he promised to stop his expansion after taking over Austria, Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia.”

    Uh ok then why is it ok for the USSR to take over the OTHER HALF of Poland?!?!?! Also why is it so bad for Germany to want some territory – Great Britain at this time had a MASSIVE EMPIRE… Why it is ok for Brits to occupy India and Pakistan (which didn’t exist yet, but is a rather large area anyhow) but it is wrong for Germany to occupy a tiny sliver of land… half of Poland?!?! Germany isn’t exactly the largest nation on Earth either, it is the size of Washington State and Oregon combined.. it would make sense to want it to become larger.

    “5. You can’t think of one issue on any topic – economy, military, entertainment, health – that isn’t the fault, in whole or in large part, of the Jews who harmed you on purpose.”

    Economy – Madoff

    Military – Neocons

    Entertainment – That Sprite commercial Prozium linked to recently made by a Jew.

    Health – So much money going to Israel can afford Universal Care

    That was easy.

    “6. You think Hitler was a great artist, but Einstein was barely a scientist.”

    It is pretty well known that Einstein was a plagiarist ( http://www.rense.com/general40/einstein.htm)

    “7. The rise of Hitler was good for the white race and it would’ve been better had he won and remained in power.”

    There is little doubt in my mind that if Stalingrad had turned the other way we would probably be living something akin to Francis Parker Yockeys Imperium right now! Ah to dream.

    “8. National Socialism was discredited by scheming Jews, not the Nazis’ actions.”

    Been to an American Movie Theatre lately????

    “9. SS treated Jews better in Auschwitz than Americans treated German soldiers in POW camps. (Direct quote from Yahoo’s AR List.)”

    Based on my reading of Historical Revisionist Material, yes I do believe that. The Jew Morgenthau had a plan to destroy the German people for crying out loud, General Patton got wind of it and tried to stop it and that is why they assassinated him!!

    “14. You think Jews harmed Hitler and Nazi Germany rather than the opposite.”

    Undoubtably true and also recall that Hitler was democratically elected… a large number of actual Germans at the time thought the same thing… you Guy-Wino are a partrio-tard.. is not democracy the best, greated, most Americanist idea ever??

    How do you square this circle?!?!?

    Guy-Wino better get back to his bottle! Laugh out loud.

  4. >>Kulaks Never Learn: “[a]s does Hoberto Lindsay, to come here and openly debate and dialogue with us,”

    Q: I’ve picked up a few pointers from Lindsey that I acually employ when trying to convert prospective lemmings over to race-realism. For example, RL said this:

    >>RL:”Speaking for my [Robert Lindsey] position, when I talk to regular California Whites around here, one thing that really resounds hard with them is when I hammer on 3 themes:
    – Discrimination against Whites.
    – Hate crimes against Whites.
    – Hate propaganda against Whites”

    Q: Those are the sort of subjects that get the attention and resonate well with average workaday whites.

  5. It’s Only Natural And Healthy To Resent Extreme Subjectivism, Talmudism, And Lying
    (Apollonian, 27 Jul 09)

    As I’ve noted, “Guy Whine” is most probably simply a crypto-Jew, hence a consummate liar and psychopath, who attracts or fascinates not only Jews themselves who imagine and pretend they’re “conservative,” but new non-Jew people moving fm conventional “conservatism”–which is Jew-dominated, never doubt–to more outright white and Christian patriotism. Jews and “Guy Whine” want to pretend Jews are “white”–which then makes all mestizos and mulattoes white too. So naturally real white people and non-liars have a slight problem w. dear Guy.

    For there’s the problem, the abstraction, “white,” abstractions always requiring definitions, Jews always looking to take advantage of any opportunity for any possible confusion. And don’t forget–Jews always start w. themselves for Jew mental programming/conditioning. If Jews are willing to lie to themselves–well hey, they don’t see a problem pushing such lies on gentiles–why should they?

    Steady blogging and dialectic w. these Jew-like creatures (subjectivists, including many gentiles, never doubt) should eventually teach the earnest student what consummate SUBJECTIVISTS Jews are–reality is what they say it is, u see, there being no substantial objectivity.

    For subjectivism is essence of Talmud, never doubt, the Talmud definitive filter for Jew regarding “Torah” and all reality, beginning w. Mishnah, Mishnah interpretation then to be filtered further by Gemara (for an “interpretation” of the interpretation, seriously)–purest subjectivism whereby Torah (or anything) means only what Jews say it means, all for the good of Jews. See RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo. Reality, hence truth, is “flexible,” u see, for the Jew, and the more learned the Jew, the more flexible is such reality.

    Thus the objective-subjective dichotomy is simply best analyzed by reference to Aristotle and Plato, Jews understood then as extreme Platonists who reify “good” so that this “good” then actually trumps the objective reality itself–as we see presently through influence of ultimate moralist, Immanuel Kant, for foremost example.

    But now as intellect is most sublimely epitomized by means of aesthetics, we see the cultural dichotomy best summarized as Jew vs. Christian, this then best understood and analyzed in New Testament (NT) Gosp. JOHN, Truth vs. Jew lies and conspiracy dichotomy.

    So as one understands Jews–and those gentile subjectivists who defend and relate w. them–one understands Jews as liars and monsters who thrive like a plague during the CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler–when gentiles have become far too over-populated, too many being willing tools of the rampant, general cultural hubris, thus Jew liars, criminals, and esp. counterfeiters, as we see presently (see RealityZone.com, TheMoneyMasters.com, and JudenFrei.org for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), these counterfeiters, a crass bunch of criminals, then actually ruling the entire culture.

    Never doubt there’s distinct philosophy to sheer criminality–subjectivism. Jews then are most sublimely organized collectivists, thus most dominant criminals–no wonder they rule.

    So when “Guy Whine” warns us “comments will be blocked,” u see confirmed thereby the imposition of subjectivistic reality Jews fascistically (for criminals are fascists by definition) and typically require–and it’s always done upon excuse of “MORALITY,” the Kantian/Talmudic premise by which Jews re-construct that otherwise objective (“God-given,” according to Christians) reality.

    CONCLUSION: So it isn’t any mystery any gentile of Western or Christian mentality would be irked and offended by “Guy Whine”–as it is natural to resent and recoil fm such psychopathology and extreme subjectivism, subjectivism the foundation of Jew lies, never doubt. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  6. From Guy White’s You Know You Are a Nazi If…:

    13. You think that the people in this picture aren’t white.

    What a wonderful illustration of the fundamental falsehood upon which pro-jew faux-White advocacy is premised: that Whites and jews are physically indistinguishable, even though we aren’t, and that at any rate it’s morally and ethically unacceptable for Whites to distinguish ourselves from jews in any way, but normal and healthy for jews to distinguish themselves from non-jews.

    If Guy White identifies with the jewish ethnonationalists in that picture then he should move to israel to be with his people. If they’ll have him. Some quite clearly distinguish themselves biologically. Shas min.: Reform conversions will prompt influx of Palestinians to Israel – Haaretz:

    The religious parties in the Knesset are demanding that the government amend the law to make the Chief Rabbinate the only body authorized to deal with matters of conversion in Israel.

    Interior Minister Eli Yishai, chairman of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, warned that if non-Orthodox conversion is recognized in Israel, “there are hundreds of foreign workers and Palestinians who will take advantage of the Reform conversion in order to gain Israeli citizenship.”

    . . .

    Minister of Religious Affairs Margi said that “the Supreme Court is forcing all those who preserve the Jewish halakha and Jewish identity into maintaining genealogical registers, which is causing friction within the nation.”

    Others obviously don’t find Guy’s broad notion of whiteness good enough. Lieberman’s party to seek cabinet okay for loyalty oath – Haaretz:

    Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu party plans to propose controversial legislation requiring citizens to swear loyalty to the state, a party spokesman said on Monday.

    . . .

    The proposal was a key part of Yisrael Beiteinu’s campaign in February’s general election, in which it grew to Israel’s third largest political party.

    . . .

    Party spokesman Tal Nahum said the measure would require all Israelis to declare loyalty “to the state of Israel as a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state” before they can be issued a national identity document. The law requires all Israeli residents over 16 carry their identity cards at all times.

    The thinking of Ze’ev Jabotinsky looms large in the minds of most everyone in that picture. Jabotinsky had no problem distinguishing jews from the Europeans they had lived amongst for generations, and he did so before the “Nazi” boogeyman existed.

  7. I have more simple reason. You don’t like him because he despises you and calls you names.

  8. You might have a point about the flag waving but he isn’t nearly bad enough to warrant a full fledged assault imo.

  9. The vast paranoid theatre of perverts like Guy White never ceases to amaze. The endless Nazi obsession and the mainstream media’s sickening impossible “holocaust” fantasies only crystallizes the righteousness and purity of the heroic German Revolution. That Whites, on their native soil, demand economic protectionism and the throwing off of unproductive and parasitic alien Jewish corruption invokes such excessive emotionalism in angry, bitter Americans is shocking when considering the economic and social decay of today.

    Only a certifiable lunatic would defend the outcome of the worst war European Man ever witnessed. Is the world a better place anywhere? Germans today, along with much of the world, are still an occupied people! GW just loves an American occupied country! Great. The events of that horrible war are precisely what ushered in mass colored migration into formally majority white countries which are now, as a result, riddled with violent crime. The policies of poverty systematic in the vast, American supported, international institutions – the IMF, the UN and the World Bank, have done more to destroy the white race than the socialist Germans, who were for Germany, could have ever even conceived. It was a war fought directly against “protectionist” economies and national socialism. It was a war fought and won to export craft, production and industry in favor of cheap and unfair trade policies and has already left millions upon millions of Americans homeless and impoverished. It ushered in the new tribalism of the academic establishment which Robert passionately personifies so beautifully. This is the animalistic world view which reduces white mans existence to a jungle theme where the eccentric, individual White genius ceases to exist in favor of a totally false egalitarianism. It has been a total and utter assault on the spiritual life of whites where art and music, which is the hallmark of our genius have been thoroughly debased and reduced to bling and merchandise. This ugly egalitarianism has even assaulted our living space where monotonously block after block, mile after mile, pushing away the fresh air of the country and open space along the beaches are miles of appallingly alike big houses that offer no surprises differing only in gargantuan unimaginative ugliness and the mindless repetition of a few simple and uninteresting architectural elements. Where out of slave labor in China come hideous metal gates and uniform windows and garages . Is there anything more arid more repellent or more dead then the suburban California landscape? Only the Artic in winter is more dead and arid. There must have been a vast conspiracy to make gorgeous California one of the most ugliest, hideous places on planet earth? It is a pity that men and women have been forced to live and work in an atmosphere that forces them to abandon all natural reality and joy. The assault that has taken place to the California landscape over the past three decades boggles the mind and totally brutalizes the senses.

    Whites who simply express concern over the ugliness and obvious economic corruption created disproportionately by Jews and a system impoverishing Whites side by side with White race replacement everywhere are always met with the most bizarre paranoia invoking ghosts of Hitler, fantasies of “fighting Nazi’s” and communism and fascism all at the same time. There is no outlet for the political concerns for whites for even legitimate job protection. There certainly is no understanding of Socialism or Nationhood, Sovereignty or even common good or ground. I find it hard to see any future for whites in America.

    Guy White in all of his glorifying death and violence and empty platitudes of patriotism displays little awareness for the need for fundamental and revolutionary economic and political change.

    The Millions upon millions of forgotten Germans have no memorials despite the fact that they are genetically related to most white Americans and the greatest civil engineers that literally built America were of German descent!

    The insanity caused by this patricide expresses itself clearly enough.

  10. I still check GW site but only to get a good laugh. His site serves more as comedy relief than an outlet for serious political discourse. He’s called everyone except for his own parents knatsees over the last several days. I think Prozium really played with his head.

    He’s practicallly banning everyone from his site that doesn’t recite the Israeli national anthem.

  11. it’s morally and ethically unacceptable for Whites to distinguish ourselves from jews in any way, but normal and healthy for jews to distinguish themselves from non-jews (—Tanstaafl)

    I think this double standard has now been extended to all non-whites. They have a right to be different from us, whereas we don’t have a right to be different from them.

    It is always fun to remind the Jews that they are no more white and no closer to us than a Somali immigrant who arrived last week. Somalis and Jews are undistinguishable members of the proposition nation. Nothing to do with race. And the Jews cannot argue otherwise without giving up their usual rhetoric (ha-ha!). If the Jews insist that Somali immigrants are the same as us, how can they argue that the Jews are even more the same as us as the Somalis are?

    In any case, I think that Europeans really get on better with Chinese people (who are definitely not white) than with Jews. At least, I suppose so (I don’t know any Jewish or Chinese person personally).

    If Guy White identifies with the jewish ethnonationalists in that picture then he should move to israel to be with his people. If they’ll have him.

    Zionist Jews who openly recognize the importance of race should not call themselves Europeans. Jews who insist that race does not exist or is irrelevant should not insist on their European identity either. In either case, Guy White doesn’t have to make a point that the Jews are white. He should let them provide their own explanations.

  12. “He’s practicallly banning everyone from his site that doesn’t recite the Israeli national anthem. ”

    Uh oh, Guy Wino is heading towards ‘White America’ Jobling-esque obscurity now for sure! It is quite in there… is that a cricket chirping, laugh out loud!

  13. It wasn’t his philo-Semitism; I’ve put up with much worse from the Iceman.

    I think the difference is that I am “philosemitic” in a very anti-establishment way and GW is more pro-establishment.

  14. These statistics are all over the map across different societies at different points in their history. The tame Nordics of Scandinavia were once the ferocious Vikings

    Maybe saying even the stupidest shit imaginable just to make a point is your schtick to get eyeballs or something, but I find it repellant.

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