Cornpone Nazism

James Howard Kunstler’s paranoia about ordinary White folks is segueing over into his writing again. In the latest example, he trembles at the thought that a growing number of unemployed and disentitled Whites might turn against “the Jews” and “brown-skinned people” over the financial swindles of Goldman Sachs. Last week, he peered into the soul of Sarah Palin and discerned that she represented “Naziism US style.” Dire warnings about the cornpone Nazis of the future have been a staple of Kunstler’s writing for over a year now.

In this dark scenario, the dispossessed White middle class of the United States turns against the Obama administration and elects a rightwing fundamentalist who promises to restore the happy motoring way of life in the wake of a Peak Oil economic collapse. Underneath the surface of consumerism, Kunstler detects a growing barbarization of American life, which is best symbolized by the expressivist non-conformists who disfigure their bodies with tattoos and piercings. According to this Mad Max line of reasoning, strip White Americans of their suburban homes, SUVs, air conditioners and TV dinners and they will lash out like drug addicts desperate for their next fix.

There is a congruence with White Nationalist thinking here. Racialists have long suspected that materialism is to blame for White political apathy. Whites have insulated themselves from America’s racial degeneration in a number of ways: through the suburban living arrangement which minimizes their interaction with “diversity,” through gated communities and expensive home security systems that deter non-White crime, through harsh drug laws which funnel young blacks into the penal system, through racial preferences and other types of extortion which pacify the non-White underclass at a price.

It is too easy for the White middle class to live the quiet life in suburbia and forget about the type of country they are leaving behind to their descendants. As individualists, they are not inclined to think much about the future or the world beyond their own immediate circle of family and friends. Embracing White racial consciousness comes at too high a social price under the prevailing cultural norms. There are no selfish incentives to do so. This is the fundamental reason why White Nationalists have spent decades dreaming of a general social and economic collapse. A revival of White racial consciousness would seem to require extreme conditions like a peak in world petroleum production.

Ultimately, I think James Howard Kunstler’s fear and loathing of Whites has little to do with Peak Oil. It is a common Jewish trait to see Nazism always lurking beyond the corner: in conservative Christians, in segregationists in places like Mississippi, in rank and file GOP voters. This inspires the seemingly endless waves of Jewish cultural critique and political action that generate anti-Semitism in places where it didn’t exist before. If “cornpone Nazism” ever becomes a political reality in the United States, it will hatch first in the Jewish imagination.

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  1. Henry,

    Having a hard time following you here, do you mean more like ’sub-racial’ differences betwixt the infamous Nords, Alpinids, and Meds or something else.

    First this: multiracialism and miscegenation aren’t new; they’re as old civilization itself. When differing peoples first began to congregate in the same cities and towns (slavery, if nothing else) some people must have noticed the differences and considered them important enough a reason to exclude the foreigners (“racism”) while others, particularly after a gestation period in which the foreigners had acculturated and some miscegenation had occurred, would have argued for their inclusion.

    This reasoning applies to racial differences per se, not just the “intrawhite” stuff. How much difference is sufficient to warrant yielding to it rather than attempting to overcome it (via inclusivist argument and policy) is not an easy question to answer — certainly there are no easy set of rules we can refer to. You should note that historically I’m not aware of any instance of the exclusionists having won; they’ve always lost (no Jews necessary, either).

    My problem with “standard WN” is that it only justifies itself with negative reasons, which amount to “because non-whites suck.” But that invites the greatest amount of opposition. Please read through this thread — despite the massive effort employed to get the 1924 act passed there was nothing like a similar effort to made to separate (either partition or repatriation). If the excluding group has always failed, then it requires cooperation from groups selected for exclusion. But this, in turn, requires positive reasons for separation — educating people on what separation can do for them. I won’t go into those reasons now, suffice it to say that providing them is the reason I began my blog — posts up until now have merely attempted to lay some groundwork.


    Internationalists go at each other’s throat too.

    Stalin vs Trotsky.

    Bush vs. Obama.

    We can end violence by being progressive, not by being more internationalistic.

    Firstly, internationalism isn’t the only alternative to nationalism.

    Responding to your point, internationalist intellectuals are at each others throats, not “the people.” In contrast, nationalism encourages people to hate each other and to bay for blood with which to redress past wrongs. Come on, can you seriously see Polish and German nationalists working together?

  2. Silver:”Come on, can you seriously see Polish and German nationalists working together?”

    Yes, they did and still do.

    After the launch of Operation Barbarossa the German and Polish nationalists worked together to round up troublesome elements in Poland like communists (who were often Jews, of course), criminals, anarchists, rip-off artists, internationalists, and other traitorous scum.

    Of course the Poles eventually turned on the Germans though when the tide of the war turned – they ended up expelling all Germans from ‘Polish territory’ (in reality Eastern Germany) once the USSR had moved in to Eastern Germany and ended up winning the war.

    In recent decades though many Polish and German nationalists have worked closely together on many issues, especially economic development.

  3. They can work together if they aren’t a bunch of keyboard commandos imitating past regimes of Stalin and Hitler and are looking to the future. Not in a white nationalist sense but in a pan-nationalist sense.

  4. Iceman:”Not in a white nationalist sense but in a pan-nationalist sense.”

    What about pan-White nationalism? That’s exactly the macro political set-up which I espouse, and it’s definitely a workable sociopolitical philosophy, i.e. each specific White ethnic group/White nation controls their own destiny within their own border(s), but Whites as a whole closely cooperate transnationally in a ‘pan-White’ sense.

    We could even start organizations such as the ‘Pan-White Congress’ and/or the ‘United White Nations’ to better facilitate White cooperation and White cohesion, and to form various policies that would benefit Whites worldwide in terms of macroeconomics, White agricultural and ecological/environmental issues, non-White mass-immigration, solving the Jewish Problem, and so forth.

  5. Why limit it to whites? I’m not against say Irish nationalists collaborating with Japanese Nationalists if the right leaders are in power.

  6. Iceman:”Why limit it to whites?”

    Iceman – in a utopian world it wouldn’t be limited to Whites, but we are very far from living in an ideal utopian world – as such we must remain brutally objective and realistic. All of the various racial/ethnic groups around the world haven’t started breeding with each other indiscriminately, holding hands, and singing ‘Kumbaya’ as of yet, and that scenario obviously isn’t likely to play out any time soon – thus we must move forward with those obvious facts at the forefront of our minds.

    All humans naturally and healthily prefer their ‘own kind’ to their ‘non-kind’ because they are much more closely related to them, of course. Every major race is composed of a bunch of ethnic groups that are all quite closely related to each other, distant cousins so to speak – thus Whites prefer Whites, Asians prefer Asians, Blacks prefer Blacks, and amongst Semites the Jews prefer other Jews, the Arabs prefer other Arabs, etc. Within each major race each racial-specific ethnic groups prefers their own too, for instance, the Germans prefer other Germans over Poles, the Japanese prefer other Japanese over Chinese, the Yoruba prefer other Yoruba over Igbo, the Sephardim prefer their fellow Sephardim over the Ashkenazim, the Iraqi Sunni Arab prefers other Iraqi Sunni Arabs over the Iraqi Shiite Arabs, etc. That’s the proven facts of “ethnic genetic interests” and “genetic similarity” – things just run much more smoothly when people interact closely with their own kind. Silver has written a lot about these obvious facts, and eloquently I might add.

    Because here and now at the beginning of the 21st Century Whites are increasingly in danger of being swamped by billions of non-Whites and having some of their societies wrecked by their own misplaced sympathies as well as hostile anti-White Jews, I say that Whites should band much more closely together in a macro-racial sense under ‘pan-White nationalism’ whilst still maintaining our specifically unique White ethnic groups (local White nationalism). ‘Pan-White cooperationism’ and/or ‘Pan-White collectivism’ are also similar terms which accurately express what I am referring to.

  7. ” You should note that historically I’m not aware of any instance of the exclusionists having won; they’ve always lost (no Jews necessary, either).”

    Modern Japan and Israel would serve as examples of successful Exclusionist States!!!

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