Revealing Hate

Here’s the YouTube trailer of Revealing Hate, which I stumbled upon at The Nation, an upcoming liberal cartoon documentary about the “white supremacist world.” The film is nothing but a collection of liberal stereotypes about White Nationalists: we’re all clownish Neo-Nazis, KKK members burning crosses in cow pastures, tattooed underclass white trash, skinheads, militia nuts and terrorists, etc.

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  1. McVeigh and imagery of the OKC bomb are often hyped in anti-White screeds like this. It’s a fingerprint of ADL/SPLC involvement.

    It is far easier to gather imagery of the widespread destruction, big and small, wrought by mass immigration and multiracialism. The fact is, anyone who lives anywhere near a moderate-sized, vibrant city, can see firsthand the overwhelming mess we have to be brainwashed to celebrate.

    They falsely blame it all on Whites. They’re telling us why: they hate us. They disingenuously focus on skinheads and neo-nazis. The truth is they don’t like deracinated Joe or Jane Sixpack either.

  2. Funny that they actually include Hal Turner the FBI informant in the beginning of that clip as “evidence” of hate.

  3. In the meantime, here’s a real hate crime:

    Barry’s new and improved Amerikwa. A place where Whites get the shit beat out of them by savage Negroes while other savage Negroes wildly applaud and cheer on. But, as Holder said, it’s not a hate crime. It’s only a hate crime when his group is on the receiving end of racial violence. Aah, the joys of living in a diverse kinda place. Multiculturalism is a gift that never stops on giving.

  4. My school was just like that. Although they never messed with me because they knew better.

    Most of the fights like that were between blacks, and it was often two black girls fighting over some guy.

    When whites go to a significantly black or majority black school, they better know how to defend themselves. Blacks prey on the weak.

    That white kid could have easily defended himself. Once you do that you will usually earn their respect.

  5. Calvin Williams was a short black bully who had it in for me at my predominantly black middle school in Seattle. In those days they were called junior high schools. They went from grade 7-9. We had 17 year old blacks still in the 9th grade and 18 year olds (some already in the army) coming onto the grounds to hustle the 15 year old girls. This was before metal detectors and beat cops were assigned to city schools. Everyday you had to run a gauntlet to get to your classes. There were also regular shakedowns in the lunchroom for money and desserts. We had these Japanese overachievers whom I don’t remember ever getting bothered and funny sarcastic Jews the blacks mistook for white. My parents decided I wasn’t learning anything in that monkey house so they pulled me out and put me in an all male prep school that turned out to be too academically rigorous for me to keep up with because I had no study skills coming in. Anyway, on the last day at that school, knowing I’d I never be back, I flipped Calvin Williams the bird out of a friend’s car window with impunity as we sped by him on the sidewalk loping home.

  6. “There are blacks in Seattle?”

    Yes there are (I lived in Seattle for a year once). They are just like blacks everywhere else, get enough of them together and there will be a ‘wilding’

    New Nation News has a whole page dedicated to the black mardi gras riots, which for awhile were becoming a yearly tradition! Link:

    Negroes were mostly brought up here to work in ship-building jobs during World War 2 (there are alot of blacks in Portland Oregon, where I was born, as well and they were brought for same reason. They have their own part of town – Northeast Portland) so their dusky presence is just another thing one can thank Franklin Delano ROSENFELD for.

  7. In fact, they don’t attack you degree holding, cab sauv sipping faggots and never will.

    You have to defend the tattooed white trash to defend yourselves.

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