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Until this morning, I had never bothered to visit Little Green Footballs, a worthless neocon website by reputation. I had only heard about Lawrence Auster, Robert Stacy McCain, Robert Spencer and other conservative bloggers having furious exchanges with the drool cup moron Charles Johnson. I assumed that LGF would be full of vapid conservative chatter (a la Free Republic) over the big tea party protest in Washington, DC.

Guess again. Charles Johnson seems to have transformed Little Green Footballs into a full time anti-racist, anti-fascist site. The entire frontpage is devoted to defending the Obama administration and Inquisition attacks on various “racists,” “fascists,” and “white supremacists” on the conservative right. Hell, Powerline isn’t even exempt from the vitriol over there. LGF makes Mark Potok and Leonard Zeskind look “fair and balanced” by comparison.

Personally, I hope Charles Johnson keeps up the good work. I’m cheering him on. He’s drawing attention to White Nationalism. Apparently, he wants to cast millions of ordinary conservatives out of the mainstream.  They’re not anti-racist enough for his tastes.

That’s fine by me. Radicalizing the banals only furthers our agenda.

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  1. Charles Johnson is a doltish variety of Christopher Hitchens: extreme radical left-wing fringe who is also rabidly anti-Moslem, but only anti the Moslem religion, strictly nothing to do with race. If you dropped Hitchens’s IQ about 40 points, making him into a dolt, and took away his veneer of politeness, turning him into a complete and utter boor, that’s Charles Johnson.

  2. “If you dropped Hitchens’s IQ about 40 points, making him into a dolt, and took away his veneer of Oxbridge-style politeness or polish, turning him into a complete and utter boor, that’s Charles Johnson.” ( — my comment)

    If you did all that and, I omitted to add, left the trademark Hitchens political orientation the same. Do all that, leaving the political orientation the same, and voilà! It’s Charles Johnson! — a complete dolt and boor who is on the extreme way-out-there radical left-wing looney-toon fringe, who’s also rabidly against Islam, foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of the word.

  3. This is what is in store for the “nationalist” parties of Europe. From NeoKhan (rightist, in their lingo) to full fledged anti-white politics. It can be nothing less with jews in your midst. Something to do with Frog and Scorpion syndrome.

  4. Johnson was never conservative. He was pro-war and against “Islamism”. Spencer would never describe himself that way, sounds like someone was just currying favor with Commisar Charles.

  5. “Richard Spencer of Takimag goes around telling people he is a White Nationalist.”

    LOL! Spencer is Gottfried’s lisping punk. Several times I eviscerated Spencer’s articles at Toilet Mag and Gottfried swooped in to do damage control. Pathetic.

  6. Charles Johnston isn’t a conservative, he is an anti-Muslim liberal.
    It’s bizarre that an individual with so little talent who has nothing to say built a huge cult-like following.

    One of the strangest things about the Iraq war was how so many ordinary conservatives turned support for it into the defining issue of conservatism, embracing anyone who supported it and shunning anyone who opposed it, regardless of other considerations.

  7. I visited L.G.F. only once. I saw people celebrating the mass bombing of Germany during W.W. II…post after post after post. That was enough for me to realize what type of a place it was.

  8. It also displays their hypocrisy. The fringe “anti-racists” are against genocide only when it suits them!

    I am an American, and I consider the excessive bombing of population centers (in WW2) to be a War Crime. The unnecessary murder of millions of German civilians is an abomination!

    Yet, the Far-Left’s celebration of this should hopefully wake up some naiive followers.

  9. Charles Johnson is one of those mugged liberals after 9/11 who has gradually forgotten that he was in fact mugged. His audience, largely conservatives, indoctrinated themselves into being a cultlike following while he was in full I-hate-Islam mode and has kept following him as he drifts back into radical leftism. Apparently they can’t think for themselves.

  10. I was watching Fox news a few days ago with these dumb fake blond bimbos Fox specializes in. O’Reilly was talking about Hitler and one of the bimbos deplored the anti-AIDS commercial in Germany because it featured Hitler. All she said is that that commercial was bad because it was using Hitler and “Hitler killed 6 million Jews.” I continue to be amazed at the incredible P.R. success of Jews. Pure marketing genius. Of everything that had happened in that conflict with its 60 + million dead, all that’s remembers today is that Hitler killed 6 million Jews.

  11. With the Iraq war winding down and the war on terror on hiatus philo-semitic errand boys like Johnson need to do something to cater to their jew masters, and promoting the anti-white agenda is an old standby. Jewry has never faulted a white for hating his own people.

  12. “Charles Johnston isn’t a conservative, he is an anti-Muslim liberal.”

    Yes, that’s why I don’t read him. He’s had a long-standing feud with the folks at Gates of Vienna, to their credit. He’s pretty much irrelevant now. Still, it makes you wonder, who or what is funding his site? What exactly motivate$ him?

  13. The Cap’n should find this amusing:

    mph on September 15, 2009 10:51 pm Re: Reggie

    I’m still laughing at your original post, defending RSM’s revulsion at interracial marriage as perfectly normal behavior.

    As for Richard Spencer, Taki Magazine’s editor — he told me to my face that he was a proud white nationalist — and of course a good friend to the Lew Rockwell/Ron Paul crew.

  14. “how does someone with no knowledge or talent accumulate such a large audience?” ( — Prozium)

    How did Bush get elected in 2004?

    To paraphrase PT Barnum, “There’s a conservative born every minute.”

    Plus the fact that Jews absolutely ADORE Little Green Footballs so every Jew with a keyboard logs on at least once a day.

    Then there are Europe’s keyboard “conservatives” who see only the Islamic religion as a problem and nothing else, not race, not Sub-Saharans swarming into their countries “dating” and impregnating literally every unwed native female between ages 13 and 30 so that one-hundred percent of schoolchildren in every capital city in Europe are now mulatto with no end in sight, Europe’s keyboard “right-wingers” who worship the aggressively aracialist antifa Islam haters like Fjordman and Conservaive Swede and kiss the ground Flemming Rose walks on — all these types are in a permanent major swoon over Charles Johnson and log onto Little Green Charles Johnson Turds several times a day, I suspect.

  15. [i]how does someone with no knowledge or talent accumulate such a large audience?[/i]

    Have you forgotten who runs the media? If someone serves the jew agenda, especially if they’re not obviously jewish or connected to jewish organizations, the media jews will give them all the free promotion they could ever want. That’s why Free Republic and Little Green Footballs are mentioned in mainstream news stories but Vdare and Amren are rarely mentioned and VNN and your site never are.

    LGF provided invaluable service to the neocons when they helped take down Dan Rather, who made the mistake of promoting bogus documents that went against the jew war agenda. That was his Drudge/Monica Lewinsky moment.

  16. “He insisted that Japan return to a balance of the arts and the martial spirit, to what, again referring to Jung, would be called individuation, in allowing the repressed Shadow archetype to reassert itself. Mishima was himself that synthesis of the scholar and the warrior, who rejected pure intellectualism and theory in favour of action.

    His interest in the Hellenic classics took him to Greece. He wrote that, “In Greece there had been however an equilibrium between the physical body and intelligence, soma and sophia…” He discovered a “Will towards Health”, an adaptation of Nietzsche’s “Will to Power”, and he was to become almost as noted as a body builder as he was a writer. In 1966 Mishima wrote; “The goal of my life was to acquire all the various attributes of the warrior.”

    His ethos was that of the Samurai Bunburyodo-ihe way of literature (Bun) and the Sword (Bu), which he sought to cultivate in equal’ measure, a blend of “art and action”.

    I agree with this philosophy.

    That’s the problem with conservatives, they have no warrior spirit.

  17. Plus the fact that Jews absolutely ADORE Little Green Footballs so every Jew with a keyboard logs on at least once a day.

    Never more evident than when anything involving Catholics vs Muslims (like the Pope’s comments) is posted. The commentariat would seem strangely subdued whenever it came time to defend Christians (Catholics, in particular) qua Christians. Anything attacking Christians, of course, was perfectly permissible. Jihadwatch was better. You could even sneak in complaints about Jewish anti-Christianity but I hear that has all been done away with.

  18. Even 5 years ago LGF’s hatred towards Muslim fundamentalists was exceeded only by its hatred of Europeans. Fjordman should have picked up on that long before he got the heave-ho.

  19. Matra, European “Conservatives” of the kind who hang around the “anti-Jihad” blogosphere are generally self-haters who idolize and idealize the USA. These people don’t really represent the views of the European center-right political parties or the “far-right” Nationalists in their own countries. They are an internet only phenomenon.

  20. ATBOTL, post #30, makes good points about a certain kind of Conservative-Swede/Fjordman/Paul Belien type of European who joins Jews like Flemming Rose in seeing Islam as the sole problem and race as of less than zero concern. Under the circumstances prevailing in 1830 maybe the Corn Laws were the issue, or in 1860 maybe Prussian-Austrian rivalry was, or in 1890 maybe the state of symphonic music was the issue, or in 1910 maybe Anglo-German rivalry was. Today Euroman stands face to face with his own race-death. Race is the issue. Not the Corn Laws, not the state of symphonic music, not economics, not culture, not anti-Jihad, not Islam. Also (with all due respect to James Kalb), not “liberalism.” When you put it like this, some on our side always pipe up with, “culture matters as much as race.” That’s like a doctor saying, “Nurse, physical therapy is as important for this patient as keeping him alive. If his heart stops, flip a coin to decide whether to apply the paddles to his chest or send him down for his physical therapy session.” Life comes before physical therapy. Race comes before culture. In a love letter, Napoleon wrote to Josephine (or was it to Hortense? I forget), “I put you on one side, and everyone else in the world on the other.” Those who see race and assign to it its proper weight are on one side and everyone else in the world on the other.

  21. ATBOTL & Fred,

    I think that was true. Ironically enough Americans like Charles Johnson have played a role in waking them up. Here’s Fjordman on Wednesday at 5.24am at the Gates of Vienna thread “Only white people are racists” and referring to the school bus beating of the white kid in Illinois:

    Incidents like this one make me increasingly convinced that the USA will not survive in its present form until 2050. It will probably break down long before that, and Obama is accelerating this trend. I don’t see even the slightest indication that the US is a “post-racial” society. It is a society where whites have unilaterally surrendered. I also don’t see any indications that the USA had “moved beyond” ethnic rivalries. This is impossible. You might as well say that you have “moved beyond” gravity and make this official policy. It has to end in tears, and it will.

    The United States is now based on a lie. I can see a Second American Civil Car in the workings.

    Then at 12.15 also on Wednesday: Based on the frequency of incidents like this, I’d say it is a fair bet that the USA will be divided into several countries, split roughly along ethnic and racial lines. There is no such thing as a universal nation; people want to live with their own kind. The Multicultural experiment has failed, and whites are paying the price for this on a daily basis. I think the price tag is getting too high by now.

    The European leftist media portrays the US as a militaristic racist homophobic society. Right wingers in Europe sometimes react to that image of America by becoming pro-American. Later on, as Fjordman is doing now, as ConSwede did a few years ago, and as I did in the early 90s, we figure out that the US is in even more leftist (on the important issues, not economics) than Europe and that American conservatives are not allies of either white Europe or white America.

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