Cryptos (II): Moles and Overlapping Circles

Venn Diagram

This is the tenth installment in this series.

“Cryptos” are people who are essentially White Nationalists, but for some reason are unwilling to openly align themselves with us. Instead, they prefer to burrow within other political movements, usually conservatism or libertarianism, and work to advance our cause from within the mainstream right. This is more often than not a career choice. A few cryptos genuinely believe they can make more of a difference by gently pushing the mainstream in our direction.

I’ve had mixed feelings about cryptos over the years. The most obvious objection to crypsis is the moral one: it is dishonorable to live a lie, to censor yourself and pretend to be something you are not, to give lip service to a cause you don’t believe in. The second objection is strategic: we can’t defeat our enemies by taking potshots at them from the shadows; we must assemble an army and confront them on the ideological field of battle. These are very powerful arguments and I have found them persuasive enough to openly fly the flag of White Nationalism at Occidental Dissent. There is no hint of moderation here.

On the other hand, crypsis is not without its merits. First, powerful states and individuals have made abundant use of spies and saboteurs throughout history. Our enemies have never blushed at using crypsis to advance Jewish interests at our expense. The mainstream right was hijacked and perverted by a handful of neocons who cloaked their revolutionary agenda in patriotic rhetoric. Second, it is unrealistic to expect everyone to have the same level of commitment to our cause. The cryptos will always be with us and it is better to make productive use of them than to alienate them.

Personally, I find both sides of this argument compelling. I think the vast majority of us should focus on carving out a space in American political discourse for White Nationalism. This is essentially what we are trying to do here. A minority of cryptos though could prove very useful in advancing our efforts. The most obvious way to help out is through donating to worthy causes. It is much easier to make a living in the mainstream than out on the fringe. We could also use some publicity. Most explicit whites have never heard of White Nationalism because of the media blackout.

The Venn diagram posted above can be used to illustrate the areas in which White Nationalism (center), paleoconservatism (left), and libertarianism (right) intersect and overlap. The cryptos in these two movements can help us by emphasizing the points we have in common. For example, the WNs, paleos, and libertarians share a common hostility to the American federal government; WNs and libertarians are opposed to anti-discrimination laws; WNs and paleos are opposed to third world immigration and cultural degeneracy.

A libertarian crypto could write a useful article about the anti-state tendencies within White Nationalism. A paleo crypto could do a piece on the steadfast opposition of White Nationalists to culturally destructive third world immigration. Similarly, White Nationalists can write about the aspects of paleoconservatism and libertarianism that we admire, but list our objections. We need to create an “interlocking chain” of cryptos from the mainstream to the fringe. In my previous post, I likened it to the conductors of the Underground Railroad in Antebellum times who funneled fugitive slaves to Canada.

That about wraps up my commentary on our little meeting. I’ve said just about everything that was on my mind. Over the next week, I will get back to the mundane task of writing about current events and related issues.

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