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Our very own Wikitopian happens to be one of the most enterprising commentators to join our little circle of heretics in quite a long time. He has written a book called Hoosier Nation, launched a website dedicated to racial and cultural preservation, runs the Indiana state chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and engages in real world activism. He is out there on the street meeting with the implicit whites who are behind the tea parties. I can’t think of anyone here setting a better example for others to follow.

We need people like Wikitopian in all fifty states holding local, state, and regional meetings. The bonds formed in cyberspace between anonymous commentators are no substitute for a flesh and blood community of real world activists. This often shines through in the nastiness that occasionally erupts in the comments. Most people are much more civil in real life than they are on the internet which contains an element of theatrics and unreality.

In any case, with all the publicity around the NSM, I had forgotten about the CoCC and would like to use this thread to ask Wikitopian a few questions. I’m sure the gallery will have questions of their own. Most of us have never been involved in a racialist organization.

1.) What is the status of the CoCC in the Southern states? In particular, I am thinking of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

2.) Do you have chapters in these states?

3.) If so, how many people do you have on the ground? What is your total membership?

4.) What kind of people are attracted to the CoCC? I know little about the organization.

5.) What is your membership policy?

6.) If you can, share with us some stories about your activism in Indiana.

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  1. I’m flattered that I got featured in a post! It’s amazing how much some recognition goes in re-energizing me.

    The CofCC is much more active in the South, partially because it is originally from the South and partially because Southerners tend to be more racially aware. I may stand corrected, but I believe Mississippi has the most active and populous chapters, chapters that regularly hold fundraisers and have the support of local businesses.

    All of those states except for Georgia appear to have active chapters. Georgia is conspicuously absent right now. The activeness of the chapter varies quite a bit, I believe.

    Our Indiana chapter has only been active for a few months, and we only have a few dozen members. Some of the Southern chapters have hundreds of members, including state and local elected officials. We’re nowhere near being there yet in Indiana, but we have several dozen prospective members in the funnel and are leveraging first rate prospecting and Constituent Relationship Management software to try to take ourselves to the next level.

    To be honest, I suppose that I had inculcated some of the SPLC propaganda on the nature of White activists. I was a bit nervous going in. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the caliber of the average member. There are a lot of sensible and soft-spoken people out there who share our basic perspective.

    The CofCC membership policy is very inclusive. There’s nothing stopping minorities from joining, though our focus on practical activism and lack of secretive shenanigans serves as a sufficient filter for most would-be infiltrators. Some of the most successful European nationalist movements are managing relatively well without a restrictive membership policy.

    It’s heartening to discover that there’s a lot more work being done than I realized. I’ve met quite a few people who are having a lot of kids, homeschooling those kids, and hording supplies. There are Christian Identity pastors out there with active congregations and actual church buildings. I have a long way to go before I accomplish anywhere near what a lot of these people are quietly accomplishing out in the country.

  2. I’m interested in learning more about the Alabama chapter. I’ve browsed over your site and like what you are doing. I would not be opposed to meeting CoCC people in my own area. As I said before, I strongly believe that we need to build a base for White Nationalism in the Deep South.

  3. That fellow posted a video of filthy scumbag Mellencamp on his site. I can’t think of a more anti-White piece of shit in pop today. Recall that he promotes race-mixing in his videos and is the biggest Nigger-lover imaginable. The sole fact that he put him on his Web site speaks volumes to me. I wouldn’t want to have any dealings with such an individual.

  4. Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting in a restaurant with some normal folks who are concerned about illegal immigration, fearful for their jobs, and receptive to your message. You’re in a restaurant in Indiana, so at some point during the meeting, classic Mellencamp begins to play on the speakers. Suddenly, that guy you invited from the Internet snaps into a nasty tirade about filthy nigger-lovin’ race-mixin’ scumbags and boasts in an authoritative voice (as if it were a bad thing) that he wouldn’t have dealings with an individual who enjoys Mellencamp’s music.

    As an aside, even Mr. Linder, the authority on refusing to suffer the existence of “paleos”, is an avid Oingo Boingo fan.

  5. @Wiki: I would bet that if Mellencamp knew you had his picture on your site, he would demand you remove it immediately, and he wouldn’t be pleasant about it either. I would keep it up only if I was hoping to capitalize on the publicity any public outrage from him might generate (not a bad scheme, but you better pray it doesn’t translate into legal retribution).

  6. I’ve removed the video from my site.

    This is not an invitation for those who have disavowed having dealings with me to consider initiating any dealings. Several people didn’t care for it and that’s that.

  7. I’ve always liked John Cougar Mellencamp, even though, yes, it was obvious he was a liberal. As for race-mixing in his videos, the pretty black girl hardly started the trend of Southern and rural white men fucking black women. You can blame Dixie slave traders for that. If the abolitionists had been allowed to resettle the blacks in Africa, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    I’ll have to agree with the infamous bumper sticker, if I had known this I would have picked my own cotton. Blame the greedy rich for undermining our race for a fast buck.

  8. Hey wackotopian, you should’ve posted that Mellencamp video where he’s watching a young interracial couple dance up close while munificently smiling when the young Negro squeezing the White girl’s butt. Do you have a screw loose, wackotopian?

  9. I just sort of took it for granted that the posting of a good song by a talented artist wasn’t a blanket endorsement of everything he had ever done. I really don’t know what more I can do now that I’ve removed the video.

  10. “As for race-mixing in his videos, the pretty black girl hardly started the trend of Southern and rural white men fucking black women. You can blame Dixie slave traders for that. If the abolitionists had been allowed to resettle the blacks in Africa, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

    What nonsense, the Southern states had aggressive anti-miscegenation laws and were the last states to repeal them. Some northern states never even had them.

    The abolitionists were the ones who argued for emancipation and granting citizenship and full rights to blacks. Their motivation wasn’t pro-white or belief in racial differences, their fundamental belief was that of equality, just like liberals today.

  11. The fact that most Negroes in America are partially white is a testimony to the fact that men will fuck women of any color. I am anti-White women having any sex or babies with non-White men. I am more blase about White men having sex with non-White women. I’m not a feminist. Miscegenation of any kind should be discouraged, but boys will be boys. (No, I do not have any non-White children)

    I didn’t remember (perhaps blocked-out) JCM having some buck touching a White woman, in that case the video is obviously in bad taste. No doubt JCM didn’t put that in, his Jew manager did.

  12. White Non-Conservative, you say you’re not a feminist, are you female (your use of language seems masculine)?

    Some slave owners would impregnate black women to increase their number of slaves.

    I hold the opinion that miscegenation itself is equally sinful, whether male or female, however there are different consequences of it. Women give birth and having stronger emotion ties to the child. She is bound to the child and rears the child, whereas a male can just impregnate a woman and leave. For a woman there’s much more involved, and for her family. In that sense it is a greater sin for a woman.

  13. Obviously, the only foolproof way of preventing race-mixing from occurring is the full and permanent geographic separation of the major races, especially Caucasoid from Negroid, Caucasoid from Mongoloid, etc. The longer that separate races or radically-divergent ethnic groups live in the same geographic territory, the higher the likelihood that race-mixing will continue apace…and the miscegenation will always continue, incrementally, as long as two or more races or ethnicities share the same physical space. Given enough time (many centuries), the two or more races will often merge so much as to become mostly indistinguishable.

    In White America, it isn’t so bad when a few similar White ethnic groups, say English-Americans, German-Americans, and Norwegian-Americans extensively breed with each other in the Upper Midwest, but in places like Southern California (and so on) there is a boiling racial/ethnic stew and a huge amount of race-mixing that is leading to a complete ethnocultural degeneration in those areas. The overall pitiful condition of heavily-mixed Latin America, India, North Africa/Middle East, Central Asia, and so on ought to be enough of a historical precedent to warn European Whites of the ultimate civilizational dangers of miscegenation.

    As Senator/Governor Bilbo correctly noted, we White Americans have a stark choice to make: it’s either full separation or total mongrelization.

  14. Ultimate geographic separation- Earth for Whites, the others races can have the other planets. Truly, geographic separation is needed.

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