Is it time to dump the conservatives?

A few years back I attended a talk given by Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.  His group coordinated civilian efforts to stop illegal immigration along the border of the United States. A local conservative group had placed flyers around the area advertising for his appearance at the university.  I was interested in hearing him speak so I wrote down the address and showed up at the correct date and time.

To my surprise, the room was empty.  A few students were studying in this room and used their wireless internet connection to find information about the event.  They found an anti-Minuteman site with the correct location.  The flyers had listed not only the wrong room but an entirely different building. I arrived at the correct location to find that the conservative supporters of Mr. Simcox were all seated in the first two rows.  The protestors, a motley crew comprised of mestizos and the local chapter of the I.S.O., were scattered throughout the back of the room.  Near each exit was a policeman.

Mr. Simcox tried in vain to speak over their shouting and hooliganism.  He appealed to the fact that both his organization and most of the people protesting him were against the international corporations who benefit from uncontrolled immigration.  The protestors laughed and continued their chorus of  “Racists Out!”  Ironically, Mr. Simcox married a black woman and has a bi-racial son.

Eventually the talk was concluded and most people left the building.  I stayed behind to shake Mr. Simcox’s hand and engage the conservatives in some conversation.  I introduced myself and made the organizers aware that their flyers showed the wrong location.  A young man responded, “Oh, that must’ve been my fault.”  His female friend replied, “See, I told you to change them!” While I tried to discuss a few issues with them, most of them didn’t seem interested in meeting me or discussing immigration reform.  I asked why they allowed the protestors into their meeting and the young man replied, “I don’t agree with them but I support their right to have an opinion.”

This young man was totally oblivious to the fact that his opponents used every means possible to disrupt and destroy his own freedom of speech and right to assembly.  Yet, here he was, obtusely supporting theirs. At this point the conservatives began talking amongst themselves and generally shoved me out of the conversation.  A conversation, by the way, which had devolved into a parade of back-slapping and high-fiving at the fact they had successfully completed their ineffectual circle-jerk of a meeting.

I left the event disappointed.  The local conservatives demonstrated incompetence and vacuousness in the face of the enemy.  And yet, this enemy had the correct location of their meeting all along and mounted a successful attempt to hijack the meeting and derail its discussion.  This episode highlights the typical impotence of the conservative movement.  The more White Nationalists break with conservatives the better.  Instead of piece-meal solutions and avoiding issues, we nationalists should tackle our problems head-on.

While the conservatives are using anthropomorphic dolls to tell children to “take a bite out of crime!” we nationalists can identify the racial aspect that leads to increased crime.  We can also identify the Jewish lobbies hijacking our foreign policy and the capitalist open-borders mentality that has flooded our country with non-whites.

While the conservatives are engaging in pointless meetings that nobody can find, maybe we should be asking ourselves, “Is it time to dump the conservatives?”


  1. The conservatives had fifty years to reverse our racial degeneration. We have nothing to show for it. At this late date, I am convinced it is “White Nationalism or bust” for America’s White majority.

  2. The neo-communist ‘antis’ who show up at these meetings need to be intimidated out of the room if necessary. I have nothing against protesters, but they should not be allowed to overcrowd in to our forums, speeches, or debates where they then proceed to shout down the speakers/debaters and prevent them from exercising their free speech rights.

    This happened at UNC Chapel Hill with Tom Tancredo last April; they managed to chase him out of the building via a “mob veto” after only a few minutes:

  3. A good dose of castor oil administered by cudgel wielding squadristi would have done those “protesters” a lot of good.We need to organize similar groups to defend ourselves.

    As for the conservatives;they’re mainly careerists looking to capitalize on people’s desperation for an alternative to Judaic/Negro/Mestizo rule.By posing as that alternative they win for themselves a slot within the niche of the “permissible opposition.”

    This translates into cushy careers as polemicists,pols,personages and sundry other ballast that live well “fighting” “liberalism” while the rest of us suffer the results of their treachery and incompetence.

    As La Rochefoucauld put it:We can always bear the difficulties of others.

    Castor oil and cudgels for conservatives too?

  4. It’s long since time to dump conservatives & conservative thought patterns. Articles & essays continue to reveal more about contemporary conservatism & its post-WWII history. It’s an ugly picture whether the action was sponsored by a neoconnish world view that led the USA into all kinds of foreign entanglements in the service of taking down the USSR, or the establishment of a global hegemony of US forces & bases, most recently in Romania on the Black Sea.

    Asian military operations (the meat & drink of contemporary conservatives) are designed to murder the bravest fighters who are inevitably the young diverse white soldiers. Whatever the overall stats on ethnic representation in the US military may be, the stats about who is sent to the front lines show that these front-line kids are predominantly our kids, and the military operations aren’t in the service of any white interests whatsoever.

    Our strongest foes are conservatives who oppose our rights to organize, to act, and to win, in many cases more viciously than the liberals. They don’t like ethnic tribalization at all, but they bash us and demand we put up a front of culturalism which will be the death of us.

    We need to disentangle white activism from the grasping claws of greedy contemporary conservatism.

  5. What I think would be neat is if we started plotting ideas for action rather than lamenting the inaction of others. My apologies if you’ve orchestrated large gatherings which have directly resulted in measurable progress for our race. If I were to “dump” anybody from the movement, I’d start with people who have confused themselves into thinking that turning on and tearing down other factions of the movement is appropriate.

  6. First of all, I wouldn’t be shaking the hand of man who married a negress and has a mulatto child.

    I don’t think you can generalize from one meeting. If that were the case then you could say the same thing about white nationalism from a KKK meeting or a neo-nazi spectacle.

    We can’t really afford to dump conservatives. We need to become more mainstream, not remain on the fringe.

  7. For our own protection, we need to start reforming local, county, and state-wide militia groups which are entirely disconnected from the ZOG/FED military-industrial complex; this is a Constitutional right which is still fully guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

    The militias should be organized as locally as possible, by local neighborhood, town, county, district, and then finally state. However, they should be organized ‘informally’ in order to prevent the ZOGed FEDS from obtaining lists of militiamen and such — if possible, there should be no such membership lists and they militias should be organized only via word-of-mouth amongst local Whites who fully know and trust each other.

    I have a bad feeling that, in the future, the ZOG might try to use hordes of Negroid and Mestizo troops and crushing military-technology to suppress any possible White American resistance that may arise…which is a truly nightmare scenario. Therefore, many American Whites should also be encouraged to serve in the official U.S. military and work from the inside of it in order to try and prevent the aforementioned nightmare scenario.

  8. Only the conservative distinguishes between the demands for “change” coming from a superiority of spirit and capacity, which if gratified may lead to national growth and progress, and the demands coming from inferior and impoverished spirit and capacity, which must inescapably lead to national degeneration. Above all the conservative seeks to preserve the national character throughout the changes introduced by “progressive” growth and expansion. That is the definition of a conservative. To alienate such a thinker from white nationalism — which, in its central tenets is essentially a conservative movement, by the way — is national suicide.

    In fact, to alienate conservatives is to exclude the majority of the white population from the white nationalist movement; for humans of all races are instinctively conservative in temperament, in the sense that millions of years of social and evolutionary experience have taught them that the known is preferable to the unknown, that safety is preferable to chaos, that the countryman is more trustworthy than the foreigner, and above all, that a stable environment is preferable for peace of mind, and for present and future security, as well as an easy access to material resources and artificial circumstances. It is the revolutionary, the innovator, and the lunatic, who disturb our peace of mind by introducing unaccustomed element into human life.

    Exclude conservatives at your own peril.

  9. There are conservative white people and movement conservatives. Conservative white people are potential allies. Movement conservatives are the bought whores of jewry, and have been ever since they ran Revilo Oliver out of the movement.

    If we win the names Rush Limbaugh and William F. Buckley Jr. will join Benedict Arnold in the book of the damned.

  10. OldRight wrote,

    “There are conservative white people and movement conservatives.”

    And we need to make that distinction, clearly and explicitly, if we do not want to alienate conservative white people.

    Sam Davidson, in his otherwise well written article, failed to make that distinction. That can only succeed in alienating movement conservatives and conservative white people.

  11. Nice essay. It reflects some of my experiences over the years. OldRight is correct in making the distinction between industry cons and ordinary well-meaning white people who get caught up in the movement.

    Davidson is right too: movement conservatives are impotent and incompetent. They seem to lack the killer instinct. At heart they are liberals and careerists. The paradigm has shifted and yet the cons don’t seem to have noticed. I get the impression movement cons fail to understand that we are in a war and our opponents aim to finish us off, culturally as well as physically/biologically. Without this knowledge, movement cons will continue to be outgunned and outmanoeuvred. It’s very frustrating.

    Writing today in Occidental Observer, Alex Kurtagic says: “Let us hope Mr. Griffin’s appearance has cured the hopeful of any illusions that this is anything but an all out war to the finish.” I’m not holding my breath.

  12. Conservatives are idiots. 99% of the time “conservatives” are morons watching TV shows and Glenn Beck and the like.

    Lead them around by the nose and they can be shock troops or show up to some teabag fag event. But obviously, “conservatives” are little more than skinheads or klansmen or rednecks – they are TV watching idiots who wouldn’t know their asshole from a hole in the ground. Unfortunately we need their numbers.

  13. ” Our strongest foes are conservatives who oppose our rights to organize, to act, and to win, in many cases more viciously than the liberals. They don’t like ethnic tribalization at all, but they bash us and demand we put up a front of culturalism which will be the death of us.

    We need to disentangle white activism from the grasping claws of greedy contemporary conservatism.”


    Liberals are fully on board with the Identity Politics program, however kosher conservatives are still mis-directing Whites into the mistaken notion of a ‘color-blind society’ and other such idiocy.

    White Nationalism needs to be mobilized as Identity Politics for our side, against liberals AND conservatives!


  14. ‘A good dose of castor oil administered by cudgel wielding squadristi would have done those “protesters” a lot of good.We need to organize similar groups to defend ourselves.’

    The incident happened on a university campus with police at the doors. If there had been an altercation, the police would have been witnesses – possible hostile, left-wing witnesses.

    Now if you could arrange to have the university meetings attended by uniformed police officers who happened to have the correct views, THEN perhaps the intimidators could have been dealt with. Was that what you meant by “squadristi”?

    Police officers are often somewhat right-wing-ish in sympathies. If the meetings were dominated by a core of off-duty police, the tone might be more appropriate.

  15. The police are useless.If I read the article correctly they didn’t prevent the gate crashers from disrupting the talk.Par for the course.

    If we had our own defense arm we could have prevented the Indians from entering the auditorium.And once the word gets out that we mean business “protesters” would be less likely to trifle with us to begin with.

  16. Both liberals and conservatives, and perhaps, sadly, even Nick Griffin, are pigs wallowing in rhetorical pens, awaiting their turn at the tough.

    Sometimes I think “getting the message out” is pointless because people instinctively follow those whom they perceive as dominant, instead of truth-tellers. The Stockholm syndrome is the most extreme example of this behavior, which comes to mind. Like wolves, our emerging leaders and factions may have to establish dominance before leading the pack.

    There is a lot of bluffing in the animal world. Adversaries posture before each other, puffing their feathers to appear larger, or rearing up to appear taller. Anything to avoid a costly, perhaps deadly, battle. Liberals are masters of rhetorical posturing, but like Jack Straw’s father, they are foxhole dwellers in battle. Perhaps progress will only come when the posturing ends.

  17. Poor Shmuel Davidssons are pondering this burning question the rest of us answered half a decade ago. Or even earlier.

  18. I find that comments I make at Amren criticizing conservatism and capitalism are often censored. I guess that they are still clinging to the fantasy that WN is going to take over the GOP and that super wealthy CEO types will start supporting us.

  19. ATBOTL,

    No, it’s probably because you don’t make a clear distinction between GOP conservatives and conservative white people. White nationalism is essentially a fringe conservative movement. It’s an extreme manifestation of conservatism. It takes all of the tenets of conservatism — national identity, anti-egalitarianism, etc — to their inevitable and logical conclusions. Virtually every white nationalist I have known is a hard-core conservative on most social issues.

  20. I wrote:

    “Virtually every white nationalist I have known is a hard-core conservative on most social issues.”

    Take, for instance, the role of women, homosexuality, abortion, the welfare state, communism, and immigration. Virtually every white nationalist I have ever known (or know of) is a conservative on these issues. White nationalism is a fringe conservative movement.

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