Swain Again

In The Tennessean, Carol Swain fires back and defends herself against the SPLC’s smear machine. She pleas with liberals to “listen to a voice of dissent with respect” – to be, uh, liberal – a seemingly impossible task for people who are supposed to pride themselves on their “tolerance” and “openmindedness.” Swain believes the survival of America depends on the willingness of liberals to engage us in civil dialogue and address our legitimate grievances. I wouldn’t put money on those odds.

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  1. This is clear already to most of the regular readers here, but for the benefit of any “liberals” who might wander over I hope it’s beginning to dawn on you: The SPLC’s mission is to sniff out and label as “White supremacy” anything they suspect of presenting even the slightest challenge to the jewish supremacy of the current regime – with self-righteous, self-interested jews on top dictating to the rest of us what’s right and what’s wrong.

    There’s nothing “liberal” about what the SPLC does or how they do it. They’re not “anti-racist”. They’re anti-anti-semitic and anti-White.

  2. Swain can see that the ILLIBERALISM of her peers is going to cause a massive back-lash.

    The pressure cooker is set to explode as liberals set about to violate the 1st amendment in letter and most importantly in spirit.

  3. Typically only whites are true liberals. Jews and non-whites have their ethno-genetic interests at the forefront.

  4. Uh needs to get back on his meds, perhaps then he will be less consumed with cultivating a coterie of sycophants under the guise of “friendship”.

  5. On a personal note, I’ll say that a relative of mine is also bipolar. He is brilliant as all get out, but it all comes to naught as he gets himself in a lot of trouble for want of control of his faculties – what a tragedy.

  6. SPLC is a joke, they should be talked about and ridiculed on a regular basis. They are the Jew version of Al Sharpton. The proper response in laughter.

  7. Occidental Dissent is now revealed as nothing but a vehicle to stroke the ego of its leading, defective personality. If it were not, then why would “Hunter Wallace” offer up writing which lauds the desirability of a White Nationalist movement and point to trends which inspire optimism in his readers that its coalescence is nearer now than in past years and achievable on the one hand; but, on the other, argue entirely to the contrary on his own blog under the name “uh”, thereby deceiving his readers? To ask the question is to answer it. The only question then is: What emotional needs does “Hunter Wallace” gratify with his pathetic little charade? As Soren Renner observed, “Hunter Wallace” gratifies his narcissism. In what way? Well, “uh” tells us it is a circle of friends which will meet in the flesh and form a true community of like minds which is his desired outcome – with no greater ambitions than that being desirable or achievable. But, his recent meeting in the flesh with individuals that now contribute to his blog, and others, including the respected blogger Tanstaafl, occurred under the pretense that their meeting was to be the beginning of something more, the seed of a future movement. That is why the others came and met with each other, not simply to keep “Hunter Wallace” company. After all, doesn’t “Hunter Wallace” have other friends (he claims he does) who also ‘don’t like niggers’? Yes, so it is not merely the laudable goal of forming the circle of like-minded friends which “Hunter Wallace’s” sock puppet “uh” claims he is after. What is it then? The need of “Hunter Wallace” to be admired and at the center of things under false pretenses consistent with his pernicious narcissism. So why then is “uh” needed, couldn’t “Hunter Wallace” have that without that obnoxious little turd’s help? In the short term, yes. But – and this is the reason those men came together in the first place, and the only likely reason they would be inclined to stay in long-term contact and not drift apart – if the movement were to actually gather steam, people with a higher social aptitude than “Hunter Wallace” would be needed, and if attracted, would inevitably take center stage, hence taking it away from “Hunter Wallace”. And he couldn’t have that, narcissist that he is, now could he. So, for the long-term viability of his narcissistic platform “uh” was introduced. As crazy as it sounds, but hey, the guy is crazy.

  8. uh = GR = “Marshall Lentini” (eye4knowledge) = GenoSnipe

    ^ Imho, all have the same style.

    Am I right?

  9. Uh definitely = Prozium = Hunter Wallace. The latter two, I’m not sure. Anyway, the master of sock puppetry is nothing but a highfalutin conman. I mean, he was reduced to defending the intellectual legitimacy of the Frankfurt School (you know, the one designed to filter data through its prism to yield whatever interpretation served to needs of its proponents?) to keep his pseudo-critique on the tracks at MR. LOL! What a sad little bitch.

    And if none of its true, let’s hear you come and say it, Punter Walleye.

  10. I’m not “uh.” We have a completely different writing style. I am not a doomer either. I’m just now checking the site. I wasn’t online last night or yesterday evening.

  11. Mark,

    You’re right. “uh” has been posting on these blogs and forums for years under various names. He used to post as Marshal Lentini on friedrich’s blog; Sudaka on VNN Forum; GenoSnipe on MR. We are not the same person.

    I’m going to give the Cap’n the benefit of the doubt here … this one time. I have no idea how he ever confused me with “uh.” Didn’t I just write a series of articles about my renewed enthusiasm for White Nationalism?

    GuessedWorker should be able to confirm that we don’t have the same IP address and neither of us are using proxies.

  12. The simplest explanation tends to be the true one: “uh” is someone else and this conspiracy of yours is unintelligible. It makes no sense.

    It doesn’t to me.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but, ‘uh’ seems way smarter than you anyway and he has an entirely different writing style. Apparently, smarts don’t always coexist with drive and clarity of vision. Regardless, I think it is nice having someone around that talks psychology as long as he doesn’t over-dominate the threads and stays on topic.

  13. HW’s style is fairly blunt and to the point. Uh’s posts are more like dialectic, examining the situation from angles. NN’s posts, his blog notwithstanding, are incisive and brief generally. Three very different approaches. I can’t see them as the same person.

  14. What I meant is that, even for the sake of argument “what if” (since I never believed nor suggested that they are the same), these people are sufficiently different that it would never cross my mind to see them as one.

  15. HW’s style is fairly blunt and to the point. Uh’s posts are more like dialectic, examining the situation from angles. NN’s posts, his blog notwithstanding, are incisive and brief generally. Three very different approaches. I can’t see them as the same person.

    Indeed. “Hunter” and I became personally acquainted at a recent function. I am in personal contact with “uh” and know him not to be Hunter. “Effecto-Man” writes with an attitude more like my own than any other, and we are not one person.

    What an irony that the Captain’s obsession with imagined sock-puppetry is now simulating the trollery that he would be the first to denounce.

  16. @ Mark IJsseldijk
    Marshall Lentini does not = “eye4knowledge”, eye4knowledge = “Quest”, 2 different people, soooo you may now remove the tin-foil hat.

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