Jewish Power: Philanthropy

Every year, American Jews spend $3.4 billion to $9 billion dollars on charity. That’s $6.8 billion to $18 billion every two years. In 1997, $1.6 billion was spent on Jewish Federations. Jews are 44% of leading philanthopists. Total Jewish annual household income is $156.6 billion.

Hmm. If Jews can spend $3.4 billion a year on charity, why can’t they spend $659.9 million every two years on federal politics? Another mathematical impossibility?


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  1. The vast majority of the money Jews donate to charity is donated exclusively to JEWISH CHARITIES, not to universal or non-Jewish ones.

  2. In At least 139 of the Forbes 400 are Jewish, Jacob Berkman writes:

    This list is by no means an exact science. But those who we considered Jewish were those who were of Jewish descent or those who openly identified as Jews either personally or in thier giving.

    Identifying jews by their giving. Mathematically impossible!

    “Mathematical impossibility” should be read as “semitically incorrect”, because in this context that’s all it means.

  3. Israel Shamir has written how Jews launder money through their thousands of charities. It was at the height of the Madoff bruhaha that he wrote about this. He inferred that much of Madeoff’s millions probably ended up in Israel via a impenetrable network of charities. In America these are often 501 c3 non-profit organizations, many of which are allowed to apply for municipal, state and federal grants. For example, a local Jewish organization in Seattle got together with the Seattle Parks and Recreation Dept. to apply for federal money to import a sapling from the tree outside Ann Frank’s window in Amsterdam and plant it in a local park. I don’t think this double standard of using public space and taxpayer money applies to, say, something that would promote Catholic symbols or Catholic history.
    The USHMM in Washington DC is a perfect example of the double standard for Jews when it comes to the separation of church and state in this country. I own a copy of the 2007 Association of Holocaust Organizations Directory published by the Huston Holocaust Museum. It’s 248 pages. They list charities within charities like The Lillian and A.J. Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education of the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum.

  4. Jewish charities support a large class of idle jews who collect a generous salary for doing very light office work. Non-profits in general are notorious for attracting lazy, unmotivated employees looking for a low stress, feel good job.

    The modern non-profit is, to the jews, just another variant of their old rabbinical school scam where hundreds of worthless “Talmudic scholars” shuffle papers and argue while collecting welfare and being exempt from, among other things, military service.

    If you were to add up all the jews in the civil service, at non-profits and living off trust funds I bet you’d have at least 40% of all male jews.

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