A Letter to Minette Marrin

The following is an email I sent to Minette Marrin, a columnist for The Sunday Times. She wrote a column describing Nick Griffin’s recent appearance on television.

Dear Mrs. Marrin,

Your recent column made some good points. Especially that, “The sleep of reason breeds monsters.”

We must lean upon our reason and not our emotions to solve our problems. If the mass media in the West did so it would allow an even look at men like Mr. Grffin instead of calling him a “nazi.” Sadly, this isn’t so.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Sylvia Stolz? She is a German lawyer who defended Ernst Zundel. He was accused of holocaust denial by German courts. Stolz defended him by questioning the official story of the holocaust and was likewise charged with holocaust denial. They were both sent to prison.

I’m not a historian and I’ve never been to Germany, so I can’t make any strong statements regarding whether or not the holocaust happened. But clearly it makes no sense to imprison those who question the holocaust. Whether it happened or not, the truth should be able to support itself in public without resorting to Soviet-style repression.

Unfortunately for reasonable people this is not how “anti-fascists” think. People like Mr. Griffin suffer similar treatment in the United States. Critics of immigration such as Tom Tancredo and Chris Simcox have been repeatedly silenced by angry mobs.

The excuse for such actions is that such sentiments will create hatred and violence. “These things,” they say, “must be stomped out.”

But if that’s true, why do we so rarely hear of hate-crimes against non-Whites? It occurs very rarely compared to the vast amount of black-on-White crime. For instance, the amount of rapes in the United States committed by Whites upon Blacks in the year of 2005 was between zero and ten incidents. The number of rapes committed by blacks against Whites was nearly forty-thousand.

If non-Whites are committing most of the violence and anti-racists are the enemies of free speech, then who is a danger to whom?

Some links:
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Chris Simcox – http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/MYSA041207_01B_Immigration_debate_3b0e53b_html30889.html

Yours within reason,
Sam Davidson

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