I have always hated these type of posts on Robert Lindsay’s site, but I found this worthy of sharing. A week or two ago, Occidental Dissent was #350,000 on Alexa in the United States. When I checked it the other day, we had risen to #220,329. I just checked it again a few minutes ago. We have leapfrogged to #176,226.

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  1. The traffic rating is based on a three month average of daily visitors and page views. There is an incredible amount of lag. In reality, Occidental Dissent is a lot more active than these numbers indicate, but it won’t show up for a few months.

  2. Occidental dissent is now the first website I visit each day – It’s like my first cup of coffee.

    Thanks Hunter.

  3. Congrats! I agree with the other chaps. Reading this blog has a calming effect, although the material it covers is quite provocative and incendiary. My blood pressure thanks you.

  4. I remember that Alex Linder used to tout his Alexa rating, which got in the top 10,000 at one point IIR. Then it dropped down pretty far when everyone got tired of his act.

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