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A search of the blogosphere for “White Nationalism” leads me to a fair and balanced article in the Phoenix News Times, “Neo-Nazi Scum at the Arizona Capitol: Should Sane People Give Them The Time of Day?” The NSM is back and will be holding a rally in Phoenix on November 7th. Mark Potok of the SPLC is willing to grant that the NSM has a “dubious reputation in the white nationalist scene.” In the course of his sanctimonious tirade, Lemons mentions the connections between the NSM and Joy of Satan Ministries.

Within recent memory, the NSM has protested in California, Minnesota, and Illinois. Whatever else can be said about them, they don’t seem to have a problem getting around. By default, they are the largest Neo-Nazi group in America. They are in the news more than any other pro-White organization. That is hardly a plus for our side. The NSM isn’t representative of the typical White Nationalist. The vast majority of WNs aren’t affiliated with any organization.

Occidental Dissent has readers in the Phoenix area. This isn’t a serious event, but some of you might want to check out this kookfest as spectators for the entertainment value. The Brown Berets and the anarchists will be there. Their last rally devolved into a real life edition of the Jerry Springer Show.

Note: Guy White is Jewed Out and has decided to move on to other topics. It has been all Jews, all the time here. After a week of exchanges, I’m sick of discussing the Jews myself. I normally prefer to discuss other issues. I just can’t stand mendacious philo-Semites. We can always return to the Jewish Power series in a few weeks.

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  1. The liberal ruling class would have to invent the NSM if it didn’t already exist. They are the perfect stand-in for Goldstein in a semi-ritualistic two-minutes hate.

    The video speaks for itself with a mob of fellow liberal travelers furiously denouncing twenty-five neo-nazis. Twenty-five!

  2. I agree; not only is the Mainstream Media beating a dead horse, but it’s reviving a traitorous group that cares more about Historical Nazism than its own historical country!

    I don’t take the Neo-Nazi’s seriously, either.

  3. There are a lot of people here who probably think that’s a productive and rational way to express white nationalism.

  4. The National Socialist Movement has become too “schtick.” It is too much of a costume party and a way for mostly well-intentioned white people to latch onto a cheap ready-made identity at the cost of long-term credibility. But, I will never throw my people under the bus as a way of confirming my own credibility. Our enemies have created these rules of discourse where they ask us if we condemn groups like NSM. What I say is this: “No, we don’t condemn them no matter how misguided we may think they are.” I then leave it at that. That is all our enemies need from us. The fact is the NSM is at least trying to do something in the midst of our own genocide. That counts. We need to bring them into our community as I believe they – like every other group that is either explicitly or implicitly White Nationalist – deserve our support and respect. I am never going to be that guy who goes after his own people at the behest of those who hate us. That is the dumbest strategy one could ever think of. It hasn’t worked. We answer to each other and to ourselves, not to those who will despise us no matter how obsequious we behave. It’s time we unite the tribes…

  5. De Deckert has obviously not been a ‘WN’ (hate that term) for very long. The NSM is without a doubt completely infiltrated and, as ZOG implied, very possibly fed-led. These clowns disgrace the uniforms that the original Nationalsocialists wore nearly a century ago. They also give the jewsmedia ample ammunition to attack White racialists with.

  6. I’ve long suspected that most in the NSM are either Feds or informants. That or they are being manipulated so that it discredits legitimate white opposition to the multicultural agenda. If someone is a sincere member of these groups then I will not condemn them for the simple reason that the limousine liberals won’t condemn or denounce the radical anti-white leftists and anarchists.

  7. De Deckert is spot on in his comments. There is no reason to name call and start some sarcastic, petty argument…… especially when it is our own people in discussion. There may be feds amongst the ranks of the NSM, but you can bet the feds have infiltrated every group and/or militia! Whether it be the Patriot movement, the tea baggers, a Militia group, the National Socialist movement, or Klan affiliates; you can bet your ass they are in there collecting info.. However, they are taking a hell of a risk right now by doing so. The time is getting near where the likes of that Martinez guy who got Robert Mathews caught, the Tony Evola traitor who set up Matt Hale, and the David Gletty type who also was a traitor to his own……… these people won’t have any friends in the very near future. Matter of fact there will probably be bounty’s on their heads — simply because being a snitch is something we can all agree on and despise alot more than a Jew or a Mud any day. They better take that into consideration too, before rolling over on a brother to benefit ZOG. Kinda makes me think of a quote by Bob Mathews and Co……….

    It is a dark and dismal time in the history of our race…..

    An evil shadow has fallen across our once fair land…….

    A certain vile, alien people have taken control of our country…..

    When the day comes, we will not ask whether you swung to the right or whether you swung to the left; we will simply swing you by the neck……


    — The Order

  8. Good points, Henry!
    I don’t care what group is “infiltrated.” At this point it is besides the point. What matters is that we continue to give a damn about one another. We are a family, aren’t we? If there is a snitch among us then so be it. We will replace those they snitched on with other good men and women. We all must understand: Every movement has its martyrs. We will have ours. It has to be this way. We are being ethnically cleansed in our own homelands and some of us are still ranting about this or that group being “infiltrated.” So what? This isn’t surprising, nor should it be that disillusioning. It shouldn’t beat us down to the point where we have no fight left in us. Remember, as of right now, we are the ones without the power. Those who racially hate us are the ones with the power. Of course, they can “buy” into our groups. This just means we have to put in place a proper set of mechanisms to minimize their damage while maintaining the necessary will to punch through these short-term obstacles. We are NOT going away. It’s that simple. I am not letting my family, my community, my nation and my people die without a fight. Let the chips fall where they may. We have a purpose and we should act like we have a purpose. If we do this then the odds will suddenly shift in our favor. We have to believe this and then we have to trust the process. As a people we our unique. We are special. Somehow, somewhere along the way we became unaware of how great we can be. Being afraid is natural. Not doing anything is the most unnatural reaction one can possibly imagine. Dying isn’t that bad. But living under the white flag of surrender is the worst fate imaginable. Our ancestors, the ones we still read about, would not tolerate what is being done to us and our civilization. They would understand the problem clearly. We simply need to ask: What would our ancestors do?

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