The danger of carrying snakes.

Whenever a horrible crime hits the news I remember an old Cherokee story.  It begins with a young boy traveling through the woods. He finds a snake who asks to be carried home. The boy responds that he would do so but is afraid the snake will bite him. The snake then assures him that he is mistaken and has nothing to fear. The boy then carries the snake for a ways and is bitten. When the boy asks the snake why he bit him, the snake simply replies that the boy knew his true nature before he chose to help him.

As a young boy I gave a ‘how-to’ demonstration in school. I left my materials in the classroom and told the teacher I would get them later. The school day ended and I went back to retrieve my materials but the classroom was locked and no one was inside.

However, I knew that the secretary at the front desk, Mrs. Evans, had a masterkey to every room in the school. She was a middle-aged White woman whose blonde daughter was a member of the cheerleading squad. I explained my problem to Mrs. Evans and asked if she would kindly help me retrieve my materials. She unhesitatingly gave me her keyring with perhaps two dozen keys. I retrieved my materials and returned her keys.

This nice woman never suspected that I could have fabricated my story and used her keys to steal whatever I wanted. It had never occurred to her that I might abuse her trust and engage in unscrupulous activity. Mrs. Evans, a small-town White woman, would never take advantage of another person by lying. She would never burglarize a building or engage in criminal behavior.

That is the difference between the mentality of Whites and non-Whites. True, this is a broad generalization and one can find many counter-examples. Nonetheless, the majority of Whites are not habitual liars and criminals. Furthermore, the majority of decent White folks do not believe that other people could possibly have these traits. In psychological terms we call this ‘projection.  It is often a mistake.

In 2008, the young model Amy Leigh Barnes began dating athlete Ricardo Morrison. She was pretty, White, and 19 years old. Ricardo Morrison was a 22 year old black man with a previous history of violence. Amy’s mother said, “Obviously we didn’t realise the potential of what [he] could do.” On November 8, 2008, Morrison stabbed Amy and left her to die. He then met with his mother, a policewoman, who helped him wash his bloody clothes. Morrison later lied to a jury and claimed he found Amy already stabbed and fled the scene to ‘pray’ for her.1 2

Another young woman suffered an even worse fate. Katie Piperis a 26 year old White woman who worked as a television presenter. She began a short relationship with Daniel Lynch, a 33 year old martial arts enthusiast, after meeting on facebook. Lynch treated her kindly at first, giving her a teddy bear and flowers. This changed when Lynch beat and raped her for hours in a hotel room. Later, knowing she was avoiding him, Lynch convinced a friend, Stefan Sylvestre, to throw a cup of sulphuric acid in her face while she walked to an internet cafe. Both assailants are non-White.3

A similar case recently occurred in Florida. Michael Brewer, a White 15 year old, was surrounded by a group of other boys led by Matthew Dent, who is black. The multiracial group confronted Michael and doused him with rubbing alcohol then set him aflame. After being arrested, several of the boys laughed about the incident.4

There are countless more examples.

White people are trusting because we are generally rational and helpful individuals. We are not gullible or stupid, we simply fail to understand that not all races share our behavior. We do not expect to be beaten up, raped, stabbed, or set on fire unless we first physically provoke someone. Our misconceptions are the result of a mass media, mostly Jew-controlled,5 6 that actively downplays and censors the extent of non-White violence and criminality.7

We would be wise to remember the story of the boy and the snake.

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  1. I have no moral problem advocating that white activists execute similar ambush-attacks on non-whites, but that such attacks be done quietly, intelligently, and anonymously, to the greatest extent possible.

  2. That’s the thing, Admiral. This should already be happening. If the state won’t protect a community, the community needs to protect itself. Why don’t White communities have such survival instincts?

    Let me tell you a short story about growing up in Los Angeles. There is a district there, called Fairfax, that is heavily Jewish. I used to go there a lot, because of a 24 hour deli and restaurant called Canter’s that is famous in L.A. and became a sort of “after 2am” hang out for me and my fellow art/music types.

    There were a lot of Jewish retirement homes in that area. One day, a group of black men mugged an elderly Jewish lady coming home from the store right a sundown. They struck her and took her purse.

    By the next day, there were unofficial patrols of VERY intimidating Jewish young men, about 2-4 in each group, some with gym bags that clearly had baseball bats in them.

    And on the walls were posters from the JDL that read: Attention Hoodlums! This neighborhood under the watchful eye of the JDL.

    What I would give for 10% of that racial awareness and solidarity!

  3. Too reductionist and generalizing, but I do agree that non-whites have a higher rate of criminal-mindedness. We shouldn’t pretend however that many whites aren’t devious as well, which is just as naïve.

    It really depends on what type of whites you’re talking about. I find that blue-collar whites typically overcharge, do shoddy work and have various personal problems.

    Moral of the story: Don’t be a victim.

  4. Admiral:

    Have you read Unintended Consequences by John Ross? It is much too long, but it offers a solution to the liberal USG death-spiral that probably would result in the least amount of bloodshed – a domestic terrorist campaign against heavy handed ATF/USG types, by the 2nd Amend. community (completely anonymously, but with widespread copycats). It is plausible that the selective permanent removal of dozens of key individuals in this country would correct the country’s course.

    On the current course, I happen to believe that strong-arm tactics, up to and including a second war for independence are in this country’s future. In this case I expect thousands to perish. Does anyone else contemplate the stakes I’m discussing here?

  5. Note There’s Distinct Weak-Point To Judeo-Conspiracy
    (Apollonian, 11 Nov 09)

    Yes, Feminized…, u correctly prognosticate necessary course of present “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler. But real pt. then is this can be managed, as for example, by means of a revived Christianity featuring “truth” of Gosp. JOHN vs. Jew lies and conspiracy.

    CONCLUSION: And note the weak-pt. to Judeo-conspiracy is Jews’ necessary collaborators and accomplices, the “Judeo-Christian” hereticalists who say Christ was “Jew” (hence Talmdudist). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  6. Regarding the Barnes case, it would be good to see some social science research conducted on interracial relationships, and on rates of violence, divorce, etc. compared to same-race relationships. Perhaps New Century Foundation could fund such a study.

    “I have no moral problem advocating that white activists execute similar ambush-attacks on non-whites, but that such attacks be done quietly, intelligently, and anonymously, to the greatest extent possible.”

    You mean in response to blacks randomly attacking whites, do the same in response? Or do you just mean ambush-attack for the hell of it? I’m not sure what either would accomplish.

  7. I have mixed feelings about white women who have lost their lives to their black lovers. From a Darwinian perspective they’re out of the gene pool, but it saddens me to ponder that perhaps in a sane society these girls would not have succumbed to the societal exhortation to date inter-racially.

    And no, Matamoros, whites cannot organize thug patrols like the Jews in the LA neighborhood you described. I know for a fact that some white cops in NYC collude with white city residents and allow them to retaliate against non-whites for violent crimes, but this is a rare exception around the country.

    The feds would swoop down on any white citizen activist group and leftist legal groups and anti-racist “watchdog” groups like the SPLC would hound and harass and shame the well meaning white samaritans into submission. No, Jews are accorded special rights and as a preferred minority they are granted the right to protect themselves and their communities. Whites who make the mistake of believing they have equal rights will find themselves arraigned on hate crime charges.

  8. Re. post #10.
    Precisely, Mr. Dithers, the duplicity of the system is surreal, but an ugly fact. The ‘chosen’ people of the double standard are now enshrined sacred cows, while ‘gentiles’ are up shit creek without effective paddles.

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