Lou Dobbs Quits CNN

Today’s big news: Lou Dobbs has quit CNN to go beyond his role on cable television. His last show aired yesterday. The dreary John King is his slated replacement.

As I noted here a few months ago, CNN had been under pressure from the SPLC and NCLR to get rid of Dobbs, although that doesn’t seem to have been the cause of his departure. I wouldn’t be surprised if he followed Glenn Beck to Fox News.

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  1. I think he quit because he felt that he couldn’t take the hardline he wouldn’t to take. Granted his hardline is still a very soft line.

    I don’t think, however, that the splc mattered. If he wanted to stay, he could have stayed. The splc didn’t win a victory.

  2. Those “immigration advocate” thugs have been shooting up his home. They nearly killed his wife a few weeks back. (The bullet nearly missed her, in what appeared to be a drive-by shooting, from what I can gather.)

  3. Some group has been physically threatening Dobb’s family and has fired on his home and family. Who knows maybe the Civil War II has started.

    I’m sure the $PLC has made a lot of money off of demonizing Dobbs and would probably take the side of the people shooting at his family.

    What is the difference between the $PLC and terrorist-funders?

  4. I would not be surprised if he goes to Fox. Or, gets involved in politics. If Dobbs quit as a result of the assassination attempt, then I suppose the lesson learned is that ,violence works.

  5. This is more evidence that the Far-Left is radical, violent, and doesn’t play by its own rules. The rules of being passive is only for us! They attack and force out even those on their side. You have to accept the most extreme stance of White genocide, or you are on the Hit List. (Lou Dobbs married a Hispanic, and supports eventual race replacement of Whites, through legal immigration-if anybody doubts that he is even on the Left’s side. He just isn’t anti-White enough for them.)

    This further evidences why we can no longer trust the very anti-American fringe-Left!

  6. “. . .This further evidences why we can no longer trust the very anti-American fringe-Left! . . .”

    When was the last time they could be trusted?

  7. TabuLa Raza:

    I guess the Left would be more of a relative term for time period. Far-Left is getting more and more radical. The “Far-Left” end of the political spectrum was probably reactionary by our standards, if you go back to the 1500’s.

    Liberal used to mean just ending slavery, in the mid-1800’s. Then it became tolerating race-mixing about a century later. Soon, with current trends, it will be enforcing race-mixing (between White women and the tropical races), and perhaps tolerating pedophillia.

    I apologize for the ambiguity; I intended to imply the Left end of the political spectrum-which is getting more and more radical, by the year.

  8. “Glenn Beck is farce. I hope no one who reads this blog takes shit like that seriously.”

    He is a joke. Beck is a GOP/NeoCon puppet. He can be inadvertently entertaining though, such as the times he sheds tears on camera. He is a typical specimen of what passes for a man in contemporary America. Did you see his show today? It featured an audience of black conservatives and black Republicans. They were there to discuss Beck’s argument that the GOP is the natural home for negroes. At times the crowd of blacks got a bit rowdy, at which point Beck would grin nervously around the room, sweat glistening on his forehead, and quickly cut to a commercial.

  9. The website bastadobbs.com and other radical Chicano groups are taking credit for running Lou off the air at CNN. It’s not clear what precipitated his resignation but I doubt that it was because he feared the radical beaners. If he winds up on FOX

    I’ve always respected Lou because he’s one of the very few mainstream personalities who has taken up the cause of the working and middle class. He’s made our illegal alien problem a hot button topic and rightfully so. The blockheads on FOX only report on the subject when they take a short break from worshipping the state of Israel. Watching FOX you get the impression that our broken Southern border is only a minor problem that can be remedied by increasing foreign aid to Israel.

    I hope Lou lands on his feet somewhere doing something to further the anti-illegal alien cause. We’re on the verge of losing our country sooner than we think.

  10. ” I guess the Left would be more of a relative term for time period.”

    This is certainly True!

    Old Leftists like Woodrow Wilson (watched ‘Birth of a Nation’) or William Jennings Bryan (thought Blacks shouldn’t be allowed to vote because ‘Civilization has a Right to preserve Itself’) were actually quite reasonable on Racialist matters.

    How times have changed…

    ‘Don’t Write Off the Liberals’:

  11. “Lou Dobbs is married to a Mexican woman. I’m sure he really cares about preserving White America.”

    The conservative argument is usually one of legal technicality. They don’t care if we’re swamped by the third world and mongrelized into oblivion, as long as it’s done legally and orderly.

  12. “The conservative argument is usually one of legal technicality. They don’t care if we’re swamped by the third world and mongrelized into oblivion, as long as it’s done legally and orderly.”

    Bingo, Mark. Most immigration restrictionists oppose aliens on legal, and not racial grounds. If tomorrow open borders was enshrined into law most of the anti-racist restrictionists would be forced to search for a new cause. Even though Lou served a purpose while at CNN I believe he called for the U.S. to halt illegal immigration but to double legal immigration. That is sheer madness. We are sitting on a demographic time bomb and the legal immigrations are as much a Trojan horse as the illegals.

  13. Legal nonwhite immigration is worse than illegal immigration because they can leech off all government services and vote.

  14. Lou “the white ground hog” Dobbs is another system hack, who, while putting on a good entertainment show, scripted to appeal to the white middle class, was simply a hireling of the Judeo-plutocratic order. These guys are almost all well paid, leashed safety valves of the controlled media. They are there to baffle the disorganized, mesmerized white bunnies with more feel good B.S.

  15. ” Bryan was a populist and they are distinct from leftists proper.”

    While one certainly agrees with your analysis, it is also apt to point out that Leftists (particularly Bill Clinton) love to hypocritically tout Bryan as one of their own, whilst turning a blind eye to his reasonable Racialism.

  16. I wish he were still on CNN. Lots of middle of roaders and liberals watch that show. He did something to reach people that could not otherwise be reached. And unlike free trade globalists, actually had some concern for ordinary working people and the way this retarded system of open borders for people and goods is ruining the country and the lifestyles of some of its most decent and hardworking people.

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