Response to R.E.A.L.

R.E.A.L. has responded to my criticism of their protests of the H.L. Mencken Club. The trackback came through a few minutes ago. Here is my response:

1.) Give up this schtick of yours about “hate.” It takes an incredible amount of “hate” (extreme dislike) to harass your ideological opponents in real life, to try to disrupt their events, to travel all the way to Baltimore and stand outside in the rain with a cardboard sign just to make an ideological point. In your eyes, I am a “hater,” but I can’t muster up the motivation to do something like that.

You hate White Nationalists. That’s why you write about us seemingly every other day. Okay. Fine. Every human being on earth has things he or she dislikes. In reality, there is little difference between the two of us, aside from the fact that you feel your hate is licensed by our elites. You have a sanctimonious. holier-than-thou, highminded air about your organization which we don’t generally share. This is probably the legacy of your ideological descent from various Protestant cults.

2.) There is no such thing as “universal human rights.” It is a discourse backed by the authority of international law. These “rights” of yours aren’t derived from nature or divine authority. They were imposed on the world by fiat after WW2. They have no legitimate claim on our actions.

3.) We don’t share your liberal consensus that “liberty” and “equality” are the only or the highest goods. We certainly don’t believe in non-discrimination.

4.) The “brotherhood of humanity” is a Judeo-Christian religious ideal. I don’t believe in the “brotherhood of humanity” or other aspects of that tradition. The natural history of our species suggests otherwise.

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  1. I hope you guys like White Advocate’s new name. I’m White, get used to it.

    I have no problem living with a few non-white fellow citizens in a country with an overwhelming white majority, under a government committed to equal opportunity and free association, and with a culture that encourages all groups to have racial pride and discourages all forms of racial grievance. Sort like Rhodesia, except with whites making up a strong majority. Or like America up until about 1980. You could call it benign white supremacy.

  2. @JewAdvocate

    >scientists have determined that his anti-White behavior is NOT a biological compulsion, as with the Jews, but something else. (witchcraft perhaps?)

    Yes, it’s witchcraft, often called “pussy.” The man’s wife is Jewish, who could blame him? He no doubt loves his wife and has taken up the Jewish cause for her. It’s romantic. They should move to Israel, I bet they would both be happy there.

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