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  1. Happy b-day, dude. I’d lie and tell you it gets better from there, but you know better. Enjoy the last year of the 20’s, man.

  2. Since you are nearing your 30th, your ‘Saturn Return’ is coming up — it can be a difficult time for a lot of people, but you’ll make it through OK as billions of people have previously.

    If you want to learn more about Cosmobiology and get a tutorial or even a mini-reading in it, send me an email sometime with your exact time of birth (as found on your birth certificate or another fully reliable source) as well as your exact place of birth and I’d be glad to crunch the data for you. It might even be easier to discuss it all on AIM. I’m not an expert in it yet since I’ve only been studying it for a few years (it often takes at least a couple decades to master), but I’ll do my best.

  3. Happy B-Day Hunter! 29 ??? Lookin’ at ya from more than 2x that age, I’d say you’re doing really well in your work. Like all of the above, thanks for what you do, have done, and will do.

  4. Happy Birthday–and may you have many more productive years before you. You exhibit great maturity of outlook for someone of your years, particularly one who has made the momentous decisions you already have.

  5. All the best, Mr. Wallace.
    You’re doing fantastic work, approaching difficult issues in a mature and productive way. KUTGW! (Don’t forsake your personal/private life either.)

  6. Fröliche Geburtstag, Herr Wallace!

    I wish you much strength, health and happiness in your thirtieth year.

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