Alex Kurtagic has beaten me to the punch and produced a review of 2012, Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster flick, for TOQ Online. I recently watched it on bootleg over at a friend’s house. Alex has done a good job covering the PC multiculturalist angle of the film, but forgot to mention the most outrageous part: at the end, the survivors of the global cataclysm discover that Africa is the only surviving continent and set course for the Cape of Good Hope.

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  1. Damn it, the Jews are annoying. They and their goy collaborators NEVER waste an opportunity to stick it to Whites. Their activities are creating profound grievance and righteous hatred among racially-conscous Whites that can’t help but be released some day, to the Jews’ sorrow.

    Fuck the Jews, forever.

    And these are the blood-sucking parasites with whom FB wants WNs to work? Funk dat.

  2. You’re not missing anything. As Alex says, the President of the United States is black, the top scientist is black, the guy who discovers the problem is Indian, and Whites are cast in a variety of negative roles (nutty conspiracy theorist, privileged billionaire, failed author, callous government insider).

  3. Woody Harrelson’s nutty conspiracy theorist role reminds me of the kook who took down the spaceship over Area 51 in Emmerich’s Independence Day. Whites are only sympathetic when they are dysfunctional in some way. In that case, a Jew and a negro saved the day by uploading a virus from a Mac into the alien mothership.

  4. Emmerich was also behind The Day After Tomorrow when White Americans are shown illegally crossing the Mexican border, a character based on Dick Cheney is the bad guy, and the survivors humbly take their place in “what used to be called the Third World.”

  5. I prefer the post-apocalyptic movies where only white people are left. 🙂 Otherwise what’s the point??

    The Time of the Wolf.
    French film. It was all right as far as I can remember. I think everybody was white. They are post Apocalypse though and they never explain what happened to cause it.

  6. The survivors in the Mad Max films seem to be all-white (with exception of Tina Turner). But then again, they’re set in Australia.

  7. On “The Day After Tomorrow” toward the end a tv announcer loudly proclaimed that the government of Mexico has agreed to accept refugees from the United States. The message being that since theoretically on the silver screen Mexico would help us in our time of need so we should reciprocate and accept their dirty, poor, criminally disposed and unskilled mestizo population.

    I presume Roland Emmerich is a Jew. Must be just a coincidence that all the bad ones are in positions of influence and authority.

  8. The collective subconscious of White America is bubbling over with unfocused dread. In virtually every facet of their lives, things are declining, regressing, falling apart, and leaving them behind. A web of taboos and obfuscations keeps them from connecting all of these dots into a cohesive model of what’s actually happening, so it finds release in postmodern doomsday cults (2012 prophecy, global warming, Christian Zionist dispensationalism, etc…). In the spirit of catharsis and profiteering on misery, our overlords have seen fit to create this film which truly captures the spirit of the times.

    And why complain about Whites being depicted in movies as cowards, liars, hypocrites, and fools? Is there an alternative in this modern world? Now, a movie that portrayed contemporary White men as honorable and dominant examples of discipline and courage…THAT would bankrupt the special effects department.

  9. I presume Roland Emmerich is a Jew

    Not sure, but I am given to understand that he is an unrepentant sodomite.

  10. Don’t make us choose sides between rabid internationalist conspirators and rapacious multinational conglomerates!

  11. And the Jews are at it again! They have another anti-White movie coming out. It’s called Avatar!


    It serves two purposes. 1. It’s intended to instill White Guilt over White Settlements, particularly in (but not excluded to) North America. 2. It’s also a way to promote miscegenation between carbon-based humans and logically sillicon-based aliens. This makes no more sense than mixing the DNA of a human and a butterfly’s-both carbon based. But who said logic was the Hollywood Jew’s strong suit?

  12. “14Hunter Wallace

    Anyone hear about global warming being exposed as a hoax?”

    Lord Monckton does a pretty good job of it.

  13. I have also noticed that new Twilight movie seems to promote miscegenation between Brown Hispanic males and cute Irish women. 🙁

    What morally healthy society applauds sexual intercourse between attractive White girls and non-White mutant creatures? And the White girls are rushing to cinemas for the Jewish cosmopolitian propaganda.

    This is more than enough evidence to prove Hollywood must be restrained, if not eventually ended. If we get a new constitution, we will have to develop a check on Jewish film-making. This is a must!

  14. Well, a white woman wrote the book and from what I’ve read it’s an accurate translation.

    The male you refer to is a mixed Amerindian. The Amerindian tribe in the book can change into wolves.

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