Anti-Immigration and White Nationalism

At Imagine 2050, Sarah Viets is literally crying over the alleged nexus between eugenics, White Nationalism, and the immigration reform movement. She claims that FAIR, ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, CIS and so forth are fighting to “preserve the idea of a white nation.” These groups are conspiring to hide their White Nationalist roots from public view. They are using the rhetoric of civic nationalism to push crypto-racialism onto an unsuspecting public. In fact, Viets concludes “anti-immigration is white nationalism.”

Well, if these allegations are true, I never got the memo. Here’s the video that has gotten her so upset:

The central figure in this White Nationalist conspiracy is Wayne Lutton who edits The Social Contract Press. Leonard Zeskind mentions him several times in Blood and Politics. Viets claims he is a board member of the Charles Martel Society. Presumably, her source is Wikipedia, which relies on a dead link to The Occidental Quarterly site. I don’t see Lutton on the Editorial Advisory Board.

Mehler and Viets are playing fast and loose with history. The American eugenics movement was never concerned primarily with race. Charles Davenport and Harry Laughlin were more interested in class. The overwhelming majority of the +70,000 Americans who were sterilized belonged to the White underclass. Madison Grant wanted to preserve the American Nordic and fought to cut off immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe. The Second Klan was a Northern based organization that fought to preserve America as a Protestant nation.

“White Nationalism” emerged in the late 1980s/early 1990s as the oldline white supremacists began to abandon the idea of reestablishing control over the multiracial United States. It is certainly related to these earlier social movements, but only in the sense that contemporary liberalism is descended from Whig political theory. Eugenics, White Nationalism, and immigration reform overlap in concentric circles like communism, social democracy, and liberalism. They are not one in the same.

Generally speaking, the mainstream immigration reform organizations are not pushing a White Nationalist message. They are not making the identitarian argument that America is a “white man’s country” and should remain that way. Instead, they stress that illegal aliens have broken the law, that they take jobs from native workers, damage the environment, burden public services like schools and hospitals, commit violent crimes, and spread infectious disease. They certainly aren’t advocating anything as controversial as sterilizing non-Whites on racial grounds.

As with most of leftist scholarship, this article reeks of hype, guilt by association, and overblown tenuous connections. It is rooted in paranoia.

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  1. “The American eugenics movement was never concerned primarily with race. Charles Davenport and Harry Laughlin were more interested in class. The overwhelming majority of the +70,000 Americans who were sterilized belonged to the White underclass. Madison Grant wanted to preserve the American Nordic and fought to cut off immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe. The Second Klan was a Northern based organization that fought to preserve America as a Protestant nation.”

    I don’t find that convincing. Eugenics, since used by Germanics, has always been linked with racial purity. It is selective breeding to improve the race. So I would have to conclude that it is primarily, though not solely, concerned with racial purity.

    You could hardly say that because NS Germany sterilized some of its own, they weren’t primarily concerned with race, specifically the German/Nordic race.

    What Madison Grant advocated I would say is a more refined sense of racialism, Nordicism. Compare that to the pan-Aryan approach which typically includes accepting significant non-European and non-Caucasoid admixture. I know which one I prefer.

    The Klan obviously had religious motives as well, but I would say they were and are still primarily racialist.

    As a contrast, a modern form of eugenics being employed by the philo-Semites, Jews, and mischlings on the Right, like among HBDers, is one of hybridization. Not to my liking at all.

  2. Mehler… oy vey! We need some background on this character.

    “Barry Alan Mehler (born March 18, 1947) is a Jewish-American professor of humanities at Ferris State University who founded the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism (ISAR). He earned his B.A. from Yeshiva University in 1970, his M.A. from City College of New York in 1972, and his Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1988. His dissertation was entitled, “A history of the American Eugenics Society, 1921-1940.” Mehler has been a professor at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan since 1988.

    In 1997 Mehler was a driving force behind a successful campaign to have an American Psychological Association lifetime achievement award for Raymond B. Cattell postponed because of claims that some of his writings were ‘racist’.

    Hereditarians such as Glayde Whitney have criticized Mehler for employing ‘inflammatory’ and ‘inquisitional’ anti-racist rhetoric in an effort to spur activism and discredit controversial scientists through the manipulation of popular opinion. Mehler’s targets have included hereditarian psychologists, such as Cattell and Richard Lynn. They claim to have become objects of Mehler’s campaigns primarily for ideological rather than scientific reasons.

    Some of Mehler’s critics have raised questions about his objectivity because of his alleged prior affiliations with communist groups. Whitney has suggested that Mehler is simply not qualified to write about the science of eugenics or race because he is a historian by training, not a psychologist or physical anthropologist. Whitney has further claimed that Mehler primarily challenges those he accuses of racism through popular rather than scientific channels, e.g. via left-wing periodicals and mass-market TV programs, such as The Geraldo Show. Roger Pearson once accused Mehler of “activist Lysenkoism.””

    So we can see that this Jewish person is motivated primarily, perhaps even exclusively, by ideological reasons, not science.

    We can turn his argument around and say that the Left, especially the Jewish Left, is motivated by anti-white racism/supremacism. Jews who believe in a multi-ethnic, multi-racial utopia are motivated by their own Jewish interests.

    We have plenty of organizations focused on fighting racism, more specifically fighting white EGI, such as Mehler’s ISAR, but where is ISAPS (Institute for the Study of Academic Philo-Semitism)?

  3. It’s kind of funny in a way. Because the Left is trying to tell the aracial conservatives, “Hey morons, you should be white nationalists!”

  4. Regarding Viets, and her association with 2050 (hint,hint), in effect “Immigration Limits is White Nationalism”: Can you say projection?

    “She claims that FAIR, ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, CIS and so forth are fighting to “preserve the idea of a white nation.’”

    Just as the other nations get to have idea of their respective racial question? East Asians having the right to remain Yellow? Blacks getting right to remain Black? Browns (Hispanics) getting the right to remain Brown?

    All races can have their countries, and take ours! But we can’t reserve ours, nor, in effect, even reside in/share a homeland.

  5. Has anybody noticed the bizarre name of this organization, “imagine2050.”

    Imagine a number? Well, a year, apparently.

    Picture a white-hating leftist like Sarah Viets closing her eyes, and wishing upon a star, imagining 2050, when Whites are no longer a majority. She is in a frothy ecstasy! A “true democracy” of a colored majority!

    Of course, Sarah could go live the dream right now, in Zimbabwe. Why wait for 2050?

  6. In the very last frame of the video Prof. Mehler turns his head all the way to his left, and you see he’s wearing a yarmulke. This advocate of genocide of Eurochristians spends the entire video denouncing, in his whiny Jewish way, what he refers to as “white nationalism,” which is merely a desire on the part of white-race people (Euros, or Eurochristians) not to be genocided (by the Jews, the ones mainly doing it), then in the last frame he gives himself away as almost certainly what would be called a fervent Jewish nationalist and Israel supporter by showing the religio-nationalist covering he’s wearing on his head, an announcement of where he stands on nationalism, but the Jewish variety thereof, not the Eurochristian variety. For you see, in the Jewish brain no one can have nationalism, no one can resist genocide, except Jews. What a piece of foul garbage this Jewish hypocrite and genocidalist is.

  7. In a properly run Euro-race country any Jew who agitated for Euro-race genocide the way Mehler is doing would be shown the door instantly, summarily, no court case, no right of appeal, just given the boot in the rear end and send the scum packing the hell out of the decent country he’s filthily trying to destroy, into whatever scummy place is willing to defile itself even further by accepting him. This filth should be made into an untouchable whom decent people everywhere wouldn’t even spit on let alone go near. The Jews talk about themselves being genocided? But they’re feverishly engaged in committing genocide right now. Who talks about that? No one, because they refuse to permit it over the media outlets they own with monopoly control. What absolutely unspeakable filth.

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