Interview: Greg Johnson

At Voice of Reason, Tomislav Sunic has a new interview with Greg Johnson, editor of TOQ Online and regular commentator here at Occidental Dissent. I will update this post with commentary after I finish listening. Follow the link and click “Download.” Enjoy.

My reaction:

Greg’s treatment of conspiracy theories is priceless. The locust king analogy was really well done. I also get up every day and “conspire” with all of you to push White Nationalism into the mainstream. Jews do the same thing with anti-racism and multiculturalism.

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  1. When I was doing this interview, I thought I was doing a rather good job. When I listened, I was horrified at all the “ums” and fumbling and searching for words. I really need some coaching and practice before doing this again.

  2. Greg,

    I’m guilty of the same thing. I couldn’t believe all the “uhhs” and “umms” of which I was guilty during the broadcast. I think the only time I didn’t fumble for words, to some extent, was when I was quoting Evola or Godwin, so I could lapse into a dry, rote, recitation of the statement in question.

    I think it wouldn’t be bad to have a workshop for our people where these kind of skills are honed. I know people have suggested this before and I think it would be invaluable for us and our “conspiracy.” 🙂

    You did a great job in this interview, and the very minor stylistic flaws did not detract from the quality of the broadcast. You came off as clear, focused, witty, and matter-of-fact in your approach. Keep up the good work, Greg. You are greatly appreciated.

  3. I just finished listening to the GJ interview. Well done. He comes across as articulate and well-spoken. Impressive. I look forward to a more in-depth exploration of paganism. Some really interesting material there with which I’m just not all that familiar.

    To hone public-speaking and presentation skills, join a Toastmaster’s club, or get together with a bunch of your WN comrades and practice with them.

  4. Speaking of paganism, I assume everyone here is aware of Dan Halloran, recently elected to City Countil for Council District 19 in NYC?

  5. Comrade Campbell, I have already been conspiring with other comrades, including a couple who have extensive speaking skills, to hold a public speaking and interviewing workshop next Spring on the Left Coast. Code name: “Um.” But this is a secret, so remember your Blood Oath and do not mention it to anyone.

    Comrade Admiral: Good Advice. You are the third person to recommend this to me, so I know that you must be right. Several comrades and I are planning to join Toastmasters in January.

  6. I like Greg Johnson, very interesting guy. He cuts a kind of anomalous figure in the white nationalist world as far as I’ve experienced it — looks, acts, smells like a typical educated American white dude, the kind of person you run into at meetings of young Republicans, or libertarians, or Objectivists. Someone who can get a date, regardless of whatever his orientation is. Who actually is on the right-side of the intelligence bell curve. Also seems like he brings a lot to the table as far as being ambitious, without being self-aggrandizing. I’d like to seem him interact with a less ideologically committed crowd — with paleocons, immigration restrictionists, Randians and others who aren’t yet with him on the race question and the Jewish question.

    I’m curious why the Occidental Observer and Occidental Quarterly went separate ways. Both seem quite good but also quite similar.

  7. Crypto-Jew’s compliment is, of course, merely shiny wrapping paper on a dog turd. To say that I am anomalous in WN ranks for being on the right side of the Bell Curve, being able to get dates, being able to mix with other ideological types, and looking, acting, and smelling relatively normal, etc., implies that these things are not the case with most White Nationalists.

    For the record, I have never met a WN who has a lower than average IQ. It takes more intelligence and courage than the average to become a White Nationalist. Most WNs of my acquaintance have no trouble getting dates per se, but they find it very hard to find women who agree with their principles, and those who hold out for this all too often end up life-long bachelors. But the percentage of women in the WN movement is growing (particularly of young, hot, single ones), so this will be less of a problem in the future, particularly for the younger generation.

    The biggest problem with the WN world is not lack of intelligence or teeth or hygiene, as our enemies would have the world believe. The biggest problem is that we attract neurotic personality types. That is annoying and frequently problematic, but we must keep it in perspective.

    Every Jew I have ever known falls somewhere on the spectrum from mild neurosis to batshit insanity. Yet it has not prevented Jews from working effectively against us. WNs have far fewer aberrant personalities per capita that Jews, so we just need to find the knack for productively managing the difficult and afflicted people in our ranks. Then we’ll win.

  8. “Then we’ll win”. We damned well better, or it’s genetic curtains for the white bunnies. To do this, we’ll have to spark a revolution in thought among an essentially race stupid, clueless, apathetic, materialistic, atomized White population. We are, in fact, trying to save an ungrateful people from their own foibles and vices. A tall order. It has been done before, and it can be done again. If we want to fill up stadiums with resurgent racial political rallies, instead of degenerate inter-racial sports spectacles, we need to hustle. This is truly the eleventh hour, as Tyndall, Pierce, Duke and other White sages have implored. Only a racially motivated WN vanguard can do this, so keep up the fire.

  9. I plan on listening this weekend then posting a few comments. The interviews can get very long and I didn’t have time during the previous week, but am looking forward to hearing more of Greg’s philosophy.

  10. Overall a good interview and I was heartened to hear that there actually is a lot more white people who share our worldview then we’ve been led to believe by mainstream news sources. A great point was how the mission of TOQ is to change the dominant culture that’s paving the road to hell for white people. The late Dr. William Pierce always emphasized that we live under an alien (Jewish) value system and unless we reject it and soon it will consign us to irrelevancy or lead to our complete demise as a people.

    Contact with large numbers of non-whites is really the best education for white people of all ages because their real behavior bears no resemblance to what we see on the Jew tube. People assume that locales with overwhelming white majorities are safe havens and fertile ground for the WN message which generally isn’t the case. This is because most of these whites have had only limited contact with non-whites and largely form their opinion based on television and movies. Since non-whites are almost always favorably portrayed the racial neophytes of small town America and suburbia hold a favorable opinion of them.

    Illegal immigration is a great example. For a long time most whites felt that Mexicans were just smiling, happy go lucky, hard working people looking for better opportunities. As more and more towns and cites became overwhelmed by illegals the residents saw a sharp increase in violent crime rates, gang activity, and drug dealing. In 2007 a Tulsa, OK police officer even went on record as saying he feared a race war between whites and Mexicans.

    Illegals can no longer be successfully cast as the underdogs because so many white people now know the truth about them. Blacks, too, are slowly losing their status as media darlings and untouchables as an increasing number of whites become victimized by crime or are displaced through affirmative action programs.

    We aren’t quite there yet but we get closer each year. I hope the efforts of Greg and others at the TOQ will spark a revolution in the thoughts and spirits of white people worldwide.

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