The Alliance

In the United States, Canada, Britain, France, and Switzerland, the Jews respond to friedrich braun’s proposed alliance:

Don’t be fooled by Islamophobia

A small Islamophobic group, called Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE), has called for 1,000 Jews to attend its forthcoming demonstration at Harrow mosque; and for each Jew to bring an Israeli flag.

This is strikingly similar to appeals that have also been made in recent months by the English Defence League (EDL). It is also essentially the same as opportunistic attempts by British National Party leader Nick Griffin to ditch both his and his party’s antisemitic heritage, by stressing his supposed new-found support for Israel and Jews.

SIOE’s appeal for Jewish participation sits alongside this grotesque Islamophobic image on its website:

There have been many arguments as to what the word Islamophobia means; or indeed if such a word ought to even exist. Regardless of the philosophy, this image tells us everything we need to know about SIOE and Islamophobia. (Or, if you prefer, everything you need to know about anti-Muslim racism, or hatred, or bigotry).

If a Jew cannot understand why the image is racist, or hateful, or bigoted then they should try imagining it as a synagogue: with blood dripping from a Star of David; with blood dripping down the rabbi’s pulpit; and with blood dripping from the mouth of a skull that wears an Israeli army helmet.

A demonstration against Harrow mosque under the banner “Stop the Islamisation of Europe”, is as stupid and offensive as a demonstration against Harrow synagogue, under the banner “Stop the Zionisation of Europe”.

This has nothing to do with the necessary and legitimate work to counter extremism and antisemitism wherever and whenever it genuinely occurs. CST has raised awareness of the activities of extreme Islamist groups in the UK for many years. But to demonise an entire community, every Muslim and every mosque, in the way that SIOE does, shows exactly the kind of bigotry from which Jews have suffered so often in our history. For SIOE to appeal to Jews to support them shows a complete ignorance of the Jewish experience of being on the receiving end of exactly this type of politics.

It is ludicrous to imagine that one form of racism can be fought by employing another form of racism. Take, for example, the unprecedented wave of antisemitic incidents that British Jews experienced during Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza and Southern Israel in January 2009. Here we had Israel being accused of racist bloodshed – by people who were themselves committing racist attacks against British Jews. Similarly, whatever differences of opinion British Jews and British Muslims may have over Israel/Palestine, and however alarmed Jews are – quite rightly – at the antisemitic agitation of groups like al-Muhajiroun or Hizb ut-Tahrir, nobody should be fooled into supporting SIOE’s incitement against all Muslims.

This is by no means the first occasion on which CST has stressed why Jews should not be fooled by anti-Muslim bigotry, even when it dresses itself up in pro-Jewish guise. As we stated previously:

…this is the politics of hatred and division, which has nothing positive to offer any part of society. The fact that Muslims are the current target simply means that it is Muslims who should be the recipients of anti-racist solidarity.

Hatred, division, cycles of inter-communal violence, intimidation and polarisation feed the extremists on every side. They encourage social division and leave all minorities vulnerable. Anti-Muslim bigotry is a vital recruiting sergeant for both the far right, and its Islamist extremist counterparts. It generates votes for the BNP and, at the furthest ends of this political spectrum, it even provides the fuel for terrorism. British Jews should have no part of it.

Rabbi urges more tolerance for Muslims in Europe

PARIS (JTA) — France’s chief rabbi said Europe must change its attitude about Islam.

Rabbi Gilles Bernheim said a Swiss vote Nov. 29 forbidding the construction of minarets alongside mosques was a clear sign that Western European leaders had “failed” at building tolerance toward Muslims, and he called on “all religions” as well as political leaders to increase interfaith dialogue.

“Today we need to act so that Europeans, and not just the Swiss, change their opinion about Islam,” he wrote in an editorial published Wednesday in the French daily Le Figaro.

He compared the law aimed at minarets to past sanctions against European Jews.

“The problem” with the Swiss vote “is the discrimination that it introduces by authorizing the construction of church steeples and tall buildings by all other religions except Islam.

Bernheim noted that in the past, Jews were forbidden to construct synagogues taller than churches.

Opening synagogues, mosques and churches to leaders and members of different faiths would help “fight prejudices,” he suggested. He said some of the tolerance building should be done “in Muslim countries,” as well as in Europe.

Since the Swiss popular vote, polls in France and some other European countries have shown significant support for a ban on minarets and other Muslim symbols. A French Institute of Public Opinion poll conducted early this week said 46 percent of the French did not want more minarets in France, versus only 40 percent who would accept them.

Jewish group slams Swiss ban on minarets

Anti-Defamation League urges Switzerland’s government to be vigilant in its commitment to ensuring freedom of religion

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on Wednesday urged the Swiss government to be vigilant in its commitment to ensuring freedom of religion, following a Swiss popular referendum that amended its constitution to ban the construction of minarets

ADL National Chair Robert G. Sugarman and ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman issued a statement saying, “On November 29, the Swiss Muslim community fell victim to a populist political campaign of religious intolerance, led by the far-right Swiss People’s Party (SVP). The Swiss government opposed the initiative during the campaign and underscored its commitment to religious freedom in a statement after the vote.

In the statement, the Jewish group urged the Swiss government “to be vigilant in its defense of religious freedom, even though the SVP is the largest party in the Swiss Parliament and has two of the seven government ministries.

“The Federation of Swiss Jewish Communities (FSJC) clearly stated its opposition to the initiative before the vote and expressed its disappointment at the result,” the statement added.

According to ADL, “This is not the first time a Swiss popular vote has been used to promote religious intolerance. A century ago, a Swiss referendum banned Jewish ritual slaughter in an attempt to drive out its Jewish population. We share the FSJC’s stated concern that those who initiated the anti-minaret campaign could try to further erode religious freedom through similar means.”

Canadian Jewish Congress `concerned’ by Swiss minaret ban.

TORONTO – Switzerland’s recent referendum calling for a ban on the construction of minarets alongside mosques has stirred protests around the world and now the Canadian Jewish Congress is adding its voice to the concern.

The ballot held this week surprised observers when 57 per cent of voters supported the ban on minarets, or towers on mosques from which calls to prayer are broadcast.

“State-imposed bans on essential elements of houses of worship are inconsistent with freedom of religion,” said congress president Mark Freiman in a release.

“When the bans apply only to one group, they are also inconsistent with the fundamental right to equality.”

That’s why the group is “deeply concerned” with the referendum’s results, Freiman said, adding that “as Canadians and as Jews, we hold tolerance dear to our hearts and understand the consequences of discrimination.”

The legally binding referendum was spearheaded by Switzerland’s far-right, nationalist Swiss People’s Party.

Walter Wobmann, the president of the initiative committee, said in a victory speech following the referendum that “we just want to stop further Islamization in Switzerland.”

There are about 400,000 Muslims in Switzerland, or five per cent of the population.

The CJC joins a host of countries as well as the Vatican and human rights groups that have condemned the decision.

Existing minarets are not subject to the ban.

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  1. WP, the Gnomes of Zurich quote was the product of the most philo-Semitic of the UK’s 20th Century Prime Ministers (Harold Wilson)and simply cannot be construed as anti – Jewish. The boards of directors of the largest Tier One, Zurich – based Swiss Banks, viz., UBS, Credit Suisse, Bank Vontobel and Bank Baer are overwhelmingly German – speaking Swiss.

  2. Comment #49, by WP: And ironically-the more totalitarian America gets, the more anti-Semitic it gets. Probably for two reasons: 1. Jewish organizations will crack down on free speech with increased racial conflict; and thus increase (racially) universal anti-Semitism. 2. And it may benefit the US Federal Government to center the hatred at Jews to prevent the various racial groups from conflicting with each other, and seceding from the Nation.

  3. The Swiss have been wise for recognizing the jews game for what it is and maintaining a invisible anti-bacterial barrier. It is the core reason they are successful.

    The White nationalist movement is no longer a freak show of misfits, but the most dynamic and intelligent citizens social/political forums today. A sign of where the future is heading.

    Jews are noting this. They are going to work very hard to infiltrate these forums. Expect to see some forums dissolve as the hosts declare ‘we must work with the jews to gain respectability and succeed!’

    On others it will be ‘after a very long and hard period of thinking…..’
    And ‘For the good of the movement I think that we need…….”

    If there are traitors, then leave these crimes for others. But never let them censor the question of who imported the refuse of the world into our cities and lands. Who profits from degrading our culture and grows rich with filth, pornography and prostitution. Who led the charge to denigrate and replace the repository of the wisdom of ages with jew-sprech from the gutters of European ghettos’.

    There is no need to cry with hatred or anger. Be like the Swiss, quiet, assured and determined, and you will win. Bring our brothers back in. Any bribes they take….in the long run it’s unimportant as long as they admit they know what the truth really is. Bring them back in quietly, the truth can no longer be hidden in the age of the internet. Because you cannot bribe everyone. And if they didn’t before, the people know now.

    Jews are going to join also, whether crypto or outright. I say let them because otherwise they will all just go crypto and join anyway and you won’t be able to trust anyone. But we have to remain determined that without the complete removal of all Jews, anything we accomplish will have been for nothing.
    So it’s a matter of…. ‘if they go quietly, we’ll help you’
    or….. ‘if they don’t go quietly, we’ll help you’

    Don’t lie to the Jew and know that everything he says to you is a lie or a setup for a lie.
    There is no reason to tell unnecessary lies to Jews, to do so would lessen our force.
    And if it’s a necessary lie. apply some elbow english and style.

    Expect to see more AngryJews in the future.

  4. @ Steve in the Swamps

    The US governments main concern is continental integration. That is why they are not protecting the borders. The eventual joining of North-America and then all of America is something that I believe they are getting ready to fight for. Because the people don’t want it, and thus are in the way.
    The contemporary zionist role in policies pushing forward integration is mainly to keep the money flowing toward Israel. More citizens, more sheep cattle to shear.
    The US governments has no part in centering hatred at Jews. Although the explanation you give is plausible, it is extremely unlikely to be probable.

  5. Grimoire: You have a great point, but things can change if and when the Country is in literal Civil War. For now, I think the elites will go for a North-South American Union. But, with a completely unexpected Civil War in the Southwest, unexpected things can happen.

    But, I think your idea is correct, and there will be no actual Civil War. There will probably be a few riots in major Metropolitan areas; and they will be crushed permanently within a couple weeks. I know our elites are invincible; and they will likely form a Union between North and South America as you predicted.

    I was just speaking hypothetically, for the second scenario. Of course there will no true threat of a Civil War 2.

  6. And with the future North And South American Union, Whites, Oranges, and Reds will all forced to extinction! No exceptions! 🙁

    Only the Brown Tropical AmerIndians known as Latinos will continue to exist.

  7. @Steve in the Swamps

    I do not think it is inevitable, I think the uprising is inevitable.There will be a few uprisings to be crushed inevitably. But this is where the wN movement of today comes in. If we build a canon of doctrine, so puissant, so authoritative, so sound….it speaks to any man who is not a psychopath, it speaks to everyman, even our enemies must admit it’s truth, if only in private… that even the immigrant wants to go home and throw the immigrants out of their country, well then we will be invincible.
    We will pull the military right out from underneath the chief executive synagogue. Then there would be some sweaty palms in high quarters. An officer in the US military has a duty of loyalty to the American constitution, not the Rabbis’ constitution. These things happen in countries experiencing disintegration all the time. It would be unusual for it not to happen. It will happen. It will happen naturally. It will happen as inevitably as the seasons change.

    This is why I must ask of you something that might seem unusual Steve. If you could see yourself imagining it…i want you to believe so strongly that a restoration will take place, that you know longer believe it, so that you see that believing in it or anything was always false, hoping is false….I want you know it. You know it so assuredly that you will see things unfold as they really are, not as they seem to be.

  8. @Grimoire

    so that even the immigrant wants to go home and throw the immigrants out of their country

    Everyone on earth regardless of their race wants to be free of parasites. Your idea is a winner which is why they will attack it.

  9. This is something I read at

    “Posted by Kievsky on November 22, 2009, 05:26 PM | #
    The Jew control of the world is like a knot they tied up, and we have to untie it.  We can’t just “cut the knot” ala WN 1.0, Turner Diaries.  Violence won’t work in occult warfare.  We have to use the same sort of wizardry that the Jew used to get control.  We can’t pick the battlefield.  The winner gets to choose the “home field,” and their home field is Occult Warfare.”
    Thank you Kievsky, Your perceptions are accurate.

    The truth to this, is more than first appears. Jews would laugh, but know that their core, Judaism …is occult warfare. It is a psychology the ancients aggregated over millennia. Eons longer than the modern era. The jews learned from the masters of great civilizations, and kept this knowledge at the core of their knowledge, developing it before Jacob became Israel. They have been waging war with this knowledge on all the high civilizations of the world, without standing jewish armies, without a country to defend, without outward violence, since the beginning. The wounds they have inflicted run deeper than any sword.
    Countries and their People remained impenetrable as long as they had psychic health – sure belief in oneself, in ones neighbor, town, country and people. The jew works on the foundations of these beliefs, over centuries if needed, until the gentile no longer knows what he believes. He no longer believes anything. He sees that the only people with psychic health – belief in themselves, and only themselves – believe in money. He sees that a people who have never believed in his country or his people, and are the enemies of his religion – have and control all money. He begins to believe in them and whatever they say they believe in. And instead of tough and wary adversary, he becomes a sheep. One need not use outward violence on a sheep, to control it completely
    The requisite and first act of occult war is to know what the enemy believes, and to change it. This is a simple rule, the first requisite act.
    The change from what your enemy believes, starts with their disbelief in your power… you dazzle them with chimerical threats and danger
    “ad captandum vulgus” (dazzle the mob)
    In the last years of the 18th century, the Protocols of the Elders Of Zion appeared out of nowhere and for no reason and with questionable providence. From newseller to the highest statesman and the crowned heads of Europe, eyebrows were raised in unquiet alarm. Shortly after, the first world war began when a jewish serbian nationalist, assassinated the Crown Prince of the Hapsburg Empire of Austria and Hungary. And the first ‘great’ world war began.
    As Michael A Hoffman in “Secret Societies And Occult Warfare” writes

    “In the liturgy of the alchemical wedding of opposites, whose patron deity is Janus, the two-faced god of schizophrenia, it is necessary that the truth be told at least once, to all present. After which, those officiating are free to lie with impunity, without fear of “sow-and-reap” repercussions, or blowback. This is a function of the alchemy that is the Revelation of the Method.
    In the prescribed Kabbalistic time relation called “the End of Days,” the final process of salve et coagula consists in the revelation, by the Cryptocracy itself, of certain of its own secret crimes. By this means, potential opponents and resistance cadres are paralyzed into dumbfounded awe, through exposure to a dizzying, carnivalesque dose of shadow-side psychedelia: a crypotogram decrypted by the Cryptocracy itself. This results in the induction, on a mass scale, of the double-mind, the spirit of Janus. The overwhelming majority of the leaders of the Left-wing and Right-wing “resistance” to the Bush administration, along with the American masses, exhibit chronic symptoms of a double-mind. ”

    The crime that you do not admit is not necessarily a crime you did or did not commit.
    To learn exactly what our enemy believes, would take a life of study, it is a riddle within a riddle. Much of it useless. Plausible denial, the jews preparation and honed skill of argument, the fact they knows everything whatsoever, of what we believe – neutralizes any advantage. This is a waste of time, and we don’t have time.
    So to the simple first rule; what does the jew believe in, that we must and can change? What do they admit, and deny without fear of repercussion or blowback?
    The induction, on a mass scale, of the double-mind, the spirit of Janus, the two-faced god of schizophrenia.
    AngryJew provides the simplest answer, this consistent belief they maintain that we are – sheep.
    It is in half of both our minds – the double mind.
    “The induction, on a mass scale, of the double-mind, the spirit of Janus, the two-faced god of schizophrenia.”
    How do you change induced belief? To question it, to reason or argue, is to succumb. A belief in itself is in it’s very essence a faith in something unknown, intangible. The antidote, as Hoffman writes, the ‘alchemical wedding of opposites’ is to know, it is knowing.
    What is it we strive for? It is known by us and our enemy as a belief. Know that it will happen, know that it is already happening. You will see it unveiling itself in time.
    What should you believe in? In nothing – the answers unveil in time.
    Metalogic and occult war is not ideology, a set of beliefs or religion. The use of metalogic, or the occult through the transubstantiate of ritual, into articles of signification, is how a religion harness this force.
    All our religion, our ideologies are known by the enemy . They cannot be used for war now.
    The first requisite step will be taken when we dismiss our compromised beliefs and simply know that what we strive for is happening right now.

  10. Prozium, you’d probably enjoy the fact that I just asked to be banned (and it was honored) on JTF because religious Jews kept calling me a Nazi.

    In your mind, that proves you right.

    Too bad I still support revisionist (not religious) Zionism and still consider the Kahanists useful.

  11. I concede, Hunter, that my idea that Jews would be some kind of “race realist hbd goldmine” was stupid. Having a tribal religion and understanding race in a physical sense is different.

    Look at it this way. Most White Gentiles aren’t racist in a HBD sense. Then why should most Jews be?

    I’m still for people like Levin though.

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