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  1. We made the ADL

    Remember the FBI/DHS contractor weeks ago? You made the FBI, you should do a FOIA request to get the videos they made of you when you went to that Mencken conference.

    Has anyone seen the “spy price-lists” from Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, etc? They were all leaked on cryptome.org wikileaks.org and related sites. Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo – along with Verizon, SBC and the other phone companies, all publish price-lists they charge the FBI/DHS to spy on various people – not to mention what they do for the Chinese Communist party.

  2. Sehr gut! Congratulations, Hunter.

    You do an excellent job here, and OD is playing an increasingly important role in the arena of WN theorising, commentary, etc.

    While I cannot hope to approximate your prolific output, I will be making a conscious effort to write here with greater regularity in order to do my small part in creating a stronger racialist presence in the blogosphere. Let us renew ourselves with iron purpose as we head into another year of struggle.


    Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil!

  3. Much praise on passing this milestone Hunter. As others here have said, your website is indeed shaping up to be one the prime meeting places for those interested in top-notch pro-White thought and commentary.

    Your website was the main one which originally turned my attention toward racialism/race-realism and then, slowly but surely, White Nationalism — without it I would likely still be just another clueless White American dumb-dumb.

    Many thanks to you and the many commentators here for dragging me out of dark aracial ignorance and in to the light that is White Nationalism.

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