Our’n and They’rn

I’ve answered the following question:

“Here is the major issue that we need to address: does blogging about the Jewish Question, that is, drawing attention to the issue, is that aiding and abetting the exterminationist anti-Semites? Are we making their job easier? Are we making people more receptive to the idea of killing Jews and non-Whites? What are the moral implications of that?”

I think most people here will be satisfied. It is a fair and reasonable answer. It is not the ideological whiplash that some have expected, but a more tempered point of view.

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  1. Re:Crypto #148:”I don’t see how one can blame the Jews for the anti-indigenous and pro-immigration attitudes of European elites.”

    Jews have massively undue control over many aspects of international hypercapitalism through the organized Jewish plutocracy, and thus they are flooding Europe with cheap non-White immigrant labor just as they are doing with Mestizos, Blacks, Asians, and others in the USA and other White nations; this has the desired double-effect of giving the international Jewish plutocracy masses of very pliant and disposable non-White serfs for cheap labor in international Jewish corporations PLUS undermining the long-term White racial demography of White nations.

  2. @Friedrich
    I never said anti-semitism had ‘great political potential’. The Jews who own the mass media are going to portray anti-semites as idiots and deranged psychopaths. (Just like they portray racialists.) It has broad-based potential, but probably not ‘great’ potential.

    It’s true that 99% of all Leftist groups in the West are anti-Zionist. But they also tend to be dominated by Jews. These organizations will get fighting-mad over Israel but if someone were to portray it as a Jewish problem they’d call them a Nazi and beat them down. In my eyes, anti-Zionism doesn’t solve anything. Even if the world turned against Israel’s bully-tactics in the Middle East, what would that accomplish? The other half of world Jewry would still be running amok. They’d still be running their scams and political intrigues elsewhere.

    I’m not proposing an ‘alliance’ with anyone. I’m proposing we make non-Whites more ‘Jew-Wise’ in an effort to bring the heat on the Jews. They’ve been stirring up non-Whites to fight us for years with the anti-colonial struggles and “civil rights” movements. It’s time to turn the tables on them.

  3. How typical of Braunsteinberg – in comment #145 he links to an interview of Wilders with some repulsive self-promoting neoCONservative Rand-worshiping Jewess named Pamela Geller who of course cares more about Jews, Israel, killing billions of Muslims, and Randian hypercapitalism rather than preventing the White race from going semi-extinct in the 21st Century.

    Whose side are you on, Braun?

    Braun is basically a neoconservative. He disparages Jared Taylor but favorably links to an interview conducted by Pamela Geller, so I think it is clear that he considers Jewish interests more important than white interests.

  4. I thought Friedrich Braun said he was done with this blog and had already left. It looks like Wikitopian was right.

    Geert Wilders is an implicit racialist. It’s simply impossible to be an explicit racialist today in the West and expect any sort of real success. He has pushed the envelope as far as he could while still remaining politically viable.

    So Braun is opposed to racialism as well. His strategy is the conservative strategy: “We need to downplay race so we can win elections and sneak up on the liberals.” For over forty years it has failed. Republicans have won plenty of elections but done nothing to halt or reverse white racial decline in America. Electoral and political success is not the ultimate objective. Braun’s strategy is futile if we want to preserve our ethnic genetic interests.

    Braun has called for the comments on this blog to be closed, attacked Majority Rights, and attacked Jared Taylor. He thinks the likes of the Jewish Defense League, the Jewish Defense Organization, Pamela Geller, and Avigdor Lieberman should be our friends and allies.

    Braun is opposed to (explicit) white ethnonationalism, is extremely pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, and is essentially a neoconservative. A few weeks ago Braun said that it was perfectly reasonable and understandable for Jews to “hate [white] ethnonationalism” and “try to undermine manifestations of racial solidarity or ingroup outgroup dynamics.” However, he thunders against white nationalists who are anything but slavishly pro-Jewish and demands that pro-whites fully accept Jews and put them in leadership positions. Braun even laughably asserted that Nordicists accept Jews!

    Before Braun snipes back, calls me a wacko, dreg, asshole, or Judeo-obsessive, and accuses me of “hate and irrationality,” let me reiterate my support for the Arthur Kemp approach. I agree that the “cancers” in the pro-white movement need to be marginalized. However, this does not mean that I agree with Guy White and Lawrence Auster or that I support neoconservatism.

  5. @Iceman #122
    ” My point is that the term is tied to nazi germany, and hitler did not consider all europeans of non-Jewish ancestry to be candidates for aryaness.”

    Aryanism is not a political party you are rejected or prevented from joining. It is ancestry, you are or you are not. He did consider any European as European, of sufficient aryan stock if they were so, if they were not, they were not and it was of no consequence. The idea he was going to exterminate any European of non aryan stock, or send them into slavery, is sheer propaganda and unsupported by any evidence outside of allied propaganda reels.
    Far more Jews served under Hitler, or lived unperturbed lives on State pensions than is acknowledged. The primary reason Jews were sent to concentration camps was because they would not leave voluntarily . They had 6 years warning and offered market value for their property. The World Zionists Council had maneuvered every country to close their borders in order to exacerbate the problem….and repeatedly advised the Jews of Germany not to leave. This comic book outlook on Aryanism and Hitler in unhelpful to you if you want to broaden your mind and develop wisdom.

  6. “So Braun is opposed to racialism as well. His strategy is the conservative strategy: ‘We need to downplay race so we can win elections and sneak up on the liberals.’ For over forty years it has failed. Republicans have won plenty of elections but done nothing to halt or reverse white racial decline in America. Electoral and political success is not the ultimate objective. Braun’s strategy is futile if we want to preserve our ethnic genetic interests.” ( — MGLS)

    Good catch by MGLS. That hadn’t occurred to me, but it’s right: Braun’s new stance is precisely the conservative strategy, “Sneak up on the liberals.”

    “Geert Wilders is an implicit racialist.” ( — FB)

    Wilders in office would be worlds better than anything they have in there now but I’ve seen zero to suggest he’s a covert racialist. Take Stephen Steinlight over here: if he were running for office I’d support him to the hilt but he’s in no way whatsoever concerned about race, only about Islam and the Jewish community here. Wilders is in the Fjordman/Gates of Vienna camp: anti-Islamization of Europe, indifferent to its negrification.

  7. My point being half-a-loaf is better than no loaf at all: Moslems in Europe are a big part of the problem — solving at least that much, which Wilders stands for, would be a huge step in the right direction even if the rest of the crisis, namely Europe’s racial transformation apart fron Islam, had to await the next stage of our hoped-for roll-back. But no, I see no evidence Wilders would ever stake out a racial position in addition to his stated anti-Islamist one.

  8. I agree that there were individual Jews who aided Hitler. I agree that Hitler made exceptions for some Jews. I don’t think this makes him less “bad.” My point is that I’m completely non-aryan, having no northwestern european ancestry, but completely white.

  9. In order to get mainstream appeal, you need to anti-semitism (at least extermenationalist) but you also need to reject forced segregation, an ethnostate, etc. Jim grow wasn’t pure segregation but really one group being privileged over another while living in close proximity. Plus you can’t return to the past. History only moves forward.

    What’s left? Voluntary segregation, race realism (study of human biodiversity), etc. That’s hardly extreme.

    I like to advocate an authoritarian state and bash capitalism, but I’m not sure how many people would feel me on that except maybe with the recession.

  10. Much ado about nothing, at this point.

    There are false dichotomies here, I see at least two:
    “Either you are Alex Linder, or you are Friedrich Braun”. Either you support violence, or you want to embrace Jews. Wrong. You can be Kevin MacDonald, or David Duke, who frequently and explicitly describe Jews as enemies, and who rally whites to the cause, without ever losing composure or advocating genocide.

    “Either Jews are partners, or they are always enemies”. I think they are enemies, but the way to deal with someone like Geert Wilders is to support him from a distance, but never to let him in to a position of trust within a WN organization. You do this by building an organization or movement in which all members are white

  11. Speculate all you want about a whites-only movement to save the Anglo-Saxon race and western civilization itself from Jew-organized, multiracial destruction. Sounds good, in cyberspace. In the real world as it is now, it will lead only to a White bantustan with ever-shrinking borders. And then no white race. Consider the sad experience of A.H.: when the German Army invaded the Red Empire in 1941, tens of millions of Balts, White Russians, and Ukrainians welcomed the soldaten as liberaters, who, they thought, had come to break the communist shackles. Instead, even while doing the Jews, the Master Race proceeded to loot, slave and massacre the Slavs (and others) who on every criteria but one – race – shared their values and wanted to fight on their side. As a direct result, Hitler lost the war on the Eastern Front, lost the entire war…and Nordic Germany lost all. Think this through. Very carefully. For my part, after reading through all the stuff and nonsense on this blog – and the few gems of wisdom – I suspect it is going to take an Apostate Jew – as usual – to lead you White, Christian sheep to the Promised Land.

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