A great philosopher once declared that “discourse is war“. Arguing, debating, discussing, and persuading is important work. It’s certainly not the only work, but it’s powerful work. I’ve been awakened to our interests for several years, but have only taken this work – the work of reaching ordinary people – seriously for about the last year. I tried to persuade friends and loved ones before then, but I was almost always ineffective.

Lately, I’ve been on a roll, though. The recent political and economic circumstances may be giving me a tailwind, but I believe it has had more to do with how I’ve modified my delivery. Now I frame things in a more positive and relevant context. I try to show how it relates to them.

Ordinary people don’t care about generic “group interests”, genetic relatedness figures, or even startling crime statistics. They care about their neighborhoods, their jobs, their safety, and the welfare of their immediate family. The overwhelming majority of humans are driven by instincts and emotions, with their reason serving little more than a secondary role of rationalizing what they’re doing.

Virtually everything I used to argue was aimed at their reason, with predictable results. The good news is that, as any liberal will proudly confirm, the most Whites are instinctively and emotionally racial already. We just have to help them recognize that the only way to defend what they implicitly cherish is by explicitly recognizing and defending it. Our case sells itself after we get around the modern firewall of indoctrination.

While I’ve learned a lot about how to convert “persuadables” through trial-and-error, I’ve lately been reviewing a “Global Language Dictionary” from the usual suspects. It takes mastery of discourse to a whole new level. Many of the general principles in it work in almost any discourse, and I believe our own movement could also profit from a similarly serious and systematic study of what works, what fails, and what backfires.

What are your own experiences with attempting to persuade friends and acquaintances in the real world to White Advocacy? What works? What doesn’t?

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  1. My success rate in trying to ‘convert’ among my friends and acquaintances is very bad, but then again I don’t make it a point to bring up racial issues in daily conversation. I’m not a people-person and tend to be introverted, so my friends can be counted on one hand.

    My goal is to write and put out information via the internet where those who are curious about racial issues can find this information and use it to make their own decisions. I want to appeal to the few who are swayed more by facts than emotion. It’s funny because I have repeatedly heard various personalities claim that people don’t care about crime statistics or raw facts, they want emotional appeals. Well, I wasn’t a racialist until I read the statistics in The Bell Curve and The Color of Crime. Emotions are momentary but the facts form the basis of our ideology.

  2. Wiki,
    I believe you are on the right track. Reason is not enough to cause most people to react or plan ahead. Men plan for retirement out of fear not good thinking. Men buy health insurance out of fear not good thinking. Men pay taxes out of fear not because they feel they are getting value from the government. Consequently emotions and irrational thinking are what rule the world. And that is where the Jew excels: Exaggerations, myths, distorted fairy tales; constant bombardments of destructive images and thinking are destroying the minds of the masses. Particularly the White Man. The Black man is elevated: He is the new Savior. He is brave. He is portrayed as the new man in White. He is the intellectual. He is rational. He is a problem solver. He is disciplined. That is how entertainment portrays the Black man; the new ruler of the White Man.

    It is great that we have men like Dr. McDonald and Mr. Taylor providing useful and factual information. We should not be ignorant. However, we are in a propaganda war.

    Until the White Man’s leadership learns how to operate an effective propaganda war the masses will not rally or even grasp in any way the decline and destruction of what is left of Western Culture.

    Western Culture is in a transition to something foreign, anti-white, and incapacitating to White Men. If you don’t think the White Man can be turned into a weak, cowardly, effeminate emotionally disturbed man, bear in mind that there are many “Whites” in South America, Canada, the Slavic nations, and our brothers in England and Germany who are emotionally conquered. They are ruled by their women, their government, and their entertainment. At every level, high up in corporations and goverment office they bow to others!

    The White Man’s religion, modern Christianity, offers little help as it teaches to “submit to ruling authorities as they are ordained by God, even when bad.” It teaches to turn the other cheek and go the extra mile when there is injustice. It teaches that men are to love their wives as Christ did the church, even when they deserve to be thrown away. It teaches that women are morally superior even though it was Eve who was seduced and nagged her husband into a sin that destroyed mankind. Please do not flame me about the above observations.

    So we come back to only one question: How do we stir the passions and emotions of the White Man to rule, to conquer, to build an empire for himself and the future of his offspring?

    Best Regards,
    Sherwood Smith

  3. My success rate isn’t high either. I can bring them around on some issues, but they are just scared to death to advocate a pro-white stance. I’ve had many friends turn on me and ostracize me for it. It’s something else.

  4. Sam Davidson, do you know where I can find a good reference showing that even if you correct for socioeconomic status and education, blacks still commit far more crimes than whites?

  5. Nothing about incomes or education there.

    My cousin-in-law came back at me with this argument.

    Is it even true? Maybe it’s false.

  6. George,

    You need to actually read the report. The report discusses the significantly higher correlation between the racial makeup of a city and its crime-rate than between the average income of a city and its crime rate. Or just fire back with West Virginia. Alternatively, you can point out the crime and low-income are correlated not because the latter causes the former, but because they share the same underlying causes.

  7. Wikitopian,

    Perhaps you could comb through the Israel Project’s 25 rules and post which ones you think we could co-opt. I plan on going through them at some point, but your opinion would be welcomed.

  8. Why the hell would anyone refer to Sorren Renner as a “great philosopher”? Are you out of your mind, or were you being sarcastic. For your sake, I hope it was sarcasm.

  9. @Sam Davidson
    Color of Crime was really the Point of no Return for me, as well. People tend to develop a theory of mind based on how they think and learn, but I suspect that we’re all self-selected for being the kind of people who are especially inclined to data-driven approaches to political and social thinking. We’re all good at different things. If your work works for you and it’s working, then it works.

    I’m with you on the nature of man and the need to stir passion, but have a different perspective on Christianity and women.

    Advocating our interests is socially difficult and many people are so effectively propagandized that they regard you as a moral inferior for merely suggesting it. I have a high school pal who’s a wretched alcoholic with a string of failures, but he is very disappointed in me for my Hate(tm). It would be amusing if his drunken tirade at me didn’t typify our challenge in a nutshell.

    Depending on the interest, reception, and ideas, I would like to collaborate on something slightly more ambitious: a Simple White Advocate’s Guide. It would borrow ideas from the TIP report, but also include stuff that people like you and I all know. I was amused when you threw out “West Virginia” because I’ve used that so many times in discussions and debates in real life.

    It took me years to build up the arsenal of debate tactics that help me reach people. I dumped a lot of them into my book, but I’m sure there are more out there. I would love to have them all in one easy place for us to refer to.

  10. George, on pages 11 and 12 of The Color Of Crime it shows the correlations between race, poverty, unemployment, education, and crime. It breaks down like this:

    Correlation with violent crime:
    Black and Hispanic population = .81
    Poverty = .36
    Unemployment = .35
    High School dropouts = .37

    Even when you add education AND economic status together, the racial aspect is still more important in determining the crime rate!

  11. My approach with friends and acquaintances is discussion of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and its fabrication of news, the cultural suicide America is facing from illegal and government sponsored immigration of third world parasites, the liberal poison used to indoctrinate our children into their agenda, and the lack of honest discussion on crime, personal accountability, and mob behavior. My goal is to awaken as many fellow European Americans as possible through mature dialogue. Mature dialogue is often enough to at least get their confession that they also see something is wrong in America and that we are under attack by the MSM, minorities, and Islam.
    When your approach comes off as some Red Neck on a banter about all the blacks, jews, mexicans, etc, you immediately turn off your audience. I have found that when you ask someone “if it was like this when they were growing up,” this is usually enough to get them to open up about issues facing whites in America today. Not once do I have to mention the race of those assaulting our culture and way of life or the self loathing whites who defend them. It becomes easily apparent to them -or they knew this all along and didn’t know the best way to address their issues.
    What are the most effective weapons against this new “Change We Can Believe In” nonsense? Money$$ and politics. Do not spend a dime in any business or institution that clearly advocates multiculturalism or the divide and concur tactic being used by liberals and the MSM called diversity. Elect representatives who advocate our interests and will spend our tax dollars supporting them.

  12. Regarding persuading others, what works best is doing it incrementally. You cannot persuade a normal person toward a viewpoint in a subject as large as White Nationalism. There are a logical series of phases which need to be progressed through. These are:
    1) Racial differences in intelligence (Bell Curve stuff). Get the person to explain why blacks/hispanics dont do as well on tests, and drop facts until these differences are obvious. Noting that virtually all geniuses come from European peoples is also useful.
    2) Racial differences in crime.
    3) The coming minoriy status of whites (minority by 2050, down to probably 25% by the end of the century). Its especially useful if a person has a child, and has to face the realization that their race is heading toward possible obliteration.

    Convincing a person of these three items will require multiple conversations. Instead of trying to persuade fervently, ask questions and allow the person to answer them, dropping facts that can be quickly shown (6% of black males commit over 50% of murders, for example). Dont force the issue or be bombastic, and try to avoid a heated debate (where the other guy has to become a lawyer and “win” the argument, rather than genially trying to come to the truth). Instead, have a friendly, positive attitude. Be persistent, continue discussing the subject at different times.

    Realize that persuading someone is a process that cannot be done quickly. Use an item in the news to start the conversation, such as a horrible black-on-white crime, or something about test results (that is in the news a lot).

  13. Idea Scrape:

    (1) Make facts readily available [Sam Davidson]

    When given the poverty excuse for Black criminality, (2) compare Blacks in poverty to Whites in poverty in places like West Virginia [Weston]. To reinforce your statements, (3) refer them to Color of Crime [Mark], but be sure to (4) point out that it’s a compilation of federal statistics, not a book by a racial group [Wikitopian].

    (5) Begin by questioning the credibility of the mainstream sources of information [Justin].

    (6) Avoid initiating with an explicitly racialist point to avoid being pegged as a “redneck” [Justin].

    (7) Compare present to the past [Justin], confirming that America is becoming less prosperous, safe, and moral.

    (8) Engage the persuadable in a staged manner [Andrew], recognizing that the transition from mainstream American to White Advocate is too great of a transition for a single leap.

    (9) Start with racial differences in intelligence, then establish racial differences in criminality, then appeal to our group interests in light of current trends and the aforementioned racial differences [Andrew].

    (10) Use the Socratic method of asking the persuadable to explain his or her current position[Andrew].

    (11) Don’t make it a heated debate [Andrew] where the persuadable feels the need to become defensive. Make it win-win.

    (12) Be patient and persistent [Andrew], (13) relying on current events or topics raised by the persuadable as discussion triggers [Andrew].

    (14) Appeal to parent’s accountability for child’s future wellbeing [Andrew].

    (15) Empathize with other groups. Appear objective. [Jews]

    (16) Readily admit that many in outgroup are intelligent and moral [Wikitopian], and that many in ingroup are unintelligent and immoral. This is about aggregates, communities, and general patterns.

    (17) Reject innocenticide [Wikitopian, David Irving, Jews, Hunter Wallace].

    (18) Be aware of your tone [Jews] and body language. Don’t be angry, threatening, or insulting. When people become defensive, they close their minds.

    (19) Relay hateful things representatives of the outgroup declare [Jews].

    (20) Explicitly reject “hate” [Jews, Wikitopian]. Invert the MSM’s paradigm by having a stack of readily available quotes and statistics indicating that the outgroups are being hateful with us – but only do this if accused.

    (21) Use the term “White Americans”, not “The White race” [Wikitopian]. Persuadables have been programmed since they were toddlers to react negatively to “race” in this context. Besides, people are inherently tribal. We’re (GuessedWorker excepted) the White American tribe.

    (22) Steer the conversation toward a pro-White message [Jews]. Don’t hesitate to reframe the terms of the discussion.

    (23) Talk about the future, not the past [Jews]. Don’t bore or scare the persuadable by going on about the KKK. Let the dead bury their dead [Jesus].

    (24) Keep it simple [Jews]. I don’t think we’ve boiled it down to a few simple data points that we can hammer away at repetitively, but we need to.

    (25) Don’t be AGAINST outgroups [Jews]. Be FOR our people. Assert that you’re an advocate for our women and children.

    (26) Concede a point [Jews]. This establishes credibility. White people have made plenty of mistakes. Don’t pretend they haven’t.

    (27) Don’t make declarative or absolute statements [Jews]. Persuadables are in transition, and prefer transitional, apparently objective, statements.

  14. Another way of understanding that is to say that discourse is war by other means. People’s habits and interests are predetermined. Words and arguments and justifications are merely post-hoc, and appeals to a rational nature have a very limited effect on the course of things.

    That’s not my full view, but it’s in there somewhere.

  15. This will sound like heresy to many – but I believe the only antidote to New World Order mind-conditioning is some radical form of religion/spirituality. Fire has to be fought with fire- and if that doesn’t work- try (spiritual) water such as is to be found in religions outside the so called Judeo-Christian matrix. Buddhism and Islam (yes- Islam) are not subservient to the Judeo-centric “narrative”… especially Islam. Luminaries like Ernst Jünger, Ludwig Clauss, Titus Burckhardt, Julius Evola and René Guénon all can’t be wrong!

  16. Mehmet,

    You’re absolutely right. But these kinds of practical activist strategies are very important tools to help us buy time until a G.E.S. can be devised which serves the purpose you describe. In strategic terms, it’s not either/or. In terms of investing time and resources, the job of accomplishing what you suggest will be for a very gifted man or group operating discretely. For most people, including myself, the best work to be done is the polemical and political work we’re fit for.

  17. Use the James Bowery direct appeal to self-interest; guard the borders, cut taxes and press for states rights.

    Laboratory of the States Platform:

    1) Bring all troops home and make the top priority of the Federal government to protect US territory from trespass.

    2) Only one Federal tax: 5%/year on land value. No filing. Individuals own first $80,000 of land value tax-free.

    3) Turn over all Federal programs to the States, with funds apportioned by number of adult citizens.

    The objective is to control the US House of Representatives in the next election cycle.

  18. Basically I see three steps to converting people

    1) having non-whites in this school causes crime, destroys neighborhoods and schools etc.
    2) The cause is not the fault of whites
    3) It is moral and necessary for whites to want to stop this.

    Talking just about crime and immigration etc. are sufficient for #1. I think genetics is important for #2. As for #3, I don’t think Franklin Salter or Kevin MacDonald is going to convince them. I usually use double standards (e.g. If it’s OK for Israel to be Jewish, Japan to be Japanese etc. why can’t Europe be European) and history (We were never a nation of immigrants, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, etc. all wanted America to be European)

  19. @Desmond
    You’re arguing for an implicitly pro-White solution. I’m talking about persuading people to become explicitly pro-White. Additionally, you don’t appear to explain how to persuade them of that, just that they ought to be persuaded.

    You brought up the double-standards. I’ve found that those can be very powerful. It seems like a lot of Whites are walking around in this state of dissonance where they basically accept the multicult premises, but detect the many different ways that the multicult explicitly holds them to a different standard.

    A lot of tea party types are in this zone.

    I often use those as a starting point but try to undermine the multicult premises and reinforce the notion that the entire thing has been a honey trap from the beginning.

  20. The way to persuade people on the fence is to give compelling responses to their questions. Here’s one of mine:

    “Please explain the difference in how the anti-semitic WN movement views Jews compared to how they treat Catholics? One of the great sins of Jewry supposedly is its advocacy of immigration. But surely the Catholic Church is as stridently pro-immigration, even more so. And while you can argue who has more power, surely the Catholic Church has some degree of power. Yet, I don’t see White Nationalists condemming the Catholic Church as “anti-White,” seeking a “catholic-free White ethnostate,” or at least telling Catholics that they have to choose. Is this not a double standard?”

  21. The key to educating members of the diverse white American peoples is, I hate to admit, the same tool that the dominant media culture and the corporate entertainment culture use most frequently to silence us, and that is modeling. Modeling simply means presenting oneself (with one’s friends if possible) in a public arena to advocate for white safety, education, or health.

    Doing this successfully will be noticed and copied by other white people.

    Note the difference between advocating for white well-being (white-centricity), and advocating for race as a concept or attacking other demographics. This is a hard truth to get, and it may be the key that unlocks the door that Guessedworker is so keenly looking for.

    Always speak out of your white voice. Two examples:

    “As a white American, I must insist that you recognize our diversity.”

    “As a white parent in this school district, I request a full textbook review of XXXXXX text book to consider ways to reduce the level of negative stereotypes expressed in the text book.”

    Once you become accustomed to speak out of your white voice, then just keep it white-centric. Way too many of us are judeo-centric (pro or con) or black-centric (usually con). The authentic white person will be able to speak out on any issue from a white-centric position in a white voice.

    For an essay which comes close to discussing modeling and how it educates, go here:

    To see a perfect example (June 2008) of an advertisement along these lines that is specifically designed to educate by modeling, go here:

  22. “Yet, I don’t see White Nationalists condemming the Catholic Church as “anti-White,” seeking a “catholic-free White ethnostate,” or at least telling Catholics that they have to choose. Is this not a double standard?”

    This is a superficial criticism easily dispensed with. “Catholic” is a religious designation, not a racial/ethnic one. One can cease to be Catholic but not cease to be genetically what one is. There is nothing of the essence in those men in the Catholic hierarchy which makes them necessarily advocate policies which are damaging to White interests. Further, the Catholic church has done nothing more than move leftward along with the rest of the zeitgeist. Were the zeitgeist to shift, so too would the church’s prescriptions regarding the interests of Whites. If for no other reason than for the interests of the church. The Catholic church is a passive, reactive actor in relation to the zeitgeist. Not so Jews.

    This is what you get when you seek to empower the philo-Semitic branch of racialism, sophistry that amounts to lies.

  23. CaptainChaos — you’re saying Jews are genetically compelled to behave as they do, but not all anti-Semites agree. Some are willing to accept Jews that convert. I believe “white non-Conservative” even told me that I would be welcome in his ethnostate if I would accept Jesus as my savior.

    Anyway, I don’t suppose you would have any EVIDENCE for your assertion that there is “nothing of the essence in those men in the Catholic hierarchy which makes them necessarily advocate policies which are damaging to White interests,” would you? Also, how can it be said that the Catholic Church a passive reactor to the cultural zeitgeist? The Church is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-birth control, and (to some extent) even anti-capitalist. It is certainly not passively aquiescing to the dominant culture in those areas, why would it be a passive reactor with regards to immigration?

    I think you would be more intellectually coherent, Captain Chaos, although you’re not going to PERSUADE anyone uncommitted already, if you simply replied to me: “Because they (the Catholic Church) are ON OF US; and you Jews aren’t!!!” That’s the truth of the matter, right?

  24. “I believe “white non-Conservative” even told me that I would be welcome in his ethnostate if I would accept Jesus as my savior.”

    If you, then why would he not also accept one who were half Palestinian, or half Chinese for that matter? I personally would be willing to accept those of partial Jewish ancestry after subjecting them to a vetting process. For children of partial Jewish ancestry that would be raised within a racially conscious milieu a vetting process would not be necessary, in my opinion. I certainly would not put the genetic continuity of the racial stock of a White ethnostate at risk – the reason for forming an ethnostate at all is after all to ensure the genetic continuity of a particular genetic stock – for the reason that one of questionable lineage had professed his acceptance of Jebus.

    “Anyway, I don’t suppose you would have any EVIDENCE for your assertion that there is “nothing of the essence in those men in the Catholic hierarchy which makes them necessarily advocate policies which are damaging to White interests,” would you?”

    Do they experience a genetic compulsion to subvert to dominate host societies? If that were the case I’m willing to bet they would express that by striving for influence in the secular realm, a realm much more likely to be conducive to achieving that end. If you hadn’t noticed, the church no longer has anything close to the power and influence it once did, centuries ago. Nor do appeals to Scripture and doctrine carry anywhere near the authority they once did. That is evidence by my lights.

    “Also, how can it be said that the Catholic Church a passive reactor to the cultural zeitgeist?”

    I wrote “passive, reactive actor,” not ‘passive reactor’. I take it you will understand the difference.

    “although you’re not going to PERSUADE anyone uncommitted already,”

    Says you. I’ve persuaded at least a few before.

    “if you simply replied to me: “Because they (the Catholic Church) are ON OF US; and you Jews aren’t!!!””

    White Catholics are genetically White, Jews are not genetically White, nor are Catholic Jews genetically White.

  25. “Yet, I don’t see White Nationalists condemming the Catholic Church as “anti-White,”

    Go to MR. There is a bounty of condemnation by WNs, not just of the Catholic Church, but of Christianity in general, for its negative impact. However, if you desire evidence then surely you are willing to concede to experimentation. Allow a white ethno-state to be established and it can be studied. Why would you oppose such an experiment?

  26. Wikitopian,
    Great job summarizing points. If you are creating a guideline or pamphlet on how to convert whites to White Nationalism, I think some points to consider are:
    1) There are different stages involved in a persuadable’s education. Usually, people need to pass through these stages on their journey to understanding. The elementary stage is what I sort of described earlier, where the persuadable accepts race differences in intelligence and crime, that Whites are an exceptional group, and that they are on the road to possible genetic oblivion. Without this foundation, the persuadable has little reason to care much about White displacement. This stage is often not easy to achieve, because many people have been taught the opposite for their entire life. The middle stage is related to politics, and is even more difficult to achieve, as the persuadable must accept that the current political system is broken, and harmful to Whites (a person with an allegiance to a political party is not easily persuaded to change his viewpoint). In addition, the persuadable must learn that the mainstream media (and the culture it produces) is harmful to Whites. The last stage is related to the Jewish question. This is the most difficult stage of all, sort of equivalent to the re-education process of The Matrix movie. The persuadable must often fight against an entire life of media and cultural indoctrination to achieve this stage.
    2) These stages are a logical sequence, and if you try to change the order, you risk a negative reaction. Trying to discuss the Jewish question with a person who does not accept racial differences will often find you branded with an epithet (racist, anti-semite, etc.), and a conversation that has completely shut down, and the subject is closed to further discussion. The Jewish question is saved for last, because the persuadable will be wondering why the media/culture/politics is so anti-White, and so is primed for this subject.
    3) In your pamphlet, try to keep things simple and relatively short, and have specific talking points if possible. When persuading, you are basically taking the role of a missionary. The Mormon missionaries are probably the most effective out there. They have a set number of lessons that they teach to potential converts. Their lessons are systematic, make sense, and just include the most important points (reading Mormon missionary material and seeing how the lessons are organized would probably be worthwhile).
    4) Avoid the really controversial subjects altogether. For the Mormon missionaries, this means avoiding the history of polygamy and some of their theology. For the White Nationalist, this means avoiding the Holocaust, the 911 Conspiracy Theory, etc.

    Hopefully this is helpful.

  27. Desmond, if you want to dream about an imaginary white ethnostate, instead of actually creating a life for yourself and your people in the vast amount of all-white or virtually all-white space that remains in North America or Europe, then go ahead — knock yourself out. I’m not opposed to your experiment. I just don’t see the need for it. Any white person who lives in a multiracial America and hates it should stop whining and move to a decent part of the country. Here’s the damn map again, so you know where to move. The dark green parts are your virtual “white ethnostate”:

  28. Crypto-Aryan,

    Excellent point, this desire for an ethnostate is putting the cart before the horse.

    First and foremost should be the goal of creating a generic white ethnicity and a feeling of belonging to a tribe, like Jews have.

    There’s no white tribe, and until there is there can be no white Zion.

    That’s why I’m urging people to stop focusing on the ethnostate and start focusing on my idea to create a white tribe explicitly for whites who want their genes to stay in the white genepool; who want their posterity to remain white.

    If anyone wants to contribute to the discussion, I have a thread in the Strategy section of VNNF – The Future of the Struggle for the White Race.

  29. BTW Sam Davidson and Weston thank-you it is in the Color of Crime pamphlet:

    “Many people believe that a bad social environment
    is a major contributor to crime. They believe
    that if people of all races had the same education,
    income, and social status, there would be no race
    differences in crime rates. Academic research, however,
    shows that these differences persist even after
    controlling for social variables.34”

  30. @Crypto-Aryan
    Yet, I don’t see White Nationalists condemming the Catholic Church as “anti-White,” seeking a “catholic-free White ethnostate,” or at least telling Catholics that they have to choose. Is this not a double standard?”

    I absolutely never agree with CaptainChaos as a matter of principle, but you’ve left me no choice. Pretending that contemporary Catholicism can be equated with contemporary Judaism in that manner is philo-Semitic sophistry. An indigenous G.E.S. which is in a state of dereliction is not apples ‘n apples with an alien G.E.S. in full effect.

    I’m really sold right now on the “three stages” model you described. It mirrors my own experience. Each step really does require the step before it.

    That Mormon analogy is awesome.

    I’m with you on the cart-before-the-horse thing, but believe you’re also missing a component in your own model. Designing a tribe with a robust G.E.S. involves far more than merely getting together some Whites who’ve explicitly decided to breed together. Humans are sweaty and stinky creatures, and the belief system which mobilizes them will be sweaty and stinky as well. Unless, of course, you would like to join the colony on Asperger Island!

    There might be a White tribe with a White Zion waiting for us to identify and embrace it. Opportunity may have knocked and you may have laughed at it and shut the door in its face. But, yes.

    White Awareness -> White Advocacy -> White Tribalism -> White Zionism

  31. “Designing a tribe with a robust G.E.S. involves far more than merely getting together some Whites who’ve explicitly decided to breed together. Humans are sweaty and stinky creatures, and the belief system which mobilizes them will be sweaty and stinky as well.”

    How do you know this?

    First of all, any belief system would have to include this belief in the importanc of preserving the White race; it is the minimum necessary belief.

    Second of all, this belief is pretty messy (sweaty, stinky), it requires other beliefs, such as the existence of race and racial differences, etc.. Also, it’s messy because pople will ostracize you for it, white non-believers as well as non-whites. This will also help in achieving a close-knit GES.

    If people want to add beliefs, they can go ahead and do it in the future, but we should start with this minimalist, fundamental system, since if you can’t get most whites to go along with it, it will only be harder the more things you tack onto it. Let the complexity evolve naturally rather than being imposed top-down.

    I don’t get your Asperger’s joke.

  32. See, the point is, this allows for whites of all kinds of beliefs and religions and political affiliations and even nationalities to be part of the white tribe.

    Once the tribe is established, there can be splinter groups who form different nations based on their political or religious beliefs.

  33. “I absolutely never agree with CaptainChaos as a matter of principle,”

    One can similarly hope that you don’t exercise selective outrage as a matter of principle, though in this case your outrage is clearly selective. The accusations of sock-puppetry and provoking/informing for the Feds (as alleged in the case of Linder and Giles) were both rooted in past behavior that aroused suspicion.

    But it could be objected: ‘Even if both true, one is damaging to the movement, and the other is not.’

    To which I would reply: ‘Oh really, just the one?’

    I am prepared to accept that the accusation of sock-puppetry is false. Likewise, we should be prepared to accept that the accusation against Linder and Giles is false.

  34. BTW thanks for the comments. Unfortunately I’m leaving soon for a week, but please keep it in the back (or front!) of your mind.

  35. I was asked in another threat to respond to George W. Here.

    The thing is that the Jewish state is far less successful than the states in Europe, which all came out of tribes. Perhaps European nationalism is more tribal than American nationalism.

    Perhaps race realism, immigration restriction and freedom from “white guilt” is the best it can get in America.

  36. @George
    Let the complexity evolve naturally rather than being imposed top-down.

    I was a bit too quick to assume a Piercee/WCotC-style worship of Whiteness as a religion, which I believe to be a non-starter, spiritually speaking.

    I don’t get your Asperger’s joke.

    The Asperger joke was a general tease directed at people with single-minded and emotionally-bankrupt visions and proposals like that of Pierce. I love Pierce, celebrate a life dedicated to our people, but believe the man was a highly-functioning autistic who was congenitally incapable of respecting or even “getting” certain spiritual and emotional dimensions of the human experience.

    There needs to be serious work on designing a G.E.S. and you’re way ahead of the crowd in working on the idea you’re working on. I’ll mull it over on my extended weekend. The big problem I see after having browsed your posts at VNNF is the Female Question. We’ve got to make whatever we’re designing genuinely attractive to women.


    I wasn’t getting involved in all that “he said/he said” smack-talking about who is or is not a Fed. I was referring to Crypto-Aryan’s apparent attempt to frame Judaism as merely a religion in the limited Western sense.

    I was asked in another threat to respond to George W. Here.
    Freudian? 🙂

    I believe the Traditional American/White American/Anglo-American tribe is every bit as completely a tribe as the more obvious examples in Europe. We’ve just got the exciting work of awakening our tribe to its shared heritage and destiny ahead of us rather than behind us!

  37. I’m really sold right now on the “three stages” model you described. It mirrors my own experience. Each step really does require the step before it.

    Though not everyone starts at stage 1. I started on WNism via the JQ. People trained in critical thinking, and/or raised around blacks, are already primed.

    it requires other beliefs, such as the existence of race and racial differences, etc.. Also, it’s messy because pople will ostracize you for it, white non-believers as well as non-whites. This will also help in achieving a close-knit GES.

    Not really. NO ONE actually disbelieves in race. EVERYONE believes in race. Whites who say they don’t are really saying they don’t think it matters, which is something different from actual disbelief in race.

    So, having reframed the issue, just roll in Social Identity Theory. The upshot of SIT is that race matters because it exists, regardless of IQ, criminality, or any other “racial differences that matter.”

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