NYT reports that teenagers cut spending; Consumerism in atrophy

Excellent news from the economic/cultural front!

Recession? Teenagers Get It, and Are Cutting Back

Published: December 25, 2009

After a year of observing their parents pinch pennies and fret about the economy, the nation’s teenagers may be coming to grips with reality.
Sales are down sharply in recent months at nearly every major retail chain catering to teenagers, and interviews with teenagers suggest that the reasons go beyond their own difficulty finding part-time jobs.

“I think my sister and I, throughout this year we’ve kind of lost an interest in getting gifts and things like that,” said Morgan Porpora, 16, who in the past had a list of things she wanted for Christmas. “I guess we’ve noticed the economy and we just kind of even feel bad I guess asking for a lot.”

Last month, stores that specialize in clothing and accessories for teenagers were the worst-performing sector in all of retailing, posting a 7.8 percent year-over-year sales decline, according to Thomson Reuters.

Consumerism has caused cultural development to go backwards; it has made mental children of grown men and women. Any setback of consumerism will force deeper, more mature thinking, which will lead to more local cooperation and more of a concept of a collective interest or a public interest.

This is the trend we’ve been waiting for. It’s our wave to surf, because our appeals have always been to practical matters and common sense. Consumerism encourages an atrophy of common sense and practical thinking; the waning of consumerism will see a waxing of common sense and practical thinking.

Multiculturalism and diversity has taken advantage of child-like adults, of cargo cult consumerists. The Multicult won’t go away over night, but the waning of consumerism and the waxing of practical thinking will create better conditions for us, and worse conditions for the Multicult.

A gardener doesn’t think only about the pest insects. It’s actually more important to think about the conditions that help pests thrive. White Nationalism 2.0 must focus more on the conditions, and less on the “pests” themselves. In a healthy garden, there are “pest insects” present, but their damage is only cosmetic. They don’t have a noticeable effect on yields.

I’m betting on society moving in a healthier direction. I recognize it’s a gamble, but any time you make a plan for the future, you are gambling. Things could turn out differently.

Just as many Whites helped Jews undermine society, there will be Jews that will jump on the bandwagon of anti-consumerism/economic relocalization, despite the fact that such a thing will ultimately be bad for the agenda of Organized Jewry.

Only a small percentage of society understands the concept of economic/cultural conditions being favorable to certain ethnic groups. Consumerism good for O.J., decentralized and relocalized, steady state economies which devolve power to localities are good for YT.

Why is devolved, decentralized power better for us and worse for Organized Jewry? Real simple — there’s more of us! A LOT MORE. Six million them, at least 150 million us. 25x more of us.

They depend on centralized control; on pushbutton power; on one phone call from Ehud Barak to George W. Bush causing the latter to interrupt a speech, take the call, and then call Condi Rice and order her to do Ehud’s bidding. It’s like magic, but it’s highly leveraged. I have read both of Victor Ostrovsky’s Mossad exposes, “By Way of Deception” and “The Other Side of Deception.” Israelis in the government, military and Mossad understand quite well how much Jewish power depends on leverage, in a way that American Jews do not. The second book talks about how Israel has wanted to get the US to attack Saddam Hussein and finish him off way back in the 1980’s despite the common view that Saddam was a stable ally of the US and not particularly hostile to Israel. Ostrovsky thought this was a crazy idea and part of his work in trying to undermine the Mossad was to stop them from using the US to fight proxy wars. This was 1986!

Back in 2002, myself and a friend attended a lecture by Daniel Pipes at my alma mater. We handed out a leaflet to the audience with a graphic of Daniel Pipes’ head on a vulture. The vulture’s “right wing” said, “neoconservatism, rapture religion, Wars for Israel” and the “left wing” said, “Communism, race mixing, open borders” and the caption was “Right wing? Left wing? It’s all the Jew-wing of America!” The American Jews at the lecture were extremely hostile and threatening and raging at us. Pipes did say during the lecture, and I quote, “The United States will have to do the heavy lifting, militarily speaking, in the Middle East.” This was 6 months before the invasion of Iraq.

A group of American college students, including a couple of Jewish college students, and one well known, outspoken militant Likudist Israeli college student, sat with us. The American kids took seats in a row in front of myself and my friend and were very hostile and threatening, but the Israeli kid took a seat right next to us, told his friends to shut up, and politely asked us several questions. He seemed extremely concerned with ordinary Americans being angry about Israeli influence on Middle East policy. Several times he had to shush his friends who wanted to demonstrate their righteous hatred of myself and my friend. The Israeli tried to ask a question of Pipes but was ignored, and jokingly blamed it on us, as he was sitting next to us. When I read Ostrovsky’s books, the Israeli’s attitude made sense to me.

Ostrovsky is one of the sensible Israelis, who understands that they have it good and don’t want to upset the apple cart. But his faction was overthrown by the hard core Likudists, who want to keep Israel in a constant state of tension with the Middle Eastern neighbors. Likudists apparently fear peace, because the Israelis will go soft and maybe even start mixing with Arabs. They know that modern Muslim Palestinians were probably the original Jewish Israelites, and don’t want to end up like them.

So however bad you think we have it, and however powerful you think the Jews are, remember that all their power is leveraged. If you don’t believe me, read Ostrovsky’s books. You will learn things that O.J. most certainly does not want you to know.

To recapitulate:

A decentralization of the economy and devolution of power, will be a deleveraging of the power of O.J. Socio-economic conditions will be better for us, and worse for them. The best thing we can do is meet the coming challenges head on, and do our best to thrive and amplify all healthy, life-affirming trends.


  1. Good insight, as usual Kievsky. The Ostrovsky books you mentioned are excellent, and, of course, just a fraction of the material out there on the machinations of O.J. In fact, Jewry’s operations really are an open secret, with books, articles, periodicals and online material galore; and all of it produced by them, themselves. So-called “anti-Semites” and their opinions are sometimes irrelevant, as Jewry itself provides an essential font of documentation. That’s all Kmac, Duke and other scholars have done, is collate the written and spoken ‘gifts of the Jews’, in order to document the obvious. Too bad the willfully ignorant won’t open their eyes and realize the obvious. Such is the power of money and media control, that most clueless Whites are conditioned to being lied to, and many of them even seem to like it! Blissful ignorance, full stop, apparently.

  2. Thank you, Junghans and Hunter.

    The real point of the post isn’t the open source info about the Jews, but that some conditions are better for them, some are better for us. Like the moon waxing and waning, I think we are cycling into a period that will be better for us and worse for them. Just like the gardener doesn’t flip out over a tomato blight that was caused by too much rain; he does a succession planting of tomatoes and hopes that the rest of the season will be less wet.

  3. I and many others appreciate your energetic and enterprising approach to white racialism. Honestly I’m not as optimistic about the future as you seem to be but I agree with your general theme. America has had a rough transition into the global economy and in the ruins left from that transition there will be opportunities for us (and even if the opportunity merely ensures survival that is enough).

    Welcome to the site, your ideas will probably reach a more receptive audience here.

  4. “Just as many Whites helped Jews undermine society, there will be Jews that will jump on the bandwagon of anti-consumerism/economic relocalization, despite the fact that such a thing will ultimately be bad for the agenda of Organized Jewry.”

    You mean like James Kunstler?

  5. “So however bad you think we have it, and however powerful you think the Jews are, remember that all their power is leveraged. …'”

    You are A GENIUS, Kievsky!!!

    *I hope you become a regular poster/commentator here.

  6. I think this is a good sign. I have started to become more discriminating in whom I buy items from, trying to boycott Jews/Asians/negroes in favour of European-American and European establishments. I would also like to see something along the lines of this:


    Buy Nothing Christmas is a national initiative started by Canadian Mennonites but open to everyone with a thirst for change and a desire for action.

    Buy Nothing Christmas is a stress-reliever, and more people need to hear about it. You can change your world by simply putting up one of the posters (or make your own) in your church, place of worship, home or work. Be sneaky about it if you have to. The point is to get people thinking. It’s an idea whose time has come, so get out there and make a difference!

  7. Hopefully as the situation gets worse, more and more Whites will demand that monie$ sent to Israel be kept here instead since we are in a recession!!!

  8. Z,
    J.H. Kunstler is exactly that sort of example. I majored in literature in college, and one thing I learned is that if the author is making an obvious point, there’s no need for further interpretation. Kunstler’s short story, “A Christmas Orphan” is a neon sign flashing to anyone who reads it, “I don’t like New York Jews, I wish I was born a rural Christian in Vermont!” I’m not sure if he realizes that he’s saying that, or that any lit major worth his salt will catch it in an instant. Kunstler has also expressed dismay at seeing “inner city types” mixing with rural White kids in upstate New York.

    We should never take our eyes off our “legitimate conflict of interest with organized Jewry,” but if possible, it’s better not to let on to the Jews that you believe that. They are fighting among each other, and intermarrying with non-Jews. Their community dilutes with every generation, except for the whacky Orthodoxers of course. Don’t interfere with an enemy that is self destructing!

  9. Hopeful signs Kievsky. I think however, more needs to be done than await the eventual decay of our enemy. Our world is also decaying at a worrying rate. The world is heavily populated with other potential adversaries in competition for the same ebbing resources. I am personally worried that if our cause, which will retake control of our fatherlands in the not too distant future, does not develop a ‘holistic’ approach, speaking to all our peoples, and able to face the external as well as internal problems we will face…we will be neck deep in a world of shit, and fighting for survival against even greater dangers than we face now.

  10. We are in a race against time. The White world is in rapid demographic decline, as are the Jews too. Problem is, they are sinking our ship and we are going down with them. They are riding us into oblivion, and our people are essentially clueless about it. If Whites aren’t callous scofflaws, patriotards, F.O.J. cringers, metaphysical delusionaires, or other assorted willful ignorants, maybe their racial radar has simply been deactivated. Ultimately, it’s still the wood vs termites analogy. Severe onrushing economic distress, as you’re alluding, is the only thing that will likely sober them up.

  11. The situation is negative, but it’s no cause for despair. I believe that, in order to defend ourselves and take back our countries, eventually we will have to be involved in some kind of military action. At that point, the gloves come off and there’ll be no pussyfooting around or beating around the bush about what needs to be done. We’ve done it before. We’ll do it again.

  12. military action and violence can be minimal to nonexistent if we develop the vision and moral force to peacefully take power through democracy and negotiation.

    An fantasy scenario would be if we actually protected the exiles while arranging passage on some Titanic, provision to slowly repatriate all american illegals if not criminal and working, and annex Canada into the homeland zone.

  13. The ‘Slicer Coalition’


    This supports the Slicer Coalition hypothesis that Jews run the slicer coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews. They slice out non-Jewish whites from major universities and every elite higher from those universities.

    Non-Jewish whites are approximately 20 percent at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA and Berkeley undergrad programs. This slices them out of the fast track jobs at elite institutions, public and private. The ones hiring are the non-whites going through those institutions. They get the power slots in government, academia and industry. They hire South Asians and East Asians, Jews, Muslims, etc. They don’t hire non-Jewish whites. They are being dispossessed by the Slicer Coalition. That Coalition is led by Jews and funded by Jews.



    *Hunter, thanks for putting this fellow ‘Old Atlantic’ on the blogroll!

    He is a superb writer and researcher … most importantly, he explains and conveys what he is saying in a most stirring and passionate way.

    He deserves a FAR wider audience for his blog! We should do all we can to assist with this endeavor. SO ALL other bloggers here, be sure to add OA to your blogrolls!

    God bless ya, Old Atlantic!

  14. I think you work best where you can write without VNNF Boat Piss-Pul jabbering and yapping and gibbering and pawing at every single worthwhile post.

    That said, I think young whiggers are simply having to make do with lessened material things coming from their parents who are increasingly hard strapped and thus merely yapping about how they are giving up on materialism. If the glory daze were to come back, they would be like hogs back in the trough. People are just like that. Few of them rise to being fully aware human beings. The non-whites merely breed to fill the environment that stupid whiggers provide for such.

    Anyway, you wrote an excellent article based upon what you read.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  15. Kievski,
    I’m trying to kick start an equivalent of the TOQ, TOO etc for russian-speaking public. Its ignorance and lack of proper high level resources with respect to the contemporary developments is overwhelming. For beginning, I’m translating what i think is the best and sharpest content plus my future contributions in the fields of my knowledge. You can help if you wish. It is very important and your contributions, with your background can be valuable.
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  16. I have nothing against Fade/Hunter whatsoever. If I think he makes mistakes — and he has made a lot of mistakes — then I mention them as they occur. Fade/Hunter is a big boy most of the time and simply has gotten used to the fact that I will and do criticise him from time to time. However, I think far higher of Fade even given these mistakes than I do of traitors like Alex Linder who runs a ZOG false front and open cesspool.

    The Movement is a network, not a hierarchy. So every single node in this network has its own ‘take’ with its own ‘solution’ and it gains its own partisans who like what that outlet puts out. These nodes are aware of each other, and sometimes at odds with each other, and some of them are cancerous and fraudulent, and thus shunned while at the same time still listened to.

    I have no problem with Fade/Hunter as Fade/Hunter because there is an audience for this sort of middle-brow content pretending to be high-brow. Expecting anyone to agree with you all the time and then calling them an enemy because they don’t is a sure way to become marginalized in jewr own bowel-Movement ghetto. Fade/Hunter caters to a different audience than I do, and thus we are not competitors, and thus we can at times be friendly. Fade/Hunter has grown up a bit since five years ago, and has opened up his own Movement audience share, which since it is different than my DSCI market share, is a good thing in my book. As long as spawn-of-Satan jews are excluded from Fade’s core audience, then I will play nice most of the time with Fade. If Fade goes pro-kike and pretends to be in the White Nationalist (bowel) Movement, then I’ll turn mean[er].

    My point above was to congradulate Rob Freeman/Kievsky for going to a place where his content will get more and better readers than the open cesspool of fuktards and ZOGling kike trolls than wherein he formerly bathed. I’m glad that he decided to leave the LinderMillerite ZOG false-front sewer.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  17. Martin, Kane and Hunter/etc have come a long way and now are the best of the best in racialism, among others. Keep on keeping on, there are only a few who are as effective as y’all. OD is the kingpin of racialism right now. Here’s hoping you keep it up for years to come.

  18. This is the type of name-calling the “pastor” likes to engage in. It goes well beyond any legitimate “criticism.” Note that this same post was posted on a multitude of boards. Not only is H.W. called every imaginable name, but also outed.

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