The Dispossessed Majority

In 1972, Wilmot Robertson wrote The Dispossessed Majority, a book that set the tone for the new pro-White movement that followed the demise of Jim Crow. White Nationalists have seen themselves as a beleaguered minority ever since. We see our culture mocked, soiled, and degraded. We see our nation controlled by a hostile Jewish elite that has nothing but contempt for our racial kin. We don’t see ourselves as a privileged elite anymore.

White Nationalists can point to a laundry list of mile markers in White dispossession: Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, Immigration Act of 1965, Loving v. Virginia (1967), the creation of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, the IRCA amnesty of 1986, the Immigration Act of 1990, the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. With each passing year, the memory of the White Republic fades and racialists burn with new grievances.

In Blood and Politics, Leonard Zeskind made an interesting point which I haven’t yet found cause to comment on. White Christians, at least a certain sector of them, look at the world in much the same way we do. They share with us a rhetoric of dispossession. In their worldview, America was once a Christian nation, but it is now controlled by “secular humanists” pushing a “liberal agenda.” They resent the “liberals” who control Hollywood and the MSM who are constantly pouring scorn on their values.

White Christians have their own milestones of Christian dispossession: McCollum v. Board of Education (1948), Engel v. Vitale (1962), Epperson v. Arkansas (1968), Roe v. Wade (1973), Stone v. Graham (1980), Edwards v. Aquillard (1987), Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), and the ongoing War on Christmas. Yesterday, Trevor Lynch reminded me of this. He pointed out that “Christ” has been literally excised out of X-mas. Christmas has been replaced by PC phrases such as “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings.” Fake holidays like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa have been elevated to compete with Christmas.

A culture war is being waged to de-racialize and de-Christianize White Americans. In his recent interview, E. Michael Jones made this point. This culture war is also being waged by the same group of people, largely Jews, and the worst Gentiles they use their economic and media power to promote. These people are usually exemplars of vicious behavior (expressive individualists) who lack any solid racial, ethnic, or religious identity. The ideal that is constantly promoted among White Christians is adolescent rebellion against authority and traditional values.

Just some food for thought. In the future, I plan to write more about this. It is another angle to the dispossession story that previously hasn’t aroused my interest.

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  1. “XMas” is not a visible demonstration od the excision of Christ from the word Christmas. The “X” represents the Greek symbol for Christ in the form of the letters Chi & Rho, albeit in a representation from the Roman alphabet which substitutes the letter X for Chi & Rho.

    See this page to see what I mean about the letters Chi with a Rho superimposed being a longstanding symbol for Christ:

  2. Cambria Will Not Yield has been defending White Christian Europeans, but not in a Pastor Lindstedt Chrisitan Identity way. There are Kinists like Harry Seabrook and the folks at Spirit-Water-Blood. But the bitter vitriolic antiChristians in WN will not hear of it. Are these guys to be purged, too?

  3. White Christians are unfit for the new Multi-Cult. Perhaps it’s time for Whites, especially Germanics, to return to our pre-Christian roots. Traditionalism and paganism–not Abrahamic universalism!

  4. I’ve linked to Cambria Will Not Yield and Spirit Water Blood for months now. I have always supported their work.

    In the past, I have been extremely critical of Christianity. I admit to being an admirer of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. A few years ago, a Young Earth Creationist got under my skin. His trolling literally drove me up the wall.

    Later, I came to my senses. I remembered there were Christians whom I admired (such as a college professor of mine) and whose work I considered worthwhile. There were also atheists/agnostics who I intensely disliked. I settled back into my previous view of Christianity.

    I think racialists have good reasons to resent or be suspicious of Christianity. The evangelicals and mainline churches all condemn racialism. Unlike the Jews, I don’t think Christians played a leading role in White dispossession though.

    The churches have more or less decided to go with the flow. They are infected by the same liberalism that can be seen in every other institution in our society.

    I’m in favor of engaging in a dialogue with Christians, but I am not yet ready to condemn racialists who attack Christianity.

  5. Tiffin, Ohio
    St. Mary’s Catholic Church

    Someone might say that’s not representative, but the pope himself advocates for integration and anti-racism.

    Pope Benedict XVI warned that racism is alive in modern society, and he urged the church to help overcome all forms of racial intolerance.

    The pope, addressing pilgrims at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo outside Rome, began his remarks by quoting the prophet Isaiah about the “foreigners” who will be included in the Lord’s universal house of prayer.

    Likewise, the pope said, the church today is made up of people of every race and culture, and part of its mission is to help forge bonds of communion between races.

    That task includes “helping civil society to overcome any possible temptation to racism, intolerance and exclusion,” he said.

    “One of humanity’s great achievements is, in fact, overcoming racism,” he said.

  6. I don’t remember the Vatican ever condemning “racism” before the twentieth century. They couldn’t have. The very word “racism” didn’t come into circulation until the 1930s.

  7. Even though Dawkins and Hitchens are anti-religion they’re still egalitarians and oppose white preservation.

    Very amusing to see them pit Sharpton against Hitchens.

  8. It goes to show how deeply infected most segments of White society are with the death wish known a ‘liberalism’; yet most Whites are clueless about this who this liberal ‘equality’ god really is, that they worship, or the kosher prophets of their toxic ‘faith’.

  9. Hunter,

    Dawkins should stay away from polemical philosophy. He is no good at it at all. His anti-Christian tracts are bordering on dishonesty, if not outright engaging in it.

    If you are interested in better quality defense of atheism I could send you some really good books on the subject by even-handed atheists. Searle, Hasker, Swinburne,Martin and Chalmers stand out as particularly examplary in this regard.

    If you’d prefer to kill two birds with one stone, and excellent introduction to both theism and atheism can be found in Smart and Haldane’s Atheism and Theism.

  10. “There are scholars nowadays who are advocating that a South does not exist, that it has merely been engulfed by mainstream American culture,” Mr. Harrelson says. “But the Southern mind and intellect, which recognize there is something peculiar to the South, is there, and that’s important to keep alive.”

    They don’t want it to exist, they don’t want any explicit whiteness to exist.

  11. Despite Christianity’s jewish origins and links, and organized Christianity’s recent subservience to jewish interests, most jews treat Christianity as a proxy for Whiteness. They despise and attack Christians and Christianity to the extent they are White.

  12. A nation must have a creed, a religion. There is no other way but dissolution. Civil wars have allowed discourse poisoners to alter a nations creed towards their goals for that nation. In Europe it was the reformation and the thirty years war that produced Calvinism &c. – judaicizing protestantism. In America it was the Civil war the allowed them to advance the process with the Strong’s concordance, and other commentary that put Israel and the jews first and foremost over Christ.

    Religion is a personal issue, and yet a nation cannot exist without a single faith, that stands inviolably above all others. Religious tolerance towards other religions. or forms of agnosticism is a cornerstone of our society. But a strong nation has one creed, and everyone whether they have faith in it or not, must respect it’s primacy.

    To those who do not respect the Christian religion. I myself once felt little more that revulsion toward the faith in it’s entirety. Yet I detected something within it. Like most people, i went to read the bible. The bible starts page one, on the Old Testament. A sorry chronicle of murder, genocide and a very suspect moral arrangement with divinity. I challenge any intelligent man to read it and not come away with the impression that Jehovah is not in fact Satan. The Old Testament is the bible of atheism, who could believe such a scripture? So I put the bible down for a few years.
    A few years later I picked it up again to read it as a study. A study of the literature and it’s place as a historical document, not as a religion. I struggled through the OT, making notes and cross references. It was difficult going, the book leaves one feeling morally soiled, and after awhile you just don’t care one way or another.

    Then finally I finished and arrived at the New Testament. And it was indeed a revelation. The gospels are something unlike anything ever written or conceived by man. I immediately realized the why and the how that they survived from an obscure, unknown desert backwater creed of the Roman Empire to become the preeminent theology of the most advanced culture the world has ever known. and probably ever will know. It has nothing to do with virgin birth, miracles or resurrection. These things i believe are a necessity for the majority of people for whom religion cannot exist without magic.

    There is the idea that the gospels are part of an archaic mystery creed. But this religion is not really about the magic celebrated on it’s holy days of virgin birth and resurrection of the dead. And it’s really not about the claimed ‘son of god’ status – thousands have claimed this. In it, Jesus says we are all sons of God, which is quite sensible really, juxtaposed with the ‘son of god’ thing. This religion is about the words and thoughts of Christ, this is their sole power. If you read the Bible, I suggest you read only the Gospels, and when you read them you disregard any magic except as special effects, like in a movie. Just read the words, the story of Christ. If like me, you are a student of comparative literature and mankind in general – you will be shocked at the modernity of the ideas…it is philosophical intellectual futurism indescribable. This is wisdom beyond magic and ritual abnegations to unknown celestial entities. The gospel of John is one of the first existential novels in history, and by far unmatched, Camus cannot compare. In fact no literature, and by literature i mean works of imagination and philosophy can match the gospels. As literature alone (imagine for a moment that all agree they are fiction) they are the greatest works, the most advanced philosophies in the history of man.

    I for one suspect they are not fictions. The gospels are too advanced and they ring so true, almost like they are from the future.
    I’m not writing this post to sell Christianity. But i am writing this to tell you Christianity, and Christianity alone, without Judaism, is the religion of the European people. Christianity is explicitly anti-semitic, just as the jews claim. Christianity also tells us explicitly why the jews seek our destruction, this is in fact the reason why it has dragged along that book of demons – the OT, throughout history. About racialism, Christ does not speak or concern himself, he makes it clear his concern is the afterlife, not this life….his view is best expressed in his phrase ‘render unto Caesar, those things that are Caesar’s’…..which means take care of business. And in this he means yourself, your family, your nation, attend to it, cleanse it.
    But he does warn of those pharisees who come preaching perfumed promises, but leave you a whitened sepulcher of death….and we know exactly who the pharisees are, they are the same pharisees we have today. The new testament, which is what i mean when I say bible, is actually up to date in terms of it’s historical characters .

    This Christian thing is not what you thought it was. or were taught it was, it is not a religion as you have ever heard it understood before. It seems to have only a famial relation with ‘Christianity” of the churches and sects and holidays.
    You can say it is not a religion, although it is wrapped in the above, and that you must discard before you will understand. My suggestion to anyone who want to understand more is, discard all religion, all religiosity and read the gospels as they are – as literature. And thats all.

    As for the future of the European people. I think atheism is a poison that has killed all who have experimented with it in the past and present. There is no atheistic nation that isn’t a prison of death and inhumanity. Paganism is an option for the extremely gullible, and not for a nation. Unless you count among pagan Churches the Catholic Church – which is a great institution suitable for pagans, but has been infiltrated. And Christianity itself is compromised and contained by various dead forms. The cleansing of the Christian faith will most likely coincide with the cleansing of nations. I believe it is in fact an integral part.

  13. An overwhelming majority of whites (91%) place their national identity over their racial identity. This finding is not surprising since whites are the majority racial group in the United States and therefore their identity as whites has historically been connected to what it means to be an American. Only 4% of whites place being white above being American. Blacks and Hispanics are evenly split in where they place their racial and national identity. 45% of blacks think of themselves as black first while 46% think of themselves as American first. Similarly, 42% of Hispanics think of themselves Hispanics first, while 50% think of themselves as American first.

    You can count me in that 4%.

  14. Hi, I’m new. Some comments:

    1. How is the voting rights act relevent to White Nationalism? I get that the civil rights act was bad but what is wrong with making sure that blacks can vote?

    2. I really don’t like it when people condemn Roe v Wade. What, you want more black and hispanic babies? Don’t we have enough blacks and hispanics already? Both groups get a disproportionate amount of abortions.
    I agree that abortion is evil and I don’t feel good about it, no matter what color the victim, but keeping it legal is necessary for the greater good.

    3. How is the election of Obama a bad thing? In terms of foreign policy he seems to be making atleast a half assed effort to end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. On the domestic front, he has already been such a disaster that he is discrediting blacks and liberals to an extent that they will never recover from. Anti black racism among whites has grown more over the past 11 months than during the past 11 years. Only a black president can make it clear to white Americans who the Left really represent.

  15. 1.) The Voting Rights Act destroyed White political power in the Black Belt counties. It literally cut the heart out of white supremacy by turning the most hardcore segregationist counties into anti-racist strongholds.

    2.) I don’t agree with abortion on demand. I’m particularly opposed to abortion when it has a dysgenic effect.

    3.) Obama’s election was interpreted as a cultural symbol of final the demise of the White Republic.

  16. Religions and cultures die. We need to consider the possibility that Christianity in the West is on its last legs.

  17. Like the question on nationalism, most whites identity as Christian first before their race (if at all). So they’d rather accept a black Christian than a white pagan.

  18. 20% of White Americans are opposed to interracial marriage. Around 10% are racialists. The overwhelming majority of these people are Christians. We need to reach out to these people and get them involved in the movement.

  19. Looks like Vermont and Oregon need a lot of hard work. It’s unreal how race stupid a lot of these white bunnies are

  20. The Admiral #6: the video linked here must be seen to be believed and even then you can’t believe what you just saw. Granted, this woman isn’t about to go out and win the Miss Universe pageant but she’s definitely not what you would call “a dog” either. She’s what you would call “OK,” she’s fine, she’s all right, there’s nothing wrong with her. What in the world is going on here????? Did this whale-size Negro just win the Powerball or something? What gives? What’s wrong with this picture???? Somebody pinch me. I give up, I really and truly just give up.

  21. There’s gotta be something that’s not visible, he’s just come into a huge amount of money somehow, or she’s got some severe defect you can’t see in the video, a grave physical defect, or mental retardation, insanity, sexual perversion/masochism, something.

  22. @Otis the Sweaty

    “Hi, I?m new. Some comments:”


    I enjoy your commentary over in Sailer’s blog (and I like your blog as wel).


  23. Check out Dr. MacDonalds view of Evangelicals, it has the same doubtful tone that I take towards this group:

    ” But the bitter vitriolic antiChristians in WN will not hear of it. Are these guys to be purged, too?”

    Listen Christians with Racialist views would be doing a lot better to go and talk to the 99.9% lemming Christians and converting them over to at least some kind of Racial common-sense then attempting to convert Hard-Core Odininst like myself (something that will never happen by the way)

    In essence: set your own house in order before coming and talking to me… get those Lutherans to stop moving negro Muslim Somalis into Maine and Minneapolis, stop those Evangelicals from supporting Jews where-ever they are on the globe, stop Mormons from converting Pacific Islanders and bringing them to America to mate with White Women… then and only then will I be willing to maybe, maybe think that Christianity might be acceptable for Whites.

    Christians have a big mess of their own to fix first!!!!!

    ” Look at it this way: If a gangster like Omar from The Wire can be a sympathetic figure, President Obama’s favorite television character, why not Bob Matthews or David Lane?”

  24. Looks like Vermont and Oregon need a lot of hard work. It’s unreal how race stupid a lot of these white bunnies are

    It’s your women buddy. The peerless mind-bending cluelessness of the white woman is truly a sight to behold. These twits verily revel in their ignorance. Their fantasies are too dear to them to allow facts to rudely intrude. Most men instinctively suspect that what clueless white female twits believe is rank nonsense, but they find getting that point across to them an exercise in frustration. No wonder a significant proportion of white men throw their hands up in disgust and opt for hispanics or what have you. (White men that go for gooks, they’re usually a different story, imo; they’re more like the male equivalent of the female twit — with their own peculiar hang-ups — rather than just disgusted white men. I mean, let’s face it, I’m not here endorsing it, but a lot of hispanics are fairly European, so even though it’s mixing, it’s still rather in the ball park (compared to a gook) so it doesn’t really seem like mixing.)

  25. “It’s your women buddy. The peerless mind-bending cluelessness of the white woman is truly a sight to behold. These twits verily revel in their ignorance. Their fantasies are too dear to them to allow facts to rudely intrude. Most men instinctively suspect that what clueless white female twits believe is rank nonsense, but they find getting that point across to them an exercise in frustration.” ( — Silver)

    The advent of women’s suffrage rivals the advent of Jews as the biggest single factor responsible for the decline we are facing. You cannot have the nation-state or race together with women’s suffrage because women won’t vote for either.

    “But exit polls show that women do vote for such-and-such less-left-wing candidate, especially married women.”

    Right, after both candidates and both sides’ party platforms are chosen expressly to be as appealing to clueless females as possible in view of the fact that clueless race-and-nation-loathing females make up half of voters, clueless women voters did, when presented with that vetted-in-advance one-hundred-percent clueless-female-friendly choice of candidates none of whom utters a peep in favor of preserving race or nation for the simple reason that clueless females don’t like those things — on Election Day, it’s true, clueless women voters do cast some of their votes for the less-left-wing candidate of the two chosen as outlined above, especially the married women. And that’s supposed to prove what, exactly? That women are ever in a million years going to vote in favor of those measures that are necessary if race and the nation-state are to be preserved?

    Unless you take the precaution of carefully and completely removing all things that nation and race depend on (such as immigration policy, definition of citizenship, etc.) from “the electoral table” before granting women the right to vote, and lock these things up, carefully stipulated beforehand once and for all, in an immutable “constitution” that can’t be changed by any amendment process or any means short of armed revolt, you can kiss your race and nation-state good-bye the minute women’s franchise goes into effect.

  26. Adding Jews to the equation just makes it go to hell in a handbasket ten times faster.

    If I had the power to undo either women’s suffrage of the advent of Jews, but not both, I’d undo women’s suffrage. Without women’s suffrage the Jews couldn’t do their mischief: there’d be majorities of men, majorities however slim, to prevent it enough of the time to keep things lurching along in a generally forward direction. But with women voting? Forget it: it’s curtains for your nation-state and your race.

  27. Here’s how I view Christianity:

    The Jews cooked up a nihilistic utopian cult and spread it among the gentiles. The Jews themselves did not join this religion, although they provided most of the brains behind the operation, like Marxism. They use this cult to undermine the Roman Empire and bring down Western Civilization. (see Gibbon)

    Christianity, by hook and crook, eventually spreads throughout Europe. (See Charlemagne) The Europeans, however, recognize the bad character of the Jews and reinvent Christianity as anti-Judaism. They chase the Jews out of Western Europe. The Eastern European peoples will have nothing to do with the Jews either, and frequently engage in violence against Jewish communities. This lasts until the rise of Marxism in the 20th century. So, Christianity begins as a Jewish weapon and ends as a European one.

    Today most Christians are marching in step with the Jewish multicultural and anti-racist agenda. But this isn’t good enough, because today most Christians are also very attached to the Western values that have developed in the past two centuries. This is why the Jews, who have turned the Christian religion once again into their own tool, are simultaneously trying to destroy its existence as a public force. (After all, why would they need Christianity when they have the mass-media and public school system and every secular force working for them as well?)

    Wasn’t it Nietzsche who said that all ideas eventually turn into their opposites?

  28. The Jews cooked up a nihilistic utopian cult and spread it among the gentiles. The Jews themselves did not join this religion, although they provided most of the brains behind the operation, like Marxism. They use this cult to undermine the Roman Empire and bring down Western Civilization.

    The opposite is true. Christianity was invented to blunt Jewish revolutionary movements against Rome. The story of Jesus was an allegory for the destruction of the Jerusalem temple, and the character of Jesus is a parody of the Jewish revolutionaries, mixed with the actual historical details of Titus Caesar.

    The Christian ritual of communion – eating the body and blood of Jesus, is based on the story in Josephus where Mary eats her baby to avoid starving during the siege of Jerusalem.

    Interestingly enough, that Jewish revolutionary movement actively courted non-Jews (Arabs and others) who “converted” through circumcision, and eventually morphed into Islam.

    Modern rabbinical Judaism was the only sect that was allowed after the defeat of Judaism because they pledged allegience to Rome. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi documents have allowed modern scholars to trace these developments, although it’s likely that the Eastern church and the Vatican have never really forgotten this history.

    Christianity is anti-Judaism.

  29. Women’s suffrage over time

    By John R. Lott, Jr.

    “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

    —Ann Coulter, Oct. 2 New York Observer

    With Hillary Clinton still the leading Democrat in the race for president, a lot of news stories over the next year will discuss women voting patterns. Some women may well vote for Mrs. Clinton, even if they disagree with her policies, simply because she is a woman. Terms like “historic” will be thrown around a lot, but Mrs. Clinton’s run really just represents a continuation of a trend that started about a hundred years ago, when women started voting in large numbers.

    In fact, if you believe all the academic research that voters do a very good job of putting into office the right politicians who represent their interests, Mrs. Clinton’s specific election is really besides the point.

    Academics have long pondered why the government started growing precisely when it did. The federal government, aside from periods of wartime, consumed about 2 percent to 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) up until World War I. It was the first war that the government spending didn’t go all the way back down to its pre-war levels, and then, in the 1920s, non-military federal spending began steadily climbing. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal — often viewed as the genesis of big government — really just continued an earlier trend. What changed before Roosevelt came to power that explains the growth of government? The answer is women’s suffrage.

  30. Women’s suffrage: if a man’s wife and daughters are voting differently than their husband/father, it’s a failure of the man. Women’s suffrage should be seen as a pro-natalist subsidy, if your wife is voting against you she’s probably cuckolding you in other ways as well.

    Maybe you should toss the Jew-tube out of your house?

  31. This is the first book I read during my racial awakening in the early 1990’s. It’s a great overview of the vexing racial problem and still relevant today, so I recommend this book to all newbies. The author relies on corroborative historical events and science to support his thesis of racial preservation so the reader won’t be burdened with untenable conspiracy theories or sensationalism.

    In later years Robertson revised his solution from saving the USA via political means to forming race based ethnostates in an effort to salvage the healthy elements of the Euro-American population and start anew. His latter proposal is detailed in his second book titled “The Ethnostate”.

  32. White Christians and Pagans should be united, at least for the time being. Our many enemies want us divided and weak, we need to focus on enemy #1 or their won’t be Whites period. The future of our race is what’s most important.

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