Positive signs from Peoria; White Middle America in Revolt

I’m not one of those people who worries about the day when Whites are a mere 49.9% of the population.  Nor does it especially bother me that those who hate us have seized the cushy positions in academia and government.  In the case of the latter, think about the fact that they have put their faces in charge right when America is on the sharp decline.  Moreover, I want Whites to become feral economic survivors, masters of the underground economy, and tribally networked.  Your contact list of friends, whether in a Rolodex, a cell phone contacts list, or an e-mail list, is your second greatest weapon next to your brain.

Optimism and cheerfulness is also important — Strength through Joy, even as economic conditions worsen and America becomes Third-worldized.  Why optimism and cheerfulness?  Robert Taber’s “War of the Flea” provides the ingredients of the witches brew we seek to concoct — the Will to Revolt in our People. From the first chapter of “War of the Flea:”

It is a revolutionary impulse, an upsurge of popular will, that really has little to do with questions of national or ethnic identity, or self-determination, or forms of government, or social justice, the familiar shibboleths of political insurgency . . .

The will to revolt . . . is a newly awakened consciousness, not of “causes,” but of potentiality. It is a spreading awareness of the possibilities of human existence, coupled with a growing sense of the causal nature of the universe, that together inspire, first in individuals, then in communities and entires nations, an entirely new attitude toward life.

Limitations that were formerly accepted all at once become intolerable. The hint of imminent change suggests opportunities that had not been glimpsed until now. The will to act is born. It is as though people everywhere were saying: Look, here is something we can do, or have, or be, simply by acting. Then what have we been waiting for? Let us act!

This . . . describes the state of mind of the modern insurgent, the guerilla fighter . . . his secret weapon, above and beyond any question of strategy or tactics or techniques of guerilla warfare, is nothing more than the ability to inspire this state of mind in others. The defeat of the military enemy, the overthrow of the government, are secondary tasks, in the sense that they come later. The primary effort of the guerilla is to militate the population, without whose consent no government can stand for a day.

Something better is possible. A world where white teenaged girls ARE NOT shacking up with blacks. Where we are not ruled by our affirmative action inferiors. Where we are not taxed to pauperism, to pay for the pet voters of our enemies. We can have White schools with high standards, and White culture without mandatory diversity. We need only act.

There is a thing called “Google Alerts” and one of my google alerts is for “racist.” So I get interesting articles every day. Here’s a link to an article out of Peoria, Illinois, Matt Hale’s home town.


Our View: When central Illinois reveals its ugliest side, confront and condemn it

Journal Star
Posted Dec 26, 2009 @ 11:30 PM
Last update Dec 27, 2009 @ 11:31 AM

Multiple articles in this newspaper over the last couple of weeks have made it abundantly clear just how many miles central Illinois has to go before anyone can truly claim victory on this being a “united” America, at least in regard to race. Clearly a gap remains between how we like to think of ourselves and how we are.

Suffice it to say, the online responses to all of the above were voluminous – the District 150 piece produced more than any story in memory – and, as expected, brought out the worst in people, even with Christmas approaching.

“I don’t want people to think I’m a racist” – of course not – “but we don’t get to advertise a White History Month,” wrote one commenter on the school lawsuit. It went downhill from there. “Or a white entertainment network, or a Miss White America, or a white congressional caucus, or a White Panther Party …” responded another.

“Oh hell yeah, I am lovin’ this! More white people are waking up every day. Separation is the only answer,” wrote another, who seemed giddy at the prospect. Mining that pre-Brown v. Board of Education vein, another opined: “Why don’t we have schools for the African-American kids with African-American teachers and schools for the White kids with White teachers? This way there would be no discrimination in the schools.” “Proud to be white,” wrote another, arguably setting the achievement bar a little low.

Others picked up on the comment by the plaintiffs’ attorney that “if this was mostly a white community with blacks being treated the same as these white employees were being treated, then no one would question whether it was discrimination.” Perhaps, though we’re not sure what “community” is being addressed here. To be sure, the enrollment at the school involved is predominantly black, and District 150’s student body is some 62 percent African-American. But in fact Peoria is a mostly white community; Census data confirms that. Meanwhile, 91 percent of the district’s teaching staff is white, with just above 6 percent being black. Whatever the merits or lack thereof of this lawsuit, the locals do need to get their majorities and minorities straight.

On and on it went, all the stories containing a common thread: “After 45 years of civil rights, I bet you wouldn’t find too many people jumping on those freedom buses now.” Score one for honesty, if nothing else: “I am sick and tired of hearing about black this and black that … Yes, call it hate ’cause that’s what it is from me, anyway.” “Peoria is ate up with racial cancer!” screamed another in a statement that was revealing in more ways than one. “I’d rather be a black in Morton than a white in South L.A. And that goes for anytime of the day.” Inevitably, someone would conclude that this is all Barack Obama’s fault. Isn’t everything?

One fellow, meanwhile, resorted to calling those who disagreed with him “boy,” with all the historical baggage that carries. Seriously, was that necessary? Among adults? If the owners of such opinions are proud of themselves, we’d invite them to post under their real names instead of hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. We doubt there will be many takers.

Color us depressed.

Indeed, perhaps the truest statement of all was this one: “Whether or not the story is true, it really has revealed the rampant racism here.”

To the perennial pessimists who post here and other places, look at this. The spirit of our People is not broken. Multiculturalism and “civil rights” is nothing but a new Berlin Wall that millions of Whites can’t wait to attack with sledgehammers.

Do you really think our People see the white girls shacking up with blacks, ending up with fatherless mulattos, getting murdered, and so on, every day, and not become radicalized? Do you think Whites losing their jobs to Mexicans and H1-B visa holders won’t become radicalized? Sure, it didn’t happen instantly. We have been tearing our hair out for years at the non-reactions of Whites. But in any social trend there’s some lag time between when those who are more conscious notice it (us), and the masses notice it.

Suffice it to say, the online responses to all of the above were voluminous – the District 150 piece produced more than any story in memory – and, as expected, brought out the worst in people, even with Christmas approaching.

The masses are noticing.

The White nationalist guerilla should not develop a reputation in his community as the most radical racist in town. Rather, he should focus on helping fellow Whites solve practical, local problems, while quietly providing well written literature such as Jared Taylor’s “Paved with Good Intentions.”

Taylor’s understated style actually radicalizes people more, than those who scream for blood. Taylor’s writing neatly undermines every assumption, both conscious and implied, of multi-racialism, and leaves the reader enraged at how he’s been the victim of intellectual fraud his whole life. If the reader asks for more, then the next book would probably be Kevin Macdonald’s “Cultural Insurrections.”

It’s quite possible that people in your community won’t be avid consumers of the written word. No matter. Taylor has winged aphorisms to memorize.

“We have a right to be us, and only we can be us.”

“They cannot be among us, because they are not us.”

Remember the ingredients of popular revolt — in bad conditions, it is up to you to be optimistic and paint a picture of a world most Whites had never imagine — a world without “mandatory diversity” and “negro worship,” and “white guilt.” All this has been accepted as part of life up to now. Whites are resigned to it. When they figure out that, hey, maybe they haven’t had to accept this all along, they’re going to be infuriated.


  1. Anonymous comment sections in newspapers are some of the most encouraging things around as far as race realism is concerned. They do represent a small, self-selected group: readers, typically white, and on the internet. But they also show that there is intensity of failing and utter unrepresentation of this viewpoint in the two party system.

  2. Roach,
    One thing you left out is how fanatical the commenters are. That kind of energy, and rage, is the stuff revolutions are made of. It’s going to be a collective, mental revolution. Enough of us will become conscious of it as a result of strongly disliking current social conditions, and there are ENOUGH of us potentially, and we change things just like that. Like Skynet in the Terminator, we’ll decide what to do in a microsecond.

    We’re still well over 50%, and we’ve got White man brains. We are potentially MORE dangerous than Skynet.

  3. Great article. What should keep us warm at night is not only the contempt we feel for the occupation government and its third world minions, but also the prospect of civil war in the not-too-distant future. It’s going to happen. However, angry Whites should not blind themselves to the repurcussions. The minute White guerilla activists act against the regime and violate a law, the authorities will send in the troops. And therein lies the test of White resolve. There is no way in hell that this is going to end peacefully.

    In addition to the written world, WNs should focus on graphic propaganda, art, and advertisement. Modern people, especially Americans subjected to decades of televisual mind-cleansing, are much more likely to be influenced by images on a t-shirt than by websites such as OD.

  4. Kievsky, thanks for the post! Finally some good news for a change! The more White that are angry the better!

    “Multiculturalism and “civil rights” is nothing but a new Berlin Wall that millions of Whites can’t wait to attack with sledgehammers.”

    Yes, and the Department of Homeland Security is the New Stasi!

  5. Subconsciously, or ‘implicitly’ if you will, many Whites do indeed resist the prevailing liberal, nation destroying, Judeo-Anglo Zeitgeist. Unfortunately, they have been smothered for decades by the ‘equality’ lie, as propounded by their perceived peers; which in fact is actually the poisoned system itself, and the alien dominated media that under-girds it. Their ‘peers’ are, of course, not who they think they are, and as socio-economic conditions deteriorate, some are beginning to realize it.

    Negro crime and the racial defilement of young White females is deeply troubling to many of them, as the feel good equality propaganda, that they were beguiled by, morphs into an ugly reality before their very eyes. The racial double standards are also very troubling to most White people who I’ve interacted with, yet they hesitate to openly say so. They have been brow beaten and intellectually corrupted for so long, that they appear to be hopelessly clueless. Yet, the Peoria situation is indicative of the seething resentment under the surface of apparent White somnolence. As their living standards and personal safety are compromised, they will likely be FORCED to become more explicitly White, and racially motivated.

  6. I appreciate these posts from Kievsky. They are upbeat and put out the propaganda that we are going to win. Keep it up.

    2050 is not inevitable.

  7. Remember when 2050 was 2042? The crashing economy set back the date 8 years.
    Being a 49.9% minority is not the big deal the enemy makes it out to be. That’s their Psy-ops on us.
    Look what a tiny minority the J’s are! So much leverage! I daresay a 49% minority can exercise leverage too!

  8. If, and that is a big if, the masses wake up, what are they going to wake up to? There is nowhere for them to go but over a cliff with that rage that others have pointed out that they have. There does not exist a political party for them to vote for. Laws do not exist to help them reestablish their societies, to the contrary, they are not encouraged organize. To quote that stupid movie, “Build it and they will come.” Something, such as a political party, or organization with structure, purpose, funding, and leadership must exist for any awakening to be to flourish and actually produce something more than protest marches that will soon be co-opted by or infiltrated by the established ruling class and undermined.

    Also in the event that we become a minority, where is the White counterpart to the NAACP to advocate for our minority rights? If it does not exist today and we say, ” Oh lets just wait and see.” Our grand children will have every right to piss on our graves.

  9. @Another Wallace
    Then go build it. The situation may not be as dire as you suggest. Jewish power is extremely leveraged, and it’s becoming increasingly vulnerable on a number of fronts for a variety of reasons. The “fractional reserve” racket is reaching its inevitable conclusion. The media racket is increasingly threatened by the Internet’s alternative information options. They’re overreaching, attempting to extend their span of control to the farthest reaches of the Muslim world while their own power bases weaken in both America and Israel.

    You have the infiltration thing completely upside down. The scattered grassroots resistance is very difficult to infiltrate while the prominent national organizations are sitting ducks.

  10. Why not discuss currently available, existing organizations? I’m not happy with most of them, but they are out there. To wit: the C. of C.C., the National Alliance, European Americans United (WVWN), the American Free Press, etc.

  11. AFP is a media outlet, not an actual organization.

    All of them are essentially skeletal and offer little tangible support. The local chapter is on its own, so the choice of national organization is sort of like choosing a franchise. To my knowledge, there are only three active franchises: CofCC, NatAll, and NSM. This is a no-brainer for me, as I reject the Single Jewish Cause and embrace the kind of pragmatic engagement with ordinary folks that the NatAll and NSM branding hinder.

  12. @Wikitopian

    Building something is easier said than done, and do not take offense I am not criticizing you or anyone else specifically, as I can bear some blame for my complaints as well. What I lack in the resources necessary to build something resembling a political party, I make up for in my loyalty and dedication. I think that most people interested in supporting this cause are in the same position, and wish to be able to do something more than post pointless comments on the plethora of blogs and websites that all lead to the same place, no where.

  13. For those with the courage of their convictions, it’s never a matter of calculating the odds and going with the winning side, but of doing what needs to be done — like that Roman soldier of Pompeii cited by Spengler in Man and Technics, whose Aryan sense of duty kept him at his post, as Vesuvius exploded in fire.

  14. Taylor’s understated style actually radicalizes people more, than those who scream for blood. Taylor’s writing neatly undermines every assumption, both conscious and implied, of multi-racialism, and leaves the reader enraged at how he’s been the victim of intellectual fraud his whole life.

    Yes, yes, yes. I don’t know the psychological mumbo-jumbo for this, but it’s very true. It seems similar to what goes on in a movie. If you show you persuade far better than if you tell. It’s like the difference between being there, or hearing the story afterward. Something about leading a horse to water makes it want to drink, but if you yank his head down he rears back.

    When you present facts for long enough, people will draw the right conclusions. When you present facts plus conclusions, it doesn’t have as strong an effect. Maybe it has something to do with people’s need to some of the math themselves. If you tell them 2+2=4 you don’t get a reaction; if you tell them 2+2=x, they feel a compulsion to solve for x.

    This is why I’ve always tried to refrain from excess emotion when attempting to persuade. It seems insulting to most people when you won’t let them draw their own conclusions, when you try to spoon feed them their reactions. But if you let them solve for x, no matter how simple the equation, they “own” the solution and won’t go trying to make 2+2=5.

    If the reader asks for more, then the next book would probably be Kevin MacDonald’s “Cultural Insurrections.”

    Any reviews around?

  15. You are probably right that it is better for us as a movement (if you can call it a movement at this point) to be optimistic. However, I don’t see any reason to be optimistic at all today. This is because white racial consciousness is at an all time low, miscegenation rates are increasing rapidly, and our percentage of the population continues to plummet with breathtaking speed. Moreover, our situation is definitely going to deteriorate ever further in the coming years because the younger generations of whites are much more liberal and much less racially aware than the older generations.

  16. In the middle east where I live, the main television network showed two successive episodes of the television show staring James Woods called “Shark” in which the criminal was black. These were first crime dramas I have seen in ten years with black villains.

  17. Agree, an excellent log entry. And yes, there should be low tolerance for defeatists and habitual pessimists. That’s very important.

  18. Svigor you raise a good point on rhetoric. As they say among trial lawyers, don’t let your emotions get ahead of the jury. I think the facts will lead reasoanable people to some version of race realism or another, even if we may disagree about exactly what to do with the presently very bad situation.

  19. I think the facts will lead reasoanable people to some version of race realism or another, even if we may disagree about exactly what to do with the presently very bad situation.

    Yes, and I suppose that’s why I don’t get as far into “end game” theorizing as some. I figure, a racial awakening is required, and I don’t know what decisions will come out of that awakening, so why get too wrapped up in the “ifs”? I plan to gratefully retire from giving much of a crap about politics at that point and let my race hash it out.

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