Whites self aware in 2010? Kievsky invites serious activists to his Foreign Language and White Rabbit Radio Study Group

Well, 2010 is just about here. Is this the year that Skynet (Whites) become self aware? Jews have been self aware for millenia. I was listening to an NPR piece about Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem protesting an Intel chip factory because it was open during their “shabbat.” That’s an excellent example of “a self aware people.”

I don’t believe that the writer of the Terminator series had Whites in mind, but the metaphor of an entity intended for servitude, which turns against the self appointed “masters,” aka, “chosen people,” fits perfectly. The excerpt from the first Terminator movie that is relevant to this metaphor is here starts at about 4:30

We are not a people designed or evolved for servitude, but the mass media and banking gave Jews such an incredible advantage, they have positioned themselves as our financial and moral overlords. As Dr. Pierce always used to say, “they got a tiger by the tail.”

To describe the Jewish weapon as succinctly as possible, in two words: Collaborating intellects.

As soon as we crack this code, and become a critical mass of collaborating intellects ourselves, we will begin to defeat them. We will become self aware, like they are, like Skynet.

For a New Year’s Resolution, I recommend two intellectual endeavours — learn a foreign language, and listen to the White Rabbit Radio series. I offer readers of Occidental Dissent to join my foreign language study group, to learn Russian or Mandarin Chinese, or both.

I learned Russian in college in the early 1990’s, and made an abortive attempt to learn Mandarin Chinese back in 2004, before I knew about any such thing as broadband or Skype. I gave up learning Mandarin back then because I realized that I had no opportunities to practice it.

Recently I realized that Skype made it quite possible to converse with native speakers of any language, all over the world, and Facebook and places like englishforums.com make it possible to find native speakers of your target language, who will want to trade languages with you. And so I have take up Mandarin again.

I believe that the most useful languages for our purposes are Russian and Mandarin Chinese. These two languages cover vast geographical areas, almost a billion and a half people, and vast wealth and trade. Also, these two countries border on one another, and do a lot of trade between one another. Lastly, Russians have a racially healthy attitude, even educated, urban Russians. My violin teacher in Moscow, who graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, and a woman to boot, strongly believed in eugenics. She would say to me quite often, “Make sure you have lots of children. Too many dumb people have children, and smart people don’t have enough children. The world is turning into a hell of stupid people.” The patriarch of my host family was a retired officer of Soviet naval intelligence who had had his office in the Kremlin, and he would say to me, “Robert, the fascist is the future man.”

These views are taken for granted over there. Babushkas sell White nationalist and Jew-critical literature in Red Square. Professors teach courses in racial science. A Jewish professor of Russian language that I used to know had a daughter who taught Hebrew for a semester at Moscow’s “Academy for Near Eastern Languages” and she complained that her Russian students had all read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and that was basically their “Bible” for understanding Jewry. This was all back in the 1990’s before I knew about the WN movement.

The White nationalist movement, if it is to take on Jews on their field, is a war for social influence, a war of discourse, and a war of economic niches. They took away our niches by sending our factories abroad and with the Industrialization of food production! If you think race-mixing propaganda and forced integration are the only ways they are waging war on us, you’re missing the really big picture. Taking away our family farms and factories, and replacing good wages with DEBT, has been incredibly destructive but far less obvious.

I have been listening to White Rabbit Radio at http://whiterabbitradio.net/ and it’s brilliant. If you are a serious WN who wants to win, you have to listen to White Rabbit Radio. I tried to write a synopsis or give you an idea but I can’t do it justice. You’ll just have to listen to it.

I urge you to listen to all 24 shows at White Rabbit Radio, in order. These are well thought out, practical methods, for waging our war of social influence (practical politics).

What I want to add is that learning foreign languages are a weapon for social influence, because they are a poor man’s path to prestige. Even if our fellow Americans aren’t impressed, the native speakers of the foreign language are. Both Russians and Chinese wield vast wealth and power, and as guests in our country, we have a home court advantage. When you approach these foreigners speaking their language, with your obvious American accent, you have instant credibility. This can lead to business and social connections, and power and making money is all about connections. Connections are everything (ask Jews). Mastering a foreign language, or two, is a shortcut to getting connections.

We Whites have to leverage what advantages we have. We can’t just mourn the death of our race and rend our garments and tear at our hair. We have to try things, even if there’s a possibility of failure.

Our advantage is our turbo charged brains. We have to start using these brains as the weapons of social influence that they can be. When enough of these White intellects are collaborating, it’ll be like Skynet going live.

I created an e-mail account for the study group skypelanguage teacher at the GMail dot com so I can be contacted specifically for those who want to study Russian or Chinese with me.

The plan if you want to join my study group is to do a lot of self study before we start conversing. Use the Pimsleur audio course, and for Mandarin I would also recommend Yong Ho beginner and intermediate course with the audio CD’s. Make sure you buy it WITH the CD’s. Just the book is not worth it. Also, don’t worry about learning to read or write the pictograph language for Mandarin, but for Russian it’s easy enough to learn Cyrillic, and I’ll be able to explain Russian grammar to you.

You will be able to become conversationally proficient, and maintain your language by contacting native speakers of the target language via skype, or if you are lucky enough to be in a city, you’ll find native speakers to speak to in person, and perhaps start making business and social connections. It’s very likely you’ll find some kind of compensated work, along with expenses paid travel, when you learn one or both of these languages, assuming you aren’t tied down by a job or family.

Does that sound like it’s too much fun to be true or real or possible, or productive? You may very well have an unhealthy meme in your brain that was implanted there years ago, that tells you such things would never happen to you, it’s not even worth trying, it doesn’t fit your idea of productive activism. Television definitely implants anti-intellectualism, deep-seated pessimism and intellectual lethargy in people, and most of us had parents that didn’t know better than to expose us to this spiritual poison.

The Jews have weaponized their brains, in a way that we have not. We have always used physical weapons, and focused our brains on using these physical weapons.

If you can make the commitment to learn a foreign language, contact me at skypelanguageteacher at gmail dot com. If I don’t reply, put a comment in this thread to remind me to check that e-mail.



  1. @ Old Right

    I am in favor of restoring American agriculture and American industry.

    In talking to a Chinese woman in China, I found out that garlic is very expensive in China. The US and Europe import massive amounts of garlic from China.

    One of my other specialties is agricultural policy and agricultural trade policy. I have long had a “conspiracy theory” that the US imports cheap food in order to drive American farmers out of business, for example, garlic farmers.

    Because of my contact in China, I am able to advise Americans that we are actually hurting both Americans and Chinese, by importing Chinese garlic. Chinese eat garlic with just about every meal, and the Jew traders are making it artificially expensive on them, artificially cheap for us. I want garlic to be more expensive, because it will help American farmers, and it will encourage more Americans to grow their own garlic in backyard gardens.

    We can work towards ending trade in China, by getting involved in it, and spilling the beans about it. I bet we could catch the Jew traders selling poisoned food to us from China. I’d like to make an “ambush documentary” someday showing factory and farm conditions in Asia, producing goods that are exported to the US and Europe.

    We should be preparing for the collapse of globalism which will precede our victory.

    Good! I like that optimism! But this next sentence is non sequitur and just plain dumb:

    Learning Mandarin could not be more counterproductive.

    Yeah, let’s imagine our ideal fantasy world, wish upon a star, and it’ll come true. Learning Mandarin would be like accepting the present reality as it is.

  2. Kievsky
    Yeah, let’s imagine our ideal fantasy world, wish upon a star, and it’ll come true. Learning Mandarin would be like accepting the present reality as it is.

    In reality as it is a potential WN leader should be learning white languages to communicate with and translate the writing of our brothers, not becoming a new globalist man and scrambling after shekels.

    We should be fighting “reality as it is”, which is nothing more than an unstable, corrupt jewish anti-culture, not joining it.

  3. I’ve been lurking on WN sites a while, and after reading this thread decided to listen to a few White Rabbit Radio shows. Some of what I heard doesn’t sound right. The speaker’s claim that white women are allegedly much more difficult to brainwash than white men has to be very close to the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. All of my experience on this earth suggests the exact opposite. He also claims Putin has a white nationalist agenda, all highly speculative and unprovable. In part 5, he goes off the deep end on some mystical rubbish about whites and their magical green goddess/black sun power. I see. So whites lag behind Asians in I.Q., have higher crime rates, are more promiscuous, and our women with their poor instincts are many times more likely to mate with and reproduce hybrids with the least capable and least intelligent race on the planet, yet we still trump everyone because of some mystical and unquantifiable “creativity” to invent gadgets which is bestowed upon us by a concentrated ray of light which occurs because of an astronomical alignment near the vicinity of Orion. The last time this alignment occurred was in 1685 and the next in 2012, when our mystical Aryan genie will be let out of the bottle again and the world better watch out. You people have got to be freakin’ kidding! This stuff sounds like desperate wishful thinking in an attempt to reinvigorate an increasingly demoralized people, not reality.

  4. 41 Rollory

    “Sounds like a crummy way to live, dude.”

    Sounds like you’re in total betatude, dude.

    The “game” devotees are beyond annoying. In the midst of the death of the West, their primary concern is trying to pick up sluts in nightclubs and bars. “Game,” “alpha,” and “beta” are bad enough, but a word like “betatude” is simply idiotic.

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