Typical Negro Behavior: Part 3

TNB Part 1. TNB Part 2.

The third category of TNB is “Negro Courtship.” What kind of boyfriends do blacks make? Are they good husbands and fathers? Are they comfortable buying “female items” at the store?


“Charges dropped against rapist.”

December 3, 2006Develin Robinson, then 18, entered a room with a 15 year old girl and allegedly raped her. The victim reported the incident to police on December 5, 2006 and told police it was nonconsensual. Robinson admitted to violating the age of consent and having sex with the 15 year old. St. Petersburg Times journalist Andrew Skerritt commented that “one moment of fun can ruin a lifetime.” An interesting choice of words for the rape of a minor. Fortunately for Robinson, the Assistant State Attorney Mary Hadsel revealed that the state is not going to pursue charges against him.1 2

“Silence of the Lambs redux.”

January 4, 2008 – Christopher Lee McCuin picked up his girlfriend Jana Shearer on a Friday night. Although the details are unclear at this point, it is clear that he killed Jana and then drove to his estranged wife’s house and stabbed her boyfriend. The next morning Christopher McCuin called Jana’s apartment and her mother answered the phone. He said that he had killed Jana. That morning the police found Jana’s remains in McCuin’s home. Parts of her had been cooked and eaten. “I don’t understand it… He seemed so nice.” said Jana’s friend.3 4

“The rape and acid plot.”

March 31, 2008Katie Piper is a 26 year old White woman who worked as a television presenter. She began a short relationship with Daniel Lynch, a 33 year old martial arts enthusiast, after meeting on facebook. Lynch treated her kindly at first, giving her a teddy bear and flowers. This changed when Lynch beat and raped her for hours in a hotel room. Later, knowing she was avoiding him, Lynch convinced a friend, Stefan Sylvestre, to throw a cup of sulphuric acid in her face while she walked to an internet cafe.5 6 7 8

“She was like that when I got there.”

November 8, 2008 – Ricardo Morrison stabbed his girlfriend Amy and left her to die. He then met with his mother, a policewoman, who helped him wash his bloody clothes. Morrison later lied to a jury and claimed he found Amy already stabbed and fled the scene to ‘pray’ for her. Amy Leigh Barnes was an attractive 19 year old model. Ricardo Morrison was a 22 year old black man with a previous history of violence. Amy’s mother said, “Obviously we didn’t realise the potential of what [he] could do.”9 10 11

“The murder-suicide.”

September 22, 2009 – Patricia and Edward Williams were both police officers in Detroit, Michigan. Their marriage was not an easy one, with frequent domestic strife. A neighbor called the police about disturbances in their home, but when they arrived there was no one inside. Apparently separated from her husband, Patricia had filed complaints against him and was on her way to the police station on a Tuesday. Edward called her and asked to meet at the library to talk. Witnesses then describe how Edward Williams pulled a gun on his wife and shot her as she attempted to flee. After killing his wife he turned the gun on himself.12 13

1. Football player won’t be tried
2. A moment of fun can ruin a lifetime
3. Police Discover Gruesome Cannibalistic Scene at Texas Home
4. Friends Remember Jana Shearer As Beautiful Woman Who Loved Life
5. Acid attack victim bravely shows her face
6. Life term for acid attack rapist
7. Model’s life destroyed by rape and acid attack
8. Two get life for acid attack of ‘pure evil’
9. Dying model plea ‘he stabbed me’
10. How ‘kind’ boyfriend became violent bully
11. Model’s killer had violent past
12. Detroit police couple’s tragic death reflects rise in officer suicide
13. Did Detroit homicide Detective cry out for help, before killing wife then self?


  1. “Negro Courtship.” What kind of boyfriends do blacks make? Are they good husbands and fathers? Are they comfortable buying “female items” at the store?

    LOL!! Hilarious.

  2. Read the titles of the articles after you’ve read the blog entry. Journalists should be the first to die during the White Nationalist Reign of Virture 🙂

  3. Have you ever noticed that even when a black man rapes or even kills a White Man’s daughter or sister that not ONE White man has taken the law in his own hands and administered justice? What would blacks and Mexicans do if White Men started raping and killing their daughters, and then insulted their memories in court?

    What would of happened 50 or 100 years under similar circumstances?

    But you disrupt Monday night football or NASCAR and that is war!!

    Sherwood Smith

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