Aggregate Correctness

Nothing evokes an eyeroll in many WN circles quicker than mentioning Christian Identity. Their peculiar interpretation of the Christian Bible strikes those of us indoctrinated in the secular and evolutionary worldview as downright bizarre. After all, their theorized creation scenarios are completely incompatible with the synthesis emerging from a variety of scientific fields. They’re incorrect. I fully agree that they’re incorrect, but I believe a bit of humility, perspective, and respect is appropriate.

After all, there is more than one way to be incorrect, and I assert that we secular evolutionists are less correct in the aggregate than Christian Identity adherents and Kinists. I’ll attempt to convey what I mean with an allegory…

Two neighbors, Jethro and Ted, are planting a garden. Jethro is a semi-literate hillbilly from deep in the darkest hollers of Appalachia and Ted has a master’s degree in biology. Jethro’s garden is growing a variety of vegetables while Ted’s garden is barren. The two neighbors are leaning over the fence after a long Saturday out in the garden when Ted pushes his glasses up his nose and asks Jethro what his technique is.

Jethro hooks his thumbs in the suspenders of his overalls and peers up toward the sky, his overbite exaggerated by his expression of stupefied wonder as he declares slowly and solemnly, “My secret, Ted, is that I plant by the signs.”

Ted reaches for the Blackberry on his hip to start typing out notes, “Signs? What signs are you talking about, Jethro?”

“You know, Ted. Astrological signs…signs in the stars.”

Ted slaps his forehead and snaps his Blackberry back in its holster. “Jethro, you inbred jack***. Doing anything ‘by the signs’ is superstitious bull****! You voted for Sarah Palin, didn’t you? You’re probably all hopped up on Christ-insanity, too!”

Ted shakes his head in disbelief and goes back to his study to complete his essay entitled “The Big Expert’s Guide to Gardening” and write some notes for an upcoming seminar for his “Gardening Vanguard” group.

As long as Christian Identity adherents and similar groups are exhibiting high birthrates, effectively indoctrinating their offspring with an affirmative White identity, and defying the strong pull of modernity, then aren’t they more correct, in the aggregate, than secular evolutionists? If you were really serious about learning how to garden, who would you emulate, Jethro or Ted? Neither? Both?

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  1. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’ve always thought CI was a good idea. Courts declaring it an “invalid” religion, and the trumped up charges against Hale are the smoke.

  2. Kinists had a “test” case already with a member of an OPC being brought before a Session and questioned. His views were not deemed heretical.

    Care to unpack that? I don’t know what an OPC is, or a Session.

  3. Wikitopian,
    Your post contains an important question that has been discussed a lot: Is Christianity beneficial for White survival or not? For the evolutionary psychologist, the question might be termed as whether Christianity is adaptive or not. If the answer is yes, non-Christians who are pro-White would be well advised to support Christianity, regardless of their personal attitude toward it. If you strongly dislike the Christian faith, but acknowledge that it is generally a positive factor for Whites, then it makes no sense for you to attack or disparage it. There are three important points to consider when trying to determine if Christianity is positive or not.

    A) Kevin MacDonald has pointed out that active White Christians (those who actively practice their beliefs) overall have several positive traits in relation to White Survival:
    1) They have larger families. Demographically this is essential for survival.
    2) Family relationships are more stable.
    3) They value morality, important for a stable culture.
    4) They generally have a distrust of hollywood and the popular media.
    Groups such as devout Catholics, Mormons and Amish, who have large, stable families, will survive into the future, while atheists, who have small families, will probably fade away.

    B) Historically, European civilization has thrived under Christianity. Figures such as Newton and Washington were devout believers. There may very well be a correlation between the decline in the Christian faith and the decline in European civilization. For example, as Europe has become increasingly secular, birthrates have decreased accordingly. In 1900, every White nation was strongly Christian, and virtually all of these nations had a very strong sense and appreciation of their European nationality.

    C) Christianity is generally under attack by Jewish intellectuals, the ACLU, SPLC and Hollywood, to name a few sources. It is likely that many Whites who bear a grudge towards Christianity have been influenced by these ubiquitous media sources. Since Marx and the Frankfurt school, Jewish intellectuals have understood how Chrisitanity functions as a bulwark against radicalism.

    The evidence seems to point to Christianity being overall a positive influence (surely it is not completely positive, but after balancing the pros and cons, it is a net positive). It seems pointless to drive away vast numbers of Christian Whites by denigrating their beliefs. Such subjects as whether God exists or not, or whether prayer is superstition is probably not that important in the discussion of White survival, and unecessarily offends many people that would otherwise be fertile ground for expanding White Nationalism.

  4. Matt Hale? Creativity and CI are different religions.

    My only test for religion is that it not undermine or weaken racial loyalty in any way. If it does, it’s a problem. In the long term, we need to do away with any religion that hurts our racial interests. I think Christianity can be made acceptable, but it needs some explicitly pro-white content inserted in the official doctrines of the church in question before I’d be willing to give it a stamp of approval.

  5. Liberals took over what was left of Thomas Jefferson’s old church, now called the Unitarian-Universalists. This aging club of White Liberals has a single theological assertion: There is, at most, one God.

    As an organization, the UU’s prominent history and heritage makes it one of the most mainstream institutions in society. Even small southern conservative towns accept a UU (Thomas Jefferson’s) church, even though UUs are a hardcore leftist activist culture promoting every liberal cause in modern American society.
    Their wealthy members donate lavishly (and tax-free) to liberal non-profits and causes. They have private schools, credit unions, mailing lists, non-profit charities, valuable urban land and historical buildings, and a priest class that functions as a cultural vanguard.

    Southern Baptists have a southern version, and a superior organizing model: a decentralized, independent, syndicalist network of local organizations that affiliate or de-affiliate at will. No one in the south thinks a Baptist church is in any way odd. There are no problems with the local zoning board. No one sues a private Baptist Christian school. Everyone expects a White neighborhood Baptist church to have some explicit pro-White attitudes. America is the land of freedom of religion and no one can say anything about it, it’s the first amendment.

    You are not competing with the multi-racial mega-church in the city. That’s not the point. Your pastor is not trying to be the next televangelist with a talk show. That’s not the point. If your pastor is a whore, go elsewhere. This is for your family, and your local friend’s families, and your neighbor’s family. A local White social institution that is a welcoming family environment – for you family. You want more White children right?

    The church is the Bride of Christ. Be Christ-like, marry the bride, impregnate her with your white seed, and be fruitful and multiply.

  6. ATBOTL,

    I just spoke with the Mormon Church and I persuaded them to add 2 Nephi 5:21-24 to the Book of Mormon. I’ll see you on Sunday.

  7. About Catholicism, the Vatican, the Pope, etc.

    Celibacy is a code word for “gay.” The Vatican, the Bishops, the priests, the celibates, the monks, they are all gay. Nobody needs a homosexual priest class. We’ll all read what the “celibate” monks write, they are often highly intelligent and clever. No, we don’t need fags in the Boy Scouts. Or hanging around altar boys. Are you fucking kidding me?

    When “traditional Catholics” grow up and stop trying to spread their gay “celibate” priests around America and their idiotic papistry, we can talk.

    Celibate = gay. Who does anyone think they are fooling? Keep in in the monestary, guys.

  8. W.T. Mann,

    I do believe it’s possible for a straight man to choose a life of celibacy. Besides, having a cryptic closeted institution where homosexuals devote their energy to upholding tradition and high culture doesn’t sound like that bad of a setup to me, if it were the case. I tend to subscribe to the theories proposed by many of the Traditionalists which is that the RC has been recently targeted and infiltrated by deviant subcultures, including gay ones, intent on wielding influence and acquiring ready access to youths.

  9. Wikitopian:

    I do believe it’s possible for a straight man to choose a life of celibacy.

    Sure, whatever. I don’t see any heterosexual “celibates” trying to sign up for Girl Scouts camp leaders.

    Some people are gay, everybody gets it. Nobody wants to be mean about it. As for religious institutions, if you are “celibate” heterosexual or homosexual, go for it. Men who go into a monestary to not marry and be around other men, or with the nuns and the women, hetero homo whatever, good for you.

    The Catholic church is a dictatorship ruled by a “celibate” dress-wearing homosexual called the pope. How seriously do you want people to take you?

    Some people are gay, I get it. Probably lots of Baptists and Mormons are gay too, but they don’t wear dresses and pretend to be “celibate”

  10. The Catholic/Orthodox priesthood is far better than a disparate and self-elected group of low-church Prod bumpkins and hick baptists fiddling little girls in the back room and screwing parishioners’ wives, and making up theology as they go along.

    Protestantism is what got us into this mess in the first place.

  11. The Catholic/Orthodox priesthood is far better than a disparate and self-elected group of low-church Prod bumpkins and hick baptists fiddling little girls in the back room and screwing parishioners’ wives, and making up theology as they go along.

    Protestantism is what got us into this mess in the first place.

    White people disagree about what sort of society we want. I’m White, and I prefer a Jew-free and Fag-free society. Other Whites will disagree, and prefer something different.

    I do hope we can all get along. Please tell us about your “theology” I’m sure that’s really interesting.

    No offense, The Admiral, you are not Jewish nor Gay, correct?

  12. I mean, if you’ve accepted Jesus H. Christ as Your Lord I’m sure you can find him in a $10,000 trailer at the end of a 1700 ft. road.


  13. The Admiral, I’m White American, English German French Scots Irish, no Jew, no Gay, the most tolerant White you will ever meet.

    I’ll take a redneck Protestant preacher over some fag “celibate” Catholic priest anyday.

    Some people are gay, we get it. That doesn’t mean they should be allowed to lead a church.

  14. My people have been here since the 17th C. What’s the point?

    I’ll take a traditional Catholic or Orthodox priest over any Prod huckster coming down the road any day. The Prod hucksters and their Jew allies have caused us far more problems.

  15. Will you be parking your $10,000 trailer next to Jim’s?

    You might make it a $9,000 trailer, lest Jim gets angry and whips out a can of Fed whupass.

  16. NN ~ Small point: Nietzscheans don’t have a problem with Christ – it’s *Christians* that they disparage.

    Exactly. I get it. Can we come up with something better?

  17. The Admiral

    Why are you wedded to a homosexual priest class and a gay king, the pope?

    Really, what is the point? It’s like having an argument over who wins the MTV awards.

    You’re a fag.

  18. Are the priests of the Eastern Orthodox Church “gay” also, according to your make-believe theology?

  19. Did you receive a bowl of soup with your “book” of theology?

    Good luck with that, christian slave.

  20. >Are the priests of the Eastern Orthodox Church “gay” also

    The non-celibates aren’t. Perhaps there are some weirdos who are “asexual” and some are probably gay, maybe chaste or not. Eastern Orthodox don’t require their religious leaders to be “celibate” like the faggot “Catholic” Vatican does.

    >according to your make-believe theology?

    There is another kind?

    The Admiral, some people are homosexual. We don’t hate them. Monks are often brilliant. But the dresses and “celibacy” is a joke at this point.

  21. Some people are Protestants.

    But don’t fret, we don’t hate them. We just think they’re misguided. And insane. And maybe more than a few few are adulterers, and pedophiles, and race-mixers.

  22. American Catholics have never been ones to follow the Church’s pre-Vatican II teachings [hrmm then again I think the Church lost it’s way at the Council of Trent, though did pick up again in the 19th and early 20th centuries]. American Catholics have always wanted to fit in with the Protestant ways of the country, liberalism/capitalism, hyper-individualism… etc. So you can see why they’ve got this more liberal than thou attitude. Someone needs to show them the Syllabus Errorum, Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae and the Oath Against Modernism. Funny that Protestants despise the anti-liberal/modernist papal encyclicals…

    I’ve never liked the idea of priests being able to marry, makes it look like being a priest is just any other job. A very un-Indo-European thing considering the tripartite system our societies were based on for thousands of years.

  23. “NN ~ Small point: Nietzscheans don’t have a problem with Christ – it’s *Christians* that they disparage.”

    Exactly. I get it. Can we come up with something better?

    The Mexica had it right, a millenium ago.

    Whom would you like to sacrifice to the gods, atop the temple?

  24. American Catholics have always wanted to fit in with the Protestant ways of the country, liberalism/capitalism, hyper-individualism… etc. So you can see why they’ve got this more liberal than thou attitude.

    This is similar to the absurd claims of “Mencius Moldbug,” who “goes so far as to claim Jewish immigrants only transformed into communists through assimilating toward the culture of the descendants of New England Puritans.”

  25. There’s sort of a fine line between criticizing Catholics and attacking Catholics that has been crossed, here. There are plenty of Catholics who are very White, very active, and worthy of more respect than is being offered here.

  26. Some of my previous comments on this thread were over the line and I apologize. Probably half were over the line so I apologize again.

    The topic is Christianity and White fertility (I’m assuming that’s the point of Wikitopian’s parable). Celibacy and homosexuality are obviously not conducive to White fertility, and a good case can be made that celibates and homosexuals should not be leading White pro-fertility organizations. On the other hand, the stereotype of large Catholic families may show otherwise. Dante put usurers and sodomites in the same circle of Hell, so I’m not making a novel grouping of Jews and gays there. The official Catholic teaching is that gays must remain celibate and chaste, correct?

    On the related topic of White, pro-fertility institutions that are Christian, the Catholic church has an obvious liability of being a top down hierarchical organization with extremely concentrated power. Mormons and non-Congregationalist Protestants share some of these liabilities. They are being sued to bankruptcy and are an easy concentrated place to attack. It’s a self selecting hierarchy too, which presents it’s own obvious problems. The celibate power structure doesn’t just exist in the Catholic church, it *is* the official Catholic church. The Pope is celibate, the bishops are celibate, the priests are celibate. The whole point of Catholicism is celibacy, isn’t it? Is this really out of bounds to discuss?

    One of the defining divisions between Catholicism and Protestantism is a celibate clergy, correct? I don’t think this is unrelated to the topic. What possible non-theological reasons are there for promoting celibacy, the opposite of fertility? Also I think we can all be adults here and say that a very high percentage of Catholic celibates are gay, chaste or not, and the only reason I even know that the American Bishops are really gay is because of what I read on conservative Catholic sites. Am I wrong? That’s what the conservative, anti-Vatican II sites are saying.

    As for morality and specific theological points, they are mostly irrelevant to White fertility. It’s been said that monogamy is a particular positive and unique European quality so it would seem pro-Whites wouldn’t complain about monogamy or institutions that promote it.

    As to the wider pro-White movement, I was a big fan of Pim Fortuyn and generally turned off by anti-gay politicking in the Republican party. I certainly don’t care if pro-White people are gay, obviously some are. Half of the White people in America are Catholics so other than arcane points about Christianity I am discussing on a blog, religion is irrelevant and I have nothing bad to say about pro-White Catholics or anyone else.

  27. This is similar to the absurd claims of “Mencius Moldbug,” who “goes so far as to claim Jewish immigrants only transformed into communists through assimilating toward the culture of the descendants of New England Puritans.”

    No, it’s a completely different proposition altogether. I agree with you that Molbug’s claim is absurd. Jews were/are rife in all levels of communist organisations, parties and theory. What I was referring to was what is known as Americanism/ the Americanist heresy. By all means call this absurd but in doing so you’re calling Pope Leo XIII absurd. LOL, I’m not even a practicing Catholic anymore, why am I sticking up for that leftist institution…

    I get it, you’re a big fan of New England Puritans, there’s no shame in being proud of your old stock roots. Though if I were a Yankee I’d be quite critical of their religious, philosophical and political beliefs, all of which have contributed to the white races current predicament. What use is it in turning the clock back to 1776 or whatever year you want only to wind up back to where we are now due to said religious, philosophical and political views?

    I still don’t understand a lot of American racialists! They’re impervious to reasoned argument about what went wrong [not directed at anyone in particular here, just a general musing]!

  28. W.T. Mann,

    No need to apologize. You already won this debate, at least the one with “The Admiral.” See my comment at #78.

  29. Anyone who doesn’t take Big Von seriously is a crypto-Jew atheist.

    Bullshit. If you don’t support Big Edenlink Von Kikenmamzer you’re a devil from hell. Get it right, milquetoast mama’s boy shrimp.

  30. It is known for sure is that the celibate Christian/Catholic priesthood had (for over 1,000 years) a SEVERELY DYSGENIC effect on European populations by barring the intellectually-elite priests from marrying and siring children.

    The most intelligent Europeans were basically funneled (i.e., forced) in to the Catholic priesthood for a very long time, and the loss of their ‘smart genes’ has lead to the partial intellectual degeneration of European peoples.

    Dr. MacDonald’s next book ought to be entitled “Celibate Catholicism as a Dysgenic De-Evolutionary Strategy.”

    Notice how the nations which adopted threw off the Catholic shackles and adopted Protestantism eventually rose to become the most advanced in Europe in terms of learning, technology, economics, politics, etc only a few generations after abandoning the celibate priesthood.

    Again, having a celibate clergy or other similarly important celibate class is very unfavorable because celibacy amongst a large number of intelligent and important people leads to dysgenic decline within that society, nation, race, or ethnicity over time.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the average White would be nearly as intelligent or clever as the average Jew if the European populations hadn’t been dysgenically decimated over the last 1,000+ years of forcing Catholic celibacy unto the intelligent priestly caste of European society; the Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and other groups do no such thing, and in fact they do the exact opposite, with the intelligent priestly caste (Rabbis, Imams, Hindu holy men, etc) often having many more children than normal — this has eugenic effects and has thus been good for those ethnoreligious groups.

    This Christian denial of the world and the earthly life in favor of the ‘Afterlife’ has always been one of the most troubling aspects of the Christian religion for me, and nowhere else is this Christian “will to nothingness” (as Nietzsche termed it) expressed as clearly as in the dysgenically-inclined Catholic celibates.

  31. Bowel-Movement ‘Intellectuals’ Discuss Christian Identity

    What to say to whiggers who ‘think’ they are smarter than God and actually are dumber than dirt? whiggers who ‘think’ that they are smarter than the above-mentioned ‘Jethro’ who at least knows how to grow his own food while edjewmacated whigger ‘Brain-dead Ted’ admittedly does not?

    When anyone is in the Movement for any length of time, one separates out the whigger element by how they stand to what is actually well over half of the fighting end of the Movement. Just as the initial Militia Movement from 1994 to April 21, 1995 were largely small rural militias of a dozen or so members organized around CI/Klan cadre and it was later that the suburban whigger militias took over the limelight while these militias went underground, so too are these edjewmacated whiggers thinking that they are the [usually bowel] Movement and so they yap, yap, yap about how they either are, or are not, going to allow CI to continue to exist. Some witlings, like Dokturd Arthur Kemp, are so fucked up in the head that they yap about how they are going to ‘kick out’ the Christian Identity element when in actual fact, he probably won’t kick too awful much in the hole the deep-woods DSCI element would make him dig after we geld the goofy shithead before we stove in this egghead’s pointy, pointy head with the shovel we loaned it to dig itz own grave.

    What is useful is looking at the response to Christian Identity from [bowel] Movement feebs. jews are automatically hostile, as are the mixed-race mongrel bastards known as mamzers. Christian Identity in its One-Seedline (OSL or OSLer) variant holds that such are Edomite shephardic jews with the rest of them being mongrollian Khazars who changed to talmudic jewdism in 745 AD, and thus became the 90% of jews called ‘Ashkenazi’ jews. The Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) variant holds that jews are the literal spawn of Satan, descended from Satan (the Willie Martin heresy says that Satan disguised hisself as a nigger 6th Day Beast of the Field and thus jews are in large part nigger) who sexually seduced Eve and gave birth to Cain, the first jew. Thus, since jews are the spawn of Satan, the only reason for jews getting to live is so that Heaven won’t be overcrowded with whiggers, but when the Great Tribulation at hand kills off all the non-whites and 90% of the whiggers, there won’t be no more need for jews any more. Thus any surviving jews are to be exterminated. Hitler couldn’t kill off all the jews because YHWH needed them to destroy ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final.

    Now whiggers really do want to die, and they want to run in circles like diseased sheep, and thus they make usually pretty worthless critters not worth too much in the overall scheme of things. So when I hear whiggers as jewsual yapping about that which they know nothing about, I am seldom surprised. What is surprising is when whiggers of pure Israelite heritage — ‘Christian Identity’ is called Christian Identity because it consists of Israelites who are aware of/awakened to their Israelite Identity — sometimes faintly ‘get it.’ They get it because of their racial memory and the fact that the Law of YHWH is written in the Israelite’s heart.

    And, some whiggers are politically aware of the usefulness of Christian Identity, especially the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity variant, in allowing them to be the new warlords. For, if the [d]ruling regime criminals of the criminal regime can be made into traitors in a religious as well as racial sense — which they are — then these warlords have a religious license to exterminate those who hold property that they want. There is plenty of pussy, cattle, gold and land available for any wannabe warlord who possesses the one-in-twenty attributes of leadership. Thus on ZOG’s way to collapse and a New Dark Age, Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is the White Man’s Racial Hate Religion.

    Which of course the political clergy such as myself shall encourage via what I myself chose to call “The Ten-Thousand Warlords Program.” Ten thousand warlords with a religious and racial license to exterminate ZOG and stateZOG and countyZOG piglice, lawyers, banksters, politicians, pub[l]ic skrewl teachers, and all of the jews and muds, and to enslave those who will be taken into slavery in return for the freedom not to think, and the nineteen out of twenty whiggers who cannot and will not think for theysselfs. That especially holds for you ‘intellecshuls’ who have been edjewmacated with jewr heads ground to a pointy point to where you idjits actually think “I’se smart.” Everyone will have his place in society, and while this current slave [de]generation will have to be lead in circles in the wilderness of theys’ own making until they are all dead, a healthy non-mixed multitude shall survive in due course.

    The current situation is racial death for White people. Since 2004, sixty percent of the kindergardeners are non-white. jews have sucked up all the positions and the financial life’s blood of whiggers. Whiggers are living in Obamavilles right now. And, YHWH’s Curse that the racial alien would be raised high, while whiggers are brought real low, is coming about.

    Now I will grant you that the One-Seedliners living in places like the Ozarks and Appalachia are ninety percent of the hidden iceberg lying below the political waterline. Which is why some of us Dual-Seedline Christian Identity aboveground pastors are working to ‘upgrade’ their beliefs which have come about through heresy from such baal-priests as Herbert Armstrong and others. We intend to do that from establishing a DSCI seminary and from setting up a sort of ‘CINN’ of Internet radio and video. If Corn Cobb can do this, why can’t we?

    Since it is the Dual-Seedliners who have the leadership ability, and the Genesis 3:15 enmity patrolling experience, it will be this cadre who creates the racial religion for Whites which will prevail. Those who pose as Odinists or CreaTards or ASSturu are invariably either muds or traitors or jews playing at establishing theys’ own man-, er, mamzer-made solipsistic religion.

    And, again, the fact that whiggers are in pain and looking for salvation, will bring them looking to us, whether or not they truly believe, because they will see nothing else on the horizon. Truly, Dual-Seedline Christian Identity has the answers:

    * “jews got you down?” Kill them all and confiscate their property.
    * “niggers got you down?” Kill the niggers and take what little of their property worth anything.
    * “beaners got you down?” Kill all the beaners and run them off and take what they leave behind that you need or want.
    * “[D]ruling regime criminal whiggers got you down?” Torture to death these regime criminals, geld theys male spawn, and rape their better females to help create a new master race, and enslave the better whiggers and take their property and you will be shitting in high cotton as their warlord and high priest. Only Christ can displace you.

    The current order is falling apart. And what is necessary is that all the jews and muds need to be exterminated along with 90% of the whiggers. And, of the remaining ten percent, a neo-aristocracy can be imposed upon them because this new neo-aristocracy knows what it wants, has the necessary ruthlessness and bloody-minded vengefulness to bring it about, and having brought order from chaos, will not tolerate any ‘freedoms’ to allow what brought about the end to this former Sweet Land of [White, Ordered] Liberty.

    And the beauty of it all, is that this impending collapse is inevitable. NOTHING can modify or evade this collapse. There is no escaping or denying it. Which is why Christian Identity, which is a racial religion with the simple answers of simply exterminating whigger traitors, jews and muds, is so prevalent within the Movement and with its clarity and simplicity of purpose, without evasions or cowardice, will prevail even as the entire social order collapses in a great racial, religious and class struggle which the survivors shall call “The Great Tribulation.”

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  32. @Lindstedt
    I should study these things in more detail, but it’s been my experience that 1S CI adherents actually quote the Bible and follow the teachings of Christ. I really get the feeling that you and many other 2S adherents are engaging in a painfully transparent “Nation of Islam for White People” shtick which is every bit as immoral and degenerate as the “gut sick guido weasel with jew ass cancer” himself.

  33. Idiotic edjewmacated ZOGling whigger ass-clown faggots don’t get to determine Christian Identity Clergy

    I should study these things in more detail, but it’s been my experience that 1S CI adherents actually quote the Bible and follow the teachings of Christ. I really get the feeling that you and many other 2S adherents are engaging in a painfully transparent “Nation of Islam for White People” shtick which is every bit as immoral and degenerate as the “gut sick guido weasel with jew ass cancer” himself.


    \Wherein I paraphrase Matt 11:16-19

    16 But whereunto shall I liken this [de]generation? It is like unto edjewmacated ZOGling whigger ass-clowns sitting in the markets and phorafags/feebs and the restroom glory holes of faggot bath-houses and calling unto their fellows,

    17And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented. We have been ass-raped but you did not spend a second worried about our second-hand ass-virtue, but rather only fought not because you gave a shit for edjewmacated faggoty intellechumacals, but rather only because you hated TraitorGlenn Miller, the gut-sick guido weasel with jew ass-cancer Rabbi LinderMillerwitz, the ‘roid-rage retard Jim Giles and anyone else collecting ZOGbux for to rat out unwary whiggers within the bowel Movement.

    18 For Dokturd Kevin MacDonald came neither fighting nor brawling, and they say, He is a pussy.

    19 Yet this DSCI Son of a Bitch came fighting and brawling, and kicking ass and taking names, advocating real violence and revolution and you edjewmacated ZOGling whigger ass-clowns say, Behold a man who is vulgar and mean-spiriied and racist and homophobic and a real hater who looks down on us faggotty whiggers ‘thinking’ we are smarter than God while dumber than dirt. And who shows that it is every whigger for itzself, for we have no gratitude for his fighting with the ZOG false front Linder. But wisdom is jewtified of such idiotic ZOGling whigger ass-clowns with edjewmacation and thus unable to run even a county ward or precinct political committee. For lo, we are drones and can no more produce anything even though we pretend to try — like a steer.

    Look, ZOGling whigger ass-clown. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity doctrine says that NOTHING is going to get better until the-m-asses of edjewmacated whiggers like jewr shabbes whigger self are robbed, raped, killed and eaten by niggers and are an even more inert than jewsual pile of niggershit. We do believe we have a whigger problem. That is why I an engaged in what I call “The Ten-Thousand Warlords” Program. NOT the “One-Million Edjewmacated whiggers Program.”

    Now like most edjewmacated whigger faggots, you actually ‘think’ you get to determine who is and who is not Dual-Seedline Christian Identity clergy, sort of like Blotter the Ponderous-sow Poofter over at Mutant$permFront. The fact of the matter is that the aboveground DSCI clergy recognize myself as the foremost political pastor of today, with the exception of Hal Turner’s and August Kreis’s idiotic choice Sci-Fi Faber, who ran afoul of myself this summer.

    So, like this edjewmacated University of Missouri at Columbia LibberToon faggot that I named ‘Baby Hughie,’ you obviously look down on the mass of white people who work for a living. One of my political supporters who I got to join the MoLP as a supporter complained that Baby Hughie would look down his nose at “Bill.” I told Bill that to Baby Hughie of course he smelled like a peasant with pig-shit between his toes even as Baby Hughie and and his buttboy Andy were licking the shit off each others’ dicks after mutual butt-fucking. Edjewmacated whigger faggots ALWAYS need somebody to look down on, and so they look down upon working White people. That gLibberToon whigger faggots looked down on him as a person who was a lineman making twice yearly what these government tough-feeders did was no cause for alarm — the reverse in fact.

    Your entire tone and this article is what a typpycull ZOGling edjewmacated whigger faggot would say. Endless yapping about what you think you will ‘allow’ the Christian Identity community, be it OSL or DSCI. Well, get this in jewr pointy little head: We don’t care what you or any other shitheads ‘think’ about our racial religion, be it good or bad. We don’t seek jewr permission nor do we need it. You don’t know jack shit about Christian Identity. If you did, you wouldn’t dare take such a patronizing tone. Nor do you get to decide who is or is not Christian Identity clergy or leadership. You do not know anything about how we choose our clergy, leaders, or fighting men. You are nothing more than just another whigger looking in on something you cannot and will not be able to ever understand. And thus, unlike most bowel-Movement feebs, none of us listen to anonymous little whiggers, jews and mamzers who pretend to knowledge that they don’t really possess.

    For what it is worth, I am today recognized as the foremost political pastor of the above-ground Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church and as its foremost hatchet-man since the 1990s. Like everything in the bowel Movement, the leading chieftains and barons are well known. As Christ said, my sheep know their ‘people-shepherd’s’ or Pastor’s Voice. Jeremiah 3:15 applies.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  34. I never claimed to be an intellectual. I only have a high school diploma and intend to keep it that way. I never claimed to be smarter than God. In fact, the post I made was clearly insulting toward Ted and indicative of there being real limits on the power of human intellect.

    People keep assuming that I’m somehow on the “side” of some “Regnery Circus” of intellectuals. I can see how people would get paranoid, given what I’ve dealt with when I was gullible enough to trust WNs. I’m not sure how I would be thankful for your defending me from Linder. He hasn’t gone after me.

    I don’t look down on people who work for a living and I’ve spent most of my adult life working in a factory. I didn’t assume that you would care what I have to think about CI, though it does seem that your lengthy responses imply that you might care a little bit. I didn’t imply that I get to decide your fate. That’s all in your head.

    I admitted that I need to do more research.

    I’m not anonymous. I’m Matt Parrott. It’s not a secret.

    I’ll take your word that you’re an important person in the DSCI movement.

  35. @Linstedt
    I want to be your sheep. Will you help me to exorcise the demon of faggotry from my soul?

    PS I am only 13

  36. Well Matt Parrot, it would seem that Robert Heinlein’s advice for dealing with fools still holds: insult them until they apologise.

    That said, you still have no idea of what you are talking about regarding Christian Identity. Not that it matters because few whiggers do understand about it. The $permFrontians, with their desire to advance Klunt (Debbie) and her Meercat Markkk Downey’s ‘No-Devil’ heresy, are even more idiotic than Occidental Dipshits in that regard. The reason whiggers cannot understand CI is because they are whiggers. Christ has not chosen to open their eyes, ears, and whiggroid brains to our starkly beautiful austere racial religion.

    Insofar as jewrge [Nit-]Witzgall is concerned, I knew that there was a reason why Rabbi LinderMillerwitz kept it around on the Greater Free Range Tard Corral of VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF. All of which goes to show that Linder has no real opposition to homosexuality per se, but rather uses the accusation to go after those, who like Greg Johnson, who Linder thinks is in itz way. Perhaps Linder still needs more than colostomy-bag stimulation at the seat of Linder’s colonal-rectal seat of kikeishness from jewrge Nit-Witzgall’s deft faggot tongue.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  37. George,

    You should consider yourself lucky. I didn’t get a cool “pastorized” version of my name. I thought maybe I could be WHIGGERmatt ParrotSTEIN. I’m not quite sure if he misspelled my surname for comedic value or as an honest mistake.

  38. When the good Pastor Lindstedt (POB peace out bro) gives me an insulting name I will feel like I have made a difference. Lindstedt is far too extreme for me (Over a ton of too much extreme, out the window extreme) and I explicitly reject all illegal calls for violence, but theorizing about The Great Tribulation is protected under the First Amendment Freedom of Speech.

    The Bible cannot be outlawed. Revelation 2-3.

    Hi FBI, NSA, ADL, WP. Jews did 911

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